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Twist of Fate 27 February 2021 update: In the car, Abhi asks Riya why Prachi’s mother didn’t file a case. Rakhi says she wonders why she didn’t, she was concerned for her future and her family’s respect; she was calm and composed and told the inspector to leave Rakhi.

She then taught a good lesson to that inspector, and saved her from media’s eyes and brought her out from back door. She was an old fashion, but is extremely cute. Abhi shares with Riya he knew someone exactly like that. Both Abhi and Riya think about Pragya separately. Riya asks how her mom was. Abhi didn’t want to discuss about the matter. Riya was upset that he never tells her about her mother.

Pragya works in the kitchen. Sarita behen complements the coffee and says her husband would have been fond of her. She asks about the reason for their separation. Pragya was about to reply but soon there was a door bell. Pragya drops the bowl of salt. Sarita behen says this is why she never complements anyone. Abhi and Rhea had reached outside the house and continuously rang the bell. No one answers. There, Pragya hurries to answer the door bell. Abhi turns around when the door is opened, Riya says this isn’t the lady. He stood in some stranger’s house whereas, Pragya had opened the door for a strange hand who had an accident and broke his phone. He wanted to make a call and requested her phone. Pragya gives her phone and goes inside to get water to the injured stranger. Abhi asks the lady about Prachi. The lady says they live in a nearby street and recently shifted here.

Aaliya was getting ready in her room when her phone bell rings. Poorab comes out of bath. Aaliya asks if he had given the address of Prachi’s mom to Abhi. Poorab says what’s wrong if Riya apologizes that lady, Abhi had ordered Riya to apologize and Aaliya is spoiling her. Aaliya says she loves Riya a lot, she doesn’t want to apologize. Poorab asks why she can’t see the wrong when Riya did the accident, Aaliya makes Riya do what she wants on her own. Aaliya says she loves Riya as much as she might not have loved Aaryan. Poorab forbids Aaliya to even mention Aaryan. Aaliya tells Poorab to at least respect her opinions or decisions. He doesn’t respect anything, he was better with Disha. She listened to everything he said, always. Aaliya leaves annoyed. Poorab remembers Disha leaving the house. Disha said she can’t stay after what had happened, and left. Poorab still screamed in pain for Disha.

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Prachi opens the door for Abhi and Riya. Sarita behen welcomes them inside. Abhi says they wanted to apologize for the accident and meet Prachi’s mom. Riya holds a curt smile over her face. Prachi goes inside to call Pragya outside. Riya asks if she can go in and meet Pragya there. Sarita behen gives way to her, then asks Abhi if he is married because he doesn’t appear to be.

Poorab sat with a ring of Disha. Aaryan comes to him and says it seems Poorab is bored. Poorab asks Aarya what about his office. Aaryan says the flight is next month. He offers to go for football match with Ranbir and him. He suggests Poorab can stare some girls, and they would watch the match. Poorab says sometimes he doesn’t believe Aaryan is his son. Aaryan jokes they can get a DNA test.

Pragya was in washroom. Prachi tells Pragya that Riya and her father came over. Riya greets Pragya from behind the door, and apologizes. Shahana has an argument with Shahana as she tells her to stay out of their matter. Pragya rushes outside and slips in there. The girls were concerned. Pragya says she is fine and coming out.

Vikram denies karela juice. Palavi hides the cell phone, and says this is healthy for his blood sugar. Vikram says he is also a true businessman and doesn’t want it. Palavi was upset. Vikram agrees to drink the juice and sips the whole glass. Vikram says this will turn his mouth bitter and would need a kiss then. After he had sipped the glass, Palavi points to Bee ji and runs away. Bee ji takes Palavi’s side and forbids Vikram to annoy her. They sit for breakfast. Poorab and Aaryan come over. Vikram and Poorab had something important to discuss, Aaryan goes to meet Ranbir. Palavi joins Bee ji for breakfast.

Sarita behen offers coffee to Abhi. She says its already made, and is too good. Abhi says he doesn’t drink coffee. Sarita behen says this way now she will get all the coffee, its delicious. She goes inside to get a cup of coffee for herself.
Inside the bathroom, Pragya stands up with much effort.
Abhi finds an earring on the table and recognizes it to be Pragya’s.

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Sarita behen asking Abhi if he liked her house. Abhi says it is good. Sarita behen asks her to drink coffee. Abhi tastes the coffee and reminisces his moment with Pragya after drinking coffee made by her. He romances with her. Pragya calls Dasi and says she fooled him. Abhi says you made me mad in love and tries to romance with her. fb ends. He asks Sarita behen who made this coffee? Sarita behen says she made this coffee as she has no Servants at home, and gives her card asking him to tell if he has any party orders. He asks shall I get another coffee. Rhea comes out and tells that she apologizes to Prachi and her mum. Prachi and Shahana come out. Abhi asks did she apologize? Prachi nods. Abhi says I want you both hug. Prachi says she went out. Abhi apologizes to her and asks her to say sorry on his behalf. Prachi hears him and thinks this is his voice. Abhi comes out and asks Rhea why did she come out, when he was talking to Prachi. Rhea says I can’t apologize again and again. Abhi says you will not go until you apologize to Prachi’s mum. Pragya comes out and asks Sarita behen about Rhea’s father. Sarita behen says yes. Abhi tries to take Rhea inside. Rhea says she apologized already. They leave. Pragya comes out and runs behind the car, but they are gone. She thinks to ask Prachi.

Ranbir and Aryan are practicing punching bag boxing. Aryan says you are champion in everything and asks him to leave something for him so that he can woo girls. Ranbir asks if he has any girl friends. Aryan says no. Ranbir asks what kind of girl he wants. Vikram’s wife comes there and asks what are they talking? They plan to fix Aryan’s marriage. She then scolds him and asks him not to make any girlfriends. She asks Aryan about his girl friend. Aryan says I don’t have girl friend.

Sarita behen is talking. Pragya asks Sarita behen about Rhea’s father. She asks if he was a rockstar. Sarita behen says no, may be some hero. Pragya asks if he was wearing something in his ear. Sarita behen says yes and tells that he drank coffee reluctantly. She says Rhea’s father is a good man and stays with joint family and not like her son. Pragya thinks why she is missing him so much, may be due to city effect.

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Ranbir asks Aryan to select girl from their college. Aryan selects a girl. Ranbir says he will go and woo her. Aryan asks why? Ranbir hatches a plan to woo her and then break her heart. He says you will wipe her tears and then become her boyfriend. Aryan says it will be bad if you become bad boy. Aryan says I am doing this for you and asks him to watch him. Prachi hears about Ranbir’s plan.

Pragya is in the car and sees Meera in another car while her Pallu is coming out of the door. She tries to alert her, but Meera is on call and don’t hear her. Pragya asks driver to follow that car and says I will give you the money. Ranbir tries to woo the girl. Aryan says if you don’t woo her, then how I will heal her heart after you break it. Ranbir asks him to wait and says she will come to him. Aryan says you don’t know how to woo girls or impress them. He says you should have paid for her cola, and says you should have told that she is best. Ranbir says the things which is possible with attitude, and says money shall not waste on it. She follows and gets down from her car. She tells Meera about her pallu out. Meera says I was on call and says sorry. Pragya says if something had happened to her and says you shall care for yourself. Meera is surprised and comes out of car. She says I like you scolding. Pragya says are you serious and says many people’s lives must be connected with you. She asks her to think about her family. Meera looks at her surprisingly and says I have responsibility of many, but I am nobody’s responsibility. She says she liked the way she scolded her and says they shall formally introduce them. She says she is Meera.


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