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Twist of Fate 23 February 2021 update:  Rhea’s friend telling that she has arranged some Prachi’s posters with thief written on it. She says everyone will rip her. Rhea says she will kick her not only from college, but Delhi. Her friend says she will.

Rhea tells that she has to go and see dad, last night he was upset, so I have to convince him. Her friend asks what to do here. Rhea asks her to think how to trouble Prachi more. She talks to Aaliya and tells that she will convince dad. Abhi talks to Purab and asks where is that man? Purab says he will come. Man comes. Abhi tells Aaliya that he is from Security agency and came to take the footage of our CCTV camera. Aaliya and Rhea get shocked. Abhi asks him to bring the CD and says I want to see who kept the necklace in Prachi’s purse. He asks Purab if he called Police. Purab says yes. Rhea panics. Abhi asks the man about his name. He says he is Mahesh. Abhi asks if he is honest and if he ever steal. Mahesh says no. Abhi says I want to know the person doing everything, that how it feels when someone is blamed for no reason. Rhea tells Aaliya that she will tell Dad. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea says everyone will know. Rhea’s friends are spreading rumours and have pasted Prachi’s pics with chor written on it. They cook up fake stories against Prachi. Prachi and Shahana come to college. They see the posters. Shahana says I will scratch his face. Prachi asks Shahana to take the posters out. Rhea’s friends say what is the use, everyone know who is the thief.

Prachi and Shahana take the posters out. Rhea’s friends asks them what a speed and asks them to go everywhere and get the posters. Shahana asks Prachi to come and says we will tear all posters. They all laugh. Purab tells Abhi that he has to go to office as Vikram is getting mad. Abhi asks Mahesh if he will know in 1 hour. Mahesh says you need all footage and tells that it will be done by evening. Mahesh goes to get chip. Aaliya asks Rhea not to look scared. Rhea says I am culprit. Aaliya says you are not culprit until you are proved guilty. Rhea says I don’t know why dad is so desperate. Aaliya says I fail to understand why bhai is protective about her. Rhea says why did she come from hoshiarpur to my college. She says my dad never scolded me, and says if he comes to know that I have kept necklace in her pocket then will he get me arrested. Rhea says I did what you asked me to do.

Aaliya asks her to relax and calm down. She says I will go and see Mahesh, before he sees you. Rhea’s friend hears them and asks are you the real chor? Rhea asks her to shut up and come to college. Aaliya thinks she should have thought about this before, and thinks to delay Mahesh’s work. She comes to Mahesh and asks him to go to kitchen and see the CCTV there. She asks about the chip in his hand. He tells that it is footage chip. Aaliya tricks him and exchanges the chip. She thinks she shall tell Rhea and hide this chip. Mahesh comes back and tells that it is not easy to fool a technician, and tells that his chip is smaller than hers. He says you made my work easy and told who is the thief. Aaliya asks him to help her and threatens him. Mahesh says you are in danger now.

Dadi tells Tai ji that she is going to temple for puja. She tells that she will take Abhi with her. Tai ji asks if Abhi will come? Mitali comes and says driver came. Dadi says Abhi will take her. Abhi says he has some important work. Dadi emotionally blackmails him. Abhi says I will come with you. Dadi hugs him. Abhi helps Dadi get up. Mitali asks Tai ji why did Dadi wink her eyes. Tai ji says beeji is fine and acted so that Abhi comes with her. She tells that today is 11th Purnima and beeji prays for Abhi and Pragya’s union. She says God hears old age people and kids prayers. Mitali thinks if Abhi and Pragya meet today.

Rhea and her friend reach college. Rocky and Shaina asks why she came late, and says you should have seen their faces. Rhea says they torn the posters and says I liked it. Rocky tells that they went to clean the campus, and says you have taken revenge from her. Rhea says it started just now, and says she won’t stop until she kicks her out. Rocky asks where she brought her evil ideas. Rhea says she is born with it. Prachi and Shahana hears them.

Shahana tells Prachi that she will scold Rhea and says she will not stop until we cut her nose. She says I will slap her hard. Prachi stops her. Shahana says this is your problem and asks if she is seeing goodness in her evilness, and says Rohit came home in Hoshiarpur as you was silent. Prachi says I am not stopping you, but asking you to wait for the right time. She says I will reply her, but my way. She says I don’t want revenge, but want to teach her a lesson, so that she got raise her hand infront of her. She promises Shahana that she will teach her a lesson before college ends.

Abhi asking Dadi to hold the thaali. Dadi asks what happened to his muscles. Abhi asks her to understand and says everyone will think that I came here for puja. He then asks her why she is having difficulty to walk with her right leg. Dadi asks him to come and says we are getting late. Abhi asks her to answer and says you had said that you have pain in your left leg. Dadi says she acted infront of him and says I do this whenever I have to bring him to temple. Abhi says you was doing emotional blackmail to me. Dadi says it was not british’s torture. Abhi says your lie is caught. Dadi says you come with me to temple, but don’t come inside. Abhi says I do your darshan, then why to do the temple darshan. He says you get upset like Rhea and it is fun to cheer you up. He says you are cute. Dadi says you are more cute. She asks why I bring you here for every Purnima. Abhi says so that you can romance with me and tells to do darshan. Dadi says she prays that God shall bring Pragya back in his life. She tells that she is feeling like she will go today or tomorrow and tells that her last days will be passed with her care. Abhi says I don’t need her. Dadi tells that life is lived, when there is a life partner. He tells that he is staying with her since 20 years. Dadi says you have not lived, but just passed the life. Abhi says Rhea is with him. Dadi says that Rhea will get marry and will leave, but when he will get unwell then Pragya can take care of him. Abhi says I will drop you home and asks her to do puja. He thinks she made him atheist/nastik again and have no place for Pragya or God.


Pragya is on the way. Auto stops at the temple. She gets down from the auto and thinks to pray for Prachi. Dadi asks Pandit ji until when she has to come and asks when God will hear me. Pandit ji says may be God will hear you first and asks her to ask from heart. Pragya climbs the stairs. Abhi gets Vikram’s call. Vikram tells that he is stressed and tells that the rockstar is refusing to sing for them. Abhi says I will make a new rockstar. Dadi prays to God and asks him to make her Abhi meet Pragya and end the 20 years old vanvas. Abhi is still talking to Vikram. Dadi prays asking God to make Abhi and Pragya unite and thinks he is alone, and his family can be completed by Pragya only. She says Rhea needs her mother and Abhi needs his wife. She asks God to unite Ram and Sita..Abhi’s hand touches a woman’s thaali by mistake and the sindoor falls on Pragya’s forehead from the plate. He is about to look at Pragya. Woman scolds him for coming to temple every Purnima and then standing out. Abhi says sorry to Pragya, and don’t see her. Woman asks Abhi to bring water for Pragya. Abhi walks past her, says sorry and says nice saree. Pragya clears her specs and tries to look at him. She thinks it is his voice. Jab tak jahan me…..plays….Abhi tries to get water, but couldn’t get it. Woman gives handkerchief to Pragya and asks her to clean her face. Pragya cleans her face. Woman says kumkum is on her forehead still. Pragya says she will clean it. Dadi is still praying. Pragya senses him and thinks he is not here.

Ranbir flirts with a girl and asks for her phone number. Prachi looks at him. Ranbir moves back while talking to her and collides with Prachi. Prachi scolds him. Ranbir says I am not a doctor, but can tell that anger is on her nose. He asks her to leave anger. Prachi asks him to become serious in life and asks why he flirts with girls. Ranbir says all girls have different qualities. Prachi asks him to be serious for studies. Ranbir tells that he is not here to hear her lecture and asks if she gives lecture to lecturer. Prachi calls him flirt. Ranbir says I am not a flirt, just I know that you are not a thief. Prachi looks on.

Ranbir tells that guts and evil mind are needed for theft, but she don’t have it. Prachi calls him a flirt and says you was flirting with those girls. Ranbir says I feel good when they come to me. He says you are not my type. Prachi says you are not my type and leaves. Ranbir and Prachi turn and look at each other.

Shahana telling Prachi about Ranbir’s football match. Prachi asks why are you getting happy. Shahana says he is a college guy and if he wins then he will make college name. Prachi says he is a flirt. Shahana says when my turn will come and says she will accept his proposal. Prachi asks her to stay away from him. Shahana says she gets reminded of Krishna, Mathura Krishna. She asks if she is after Ranbir. Shahana says thank god, we will not be sautan, and says she will make Rhea as her sautan. She then says Ranbir will be her boyfriend, then will marry, have 11 kids. Prachi says he fights with me always whenever we meet. Shahana says I think Ranbir’s Jodi is with you and says she can sacrifice him for her. She asks her to beware of Rhea and says there will be love triangle. Prachi says just like he says that I am not her type, he is also not my type. She says he is good with Rhea type of girls.



Abhi brings water and asks where is that kumkum lady. The lady whose aarti plate fell asks him to drink water. Other lady asks him not to talk on phone before coming there. Abhi teases them. They ask him to go and do darshan of the God. Pragya is again climbing the stairs. He gets a call and gets busy talking. Pragya goes past him. Abhi tells the lady that his friend is calling him again and again. Lady says even God can’t do anything for you. Abhi asks them to drink water. They leave. He thinks why Dasi is taking time. Pragya comes and stands beside Dadi. She prays to God that she sent Prachi trusting him and asks him to support Prachi and take care of her. She prays for her younger daughter and asks him to take care of both. Dadi opens her eyes and asks God to show her Pragya’s face once. She turns and sees Pragya’s face. Ram Ram Jai Sita Ram…prays. Dadi gets surprised and calls her name. Pragya looks at Dadi and touches her feet. She then hugs Dadi and cries. Dadi says my girl…and asks how are you. Pragya says I am fine and asks about her daughter.


Dadi says she is good. She tells Pandit ji that her prayer is fulfilled and tells about her prayer on every Purnima. She says I pray that God shall unite Abhi and Pragya. She calls Abhi. Pragya asks her to let her go, and asks about Rhea. Dadi says she is at home and asks her to come home. Pragya runs from there. Dadi asks her to stay back and not to go. She shouts and tells Abhi that Pragya is here. Abhi is on call and comes to Dadi. Dadi says God heard my prayers, Pragya returned. Abhi is surprised. Dadi says God heard my prayers and sent her. She says God himself fulfilled her wish and tells that Pragya hugged her. She asks him to go and meet him, says she is wearing pink saree and asks him to bring her back.


Rhea thinks don’t know what is happening at home. Her friend asks what happened? Rhea says she has to talk to Bua. She calls Aaliya and says I am tensed, and my friends have seen it. She asks if she is in office. Aaliya says yes, and attends a call. She tells that she came for an important meeting. Rhea says if Dad comes to know. Aaliya says security guy Mahesh refused to help us. Purab comes and asks who refused to help you. Aaliya ends the call and takes file from his hand. He asks her not to do what she is doing? Aaliya says you gave this file. Purab says I am talking about Rhea. Aaliya says we don’t need topic to fight and says married people don’t need topic. She asks him to say clearly. Purab says Rhea is Pragya’s di safekeeping and asks her not to change her, and says Rhea wanted to know who has stolen the necklace so that she can take revenge from that person. Aaliya says Bhai has snatched Rhea from Pragya and Rhea has nothing to do with Pragya. Purab says Rhea is Pragya’s daughter. Sunny comes there and asks how are you guys? Purab says if he will call mom and dad as guys. He says sorry and says if they are fighting. Aaliya says no. Sunny says dad promised to come with me to see football match. Purab says I forgot. Aaliya says if our son asked you to come, then you have to..and asks Purab to have lunch with her. Aaliya leaves. Purab says I got saved. Sunny says mom is not bad and asks if he doesn’t like her, then why did he marry her. Purab misses Disha and reminisces her.


Rhea comes to her car and finds Chor sticker on her car. Rocky comes and asks if she did this. Rhea asks who? Rocky says Rohan told me that hoshiarpur behenji is doing this. Rhea fumes. Pragya is running out of temple. Abhi runs behind her calling her. Jab tak jahan me….Dadi asks Abhi if Pragya is found. Abhi says he is searching her. He thinks Dadi told that she has worn pink saree. Pragya sits in some car. Abhi looks for her everywhere. Pragya gets down from the car and runs. Abhi sees her and follows her. Pragya is walking. Abhi runs behind her. Dadi asks if he met Pragya. Abhi says 2 mins. He goes behind a wrong lady. Lady turns and she is not Pragya. Abhi gets sad.

Prachi asking Shahana if she is again seeing Ranbir’s dreams. Shahana says she is happy to do something. Prachi asks what? Shahana says you didn’t teach any lesson to Rhea and I understood that you will ask me to end the matter. She says but the matter will not end so I give a good reply to Rhea. Prachi asks what did you do and says I thought to talk to Maa. She asks her to tell fast what she did. Rhea says Prachi messed with a wrong girl. Prachi scolds her and asks her to take off the stickers from Rhea’s car. Shahana says it is tit for tat. Prachi says we are not like that. Shahana says why we shall bear everyone’s taunts and why can’t we answer. She says we can’t lose our self respect for studying in this college. Prachi hugs her. Shahana asks her to listen to her and let her do what she wants else something will happen to her. Prachi asks her to calm down. A guy Rithvik proposes Shaina. Rhea gets an idea and tells Rithvik that Shaina will agree if he does her work. Shaina says I have a boyfriend. Rhea says your boyfriend is after me and I can make him leave you. Shaina gets tensed. Rhea asks her to go and stand there. She asks Rithvik to give a test for Shaina and go and kiss Prachi. Rithvik agrees. Rhea asks him to go and kiss her, and says we will record it.



She asks everyone to record in their phones and make the video viral so that Principal kicks her out. They all take out their mobiles. Rithvik goes to Prachi and asks if she is from Hoshiarpur. Prachi says yes. Rithvik tries to kiss her, but Prachi pushes him and slaps him hard. Rithvik tells that Rhea asked him to kiss her so that he can get Shaina. Prachi angrily goes to Rhea. Rhea asks how dare you to put stickers on my car and is about to slap her. Prachi holds her hand and slaps her hard. Rhea and her friend are shocked. Prachi says this is the answer to your poster incident, and says I think you understand this language. She says she slapped like her elder sister and will get rusticated her next time. Rhea asks do you know who I am? Prachi says you are arrogant girl and says you need to learn few lessons in life. She says you didn’t leave even your friend Shaina and says she has a boyfriend. She says you have played with Shaina, Rithvik and her boyfriend’s emotions. She says you will not forget this slap as it will remind you of my advice. Rhea holds her face.


Pragya is in the auto and reminds herself of her promise. She thinks she could have seen him once, and then thinks no. She thinks to thank the guy helping Prachi.


Abhi and Dadi come home. Dadi tells him that she met Pragya and asks him to believe. Mitali asks if they saw her. Abhi says she was not there and says Dadi is having a misunderstanding. Dadi tells that Pragya turned towards her when she was praying and she hugged her. She says I told him that she is wearing pink saree. Abhi says I searched her, but she was not there. He tells about Dadi’s mannat to everyone. Meera asks him to relax. Abhi asks Dadi to accept that Pragya is gone from their life and asks her to agree. He says she is not good as you think, and she will not ask about our well being. Dadi says she is very good and asked about Rhea. Abhi says I can’t make you understand much and goes to room. Dadi tells Mitali and Tai ji that Pragya met her, and asked about Rhea. They take her to room.


Abhi goes to room angrily. Meera gives him water to drink and asks him to calm down his mind. She reminds him of Dadi’s health and asks him to talk to her politely. She asks him to try to understand. Abhi says why nobody wants me to understand and says Dasi shall think of my pain, then why she took Pragya’s name infront of me and told that she wants her to be back in my life. Meera says we know how you moved on, and says you have become a businessman from rockstar and says you are a successful man, and is with everyone, but there is nobody with you, with whom you spend quality time and share your feelings. Abhi asks her to go and says he wants to be alone. Meera goes.


Pragya returns home and thinks of Abhi saying I will bring water, when kumkum fell on her face. She thinks of her meeting with Dadi and thinks if he was there and saw me…She thinks I don’t want him to see my face. Abhi thinks I don’t want to see her face. Pragya says I don’t want to meet him, and thinks she shall meet her daughter once. Abhi thinks he kept Rhea away from Pragya’s memories and thinks how to forget her. She thinks she don’t want any pain related to his name, and thinks she won’t let him meet Prachi and will take her from there. He thinks someone or other remind me of you, and then I run behind your reflection. He looks at her pic and asks her to go away and stay away from me, my heart and mind.

Rhea recalling Prachi slapping her. Her friend tells that the slap mark is on her face. Rhea applies make up on the red mark on her cheeks and recalls other students telling that it was good that Prachi slapped her, and telling that Rhea’s father would have slapped her long back and calls her spoilt girl. Shaina and other girl ask her to apply concealer and also ask her to hide her anger. Rhea says she will make her life living hell and tells that she will pay for her slap. I will slap on her life and not on her cheeks, which she will remember always. Shaina and other friend get worried thinking Rhea is going to do something big. They wish Prachi must not have come. Pallavi tries to talk to Meera. Meera asks Servant not to give sugar to Dadi even if she asks. She asks Pallavi what she was saying? Pallavi appreciates her for taking care of everyone in the house and says you are a family member now. Aaliya comes and greets them. Rhea comes home and hugs Meera and Pallavi. Pallavi asks what happened to her face. Meera says may be due to sun burn. Mahesh sends a man from the security agency. Meera tries to take the CD. Purab comes and takes the CD from Jatin. Abhi comes and tells that Mahesh called and said that he wants to watch the CD together so that everyone comes to know that Prachi is innocent.



Prachi and Shahana come home. Pragya asks them to have food. They go and wash their hands. Pragya asks sweety to eat food with them. Chacha and Chachi come home. Chachi asks Prachi what she is hiding from them. Prachi asks what? Chacha asks her to talk later. Chachi scolds Prachi for stealing the necklace in the party and tells that she has cut her nose, and says you didn’t think about my respect. She tells that her friend’s son saw you both there as a waitress. Pragya says it is a misunderstanding and tells that Prachi didn’t steal there, and she went to attend the party and didn’t go there as waitress. Chachi asks who had invited them to the big house party. Pragya asks Prachi to tell the truth and says you went there for dinner. Prachi says Chachi is right, we went there as a waitress.


Purav plays the CD. Everyone see Prachi taking care of Dadi and tells that such girl can’t steal necklace. She then sees Ranbir and tells that he will dance now. Aaliya thinks Prachi acts like Pragya and says if she was Pragya’s mother then I would say like mother like daughter. Rhea comes behind Prachi in the CD. Rhea closes her eyes and says its me. Just then CD stops due to technical problem. Abhi says Prachi is innocent. Aaliya thinks her ego is not big to hit hammer on her foot. Abhi asks Purab to ask Mahesh to check the CD.


Purab calls Mahesh and tells that the CD is not working. Pallavi gets a call and she tells Meera that she is going home for 2 mins and asks her to call her when the CD starts working. Rhea thinks she made the CD corrupt and recalls coughing a lot and signing Aaliya. Aaliya steals the CD and goes to get water. She then makes scratches on the CD with something and takes water for Rhea. Fb ends. Rhea smiles hugging Meera. She asks Aaliya if Dad gets other CD. Aaliya says everything is under control, everything is erased.


Chachi tells Prachi that she can steal necklace as she lied to her mother. She asks why did you go there to work. Shahana tells that they needed money, as you asked us to pay you money for our stay. Chachi says she asked them to share their expenses as they have less money. She asks Pragya if she taught her daughter to steal. Pragya tells that she didn’t steal and asks her to trust her, and says if you call her thief then what others will think. Chachi asks Pragya if she is threatening her and complains to Chacha. Pragya says if she had stolen then her papa wouldn’t have freed her. Chachi asks your husband? Pragya says that girl’s papa whose necklace was stolen. Chachi says Prachi might have stolen. Pragya says she is my daughter and knows to do hardwork and tells that she didn’t tell me so that Beeji don’t come to know about it. She tells that Prachi tells good things about you and you are doubting on her. Chachi doesn’t believe her. Pragya says you shall be ashamed for not trusting her. Chachi gets angry and asks them to leave from her house.


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