Twist of Fate 17 March 2022 Written update

Twist of fate 17 march 2022:  On Twist Of Fate Thursday 17th March 2022 update Zee world, Pragya telling Prachi that she didn’t meet them, as she thought that she will break and fall down. She says she wanted to become strong, but now she is broken from within. Prachi says when one gets hurt, they feel pain. She says if anyone think that her love attempted to kill her. Pragya says it happened? Prachi says there is a difference and says people hears their heart, as there is another world of it. She says when I asked you to call Papa to you, you heard your heart and called him to your place, else why will you save him. She says when you went, Papa searched you everywhere madly and was broken when you couldn’t be found. She says he felt that you both got separated due to me and that’s why he broke relation with me, but I couldn’t break my relation with him and used to go to his house secretly to see him. She says he suffered biggest losses in business due to Aaliya and Tanu. She says he shifted to chawl then. She says Papa and I search you everywhere and he used to go to PS to enquire about you and was hopeful that you are alive. She says he was broken and drank so much wine, so that he can die. She says the person who wanted to kill himself in your memory, why will he attempt to kill you. She says I am not saying that you are saying wrong, someone might have failed your car brakes, but this can’t be done by Papa. Pragya says he himself told me. Prachi says may be it is Aaliya and Tanu’s trick. She asks her to recall and says they want to separate you from always. She says when everyone wanted Papa and you shall marry, even Aaliya was with you, but suddenly Papa got married to Tanu. She says I don’t think that Aaliya was on your side. Pragya recalls Aaliya getting her unconscious and getting Tanu married to Abhi. She recalls Aaliya’s confession and tells Prachi that may be her doubt is right. She says I came to know that Aaliya wanted him to marry Tanu. Prachi says whatever you thought was Aaliya and Tanu’s mind and you was misguided. Pragya recalls challenging to expose Aaliya infront of Abhi, and Aaliya asking her to be scared and stay in the house as a Servant, else Tanu and I will kick you out of Bhai’s life and you will not know what happened in your life and when you come to know, you will know what happened with you, but will never come to know about the reality and I will leave you at such a place and will misguide you that you will never think of return. Fb ends. Pragya asks Doctor if she can meet him. Prachi asks her to go and meet him.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she will stop her until she is here and says you are slipping from my hand. Tanu asks her not to try to control her, like controlling Pragya and says I am Tanu and not Pragya and will not bear. Mitali says why you both are talking about Pragya. Tai ji asks them to divide the money equally. She asks her to keep 40 percent and give 20 percent to each of them. Mitali says Abhi is the son of the house. Tanu says I am his wife and bahu of the Mehra house. Aaliya says Pragya is bahu of the house technically. Tanu says just for 6 months, I shall take a locker, as I don’t trust anyone. Mitali and Tai ji look at the money box. Tai ji says we shall keep it safely. Mitali says we shall open and take our shares. Dadi comes there and scolds them, asking them to decide what they need, money or relations. Tai ji and Mitali again look at the box. Tai ji asks Mitali to get the hammer. Mitali goes. Tai ji thinks to start business and get rich like Pragya.

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Pragya comes inside the ward and looks at Abhi. She recalls his words. Abhi is still unconscious. Pragya recalls his words and cries holding his hand. She apologizes to him and says I am so sorry, you used to love me and I hate you. She says you searched me for 2 years and I thought to take revenge from you. She says you wanted to hug me, but I pushed you. She says I kept that Pragya from you, whom you loved and stood other Pragya infront of you. She says I don’t know if it was right or wrong, Prachi made me understand, the person who saved me many times, how he can attempt to kill me. She says my heart is saying that Prachi is right. She says I brought you to hospital and the same Pragya will stay with you, whom you was searching and I will not let any misunderstanding come between us. She hugs him. Prachi looks at them and smiles.

She calls Ranbir. Ranbir says he is still at home and asks how is Chief? Prachi says fine. He asks her to meet Chief and says I will come and pick you. Prachi says I will not meet Papa as he gets upset seeing me. She says today I came to know one thing and says we thought why Maa didn’t meet us after her accident. She says Maa thinks that Papa attempted to kill her. Ranbir says how she can think like this. Prachi says Maa was misguided, I told her that Papa searched her everywhere madly. Rhea hears them. She says Maa understood that Tanu and Aaliya are behind it. Ranbir asks did she forgive chief? Prachi says she gave him benefit of doubt and very soon they will unite and she can’t hate Papa. I saw her holding his hand and she said that whatever was between them was misunderstanding. Rhea gets shocked. Prachi says my Papa and Papa will unite. Ranbir says this happened due to you. Rhea thinks, Prachi wants to unite mom and dad. Ranbir asks Prachi to come home and says I will tell you when you come home. Sushma asks Prachi to go home. Rhea thinks they were separated due to Prachi, then how can they unite due to her. Sushma tells Prachi that she is with Pragya and asks her to go.

Ranbir comes out of his room and sees Rhea standing. Rhea acts and tells that something bit on her neck. Ranbir checks her and says there is nothing. Rhea holds him. Sid looks at them and gets doubtful. Sushma tells Prachi that Pragya is peaceful now and can sleep peacefully now. Prachi thanks her for be with her always. Sushma says just like she doesn’t leave you, I am with her. She asks her to bring Rhea sometime. Prachi says she will bring her soon.

Sid asks what is happening here. Ranbir turns to Sid. Rhea says I think something bit me and was paining. Ranbir says it might be mosquito, and flew away. Rhea says it was painful. Sid says relax, why are you giving explanation. Rhea says it was big and bit me. Sid asks her to relax. Ranbir asks Sid to check and says he will go. Rhea stops him and gives file in his hand. Ranbir takes it and goes. Sid looks at Rhea, who is looking at Ranbir madly. He asks if all is ok. Rhea thinks you have spoiled our moment and asking all ok. She says I will go and spray, as there are many mosquitoes.

Manish (ward boy) comes to Aaliya. Aaliya says I told you on call that Abhi is not at home. Manish says a lady is there, who is claiming to be his wife. Aaliya says Pragya and says I know. She asks him to go. Manish says Abhi bhai is in hospital and his condition is bad.


Aaliya asking Manish to go. Manish says Abhi bhai is in hospital and his condition is bad. He says Pragya had brought him to the hospital last night, and said that he fell down from the stairs. Aaliya asks what is the hospital name? Manish says city hospital. Ranbir comes home and calls Prachi. Prachi asks what are you hiding? Ranbir asks her to hug him. Prachi asks if you go to office to work or…Ranbir says I didn’t trouble you when you went for an important thing. He hugs her. Prachi says Soni is behind. Soni gives her water and smiles. Ranbir asks did I crack any joke? Soni goes. He says we have no privacy to romance. She says we have room to romance. He says we had privacy in our rented house and asks shall we go to that house for romance. Prachi says you say anything. He says I brought something for you and gives her card. She says it might be I love you or I miss you. He asks her to see. Prachi sees the good daughter card. He says best daughter of the world and says usually parents give this, but I gave this as I didn’t see such a good daughter like you. He says you are the one who united your parents and tells that they are together because of you. He says when your mom met with an accident, you searched her everywhere and you used to go to your dad silently to relieve his pain. He says you are the blessing, an angel etc. Prachi says let me be what I am. Rhea hears them and gets jealous. Ranbir says you don’t know who you are, and says that’s why I love you so much. If someone comes to know about your qualities, then he will love you too. Prachi hugs him and asks him not to make her proud. He says he is proud of her and will make tea for her. He asks her to be there. The card flies away from her hand and falls near Rhea. Prachi says it is good that you came, I want to give you good news. Rhea says I know about your good news, why you want to unite them, they are happy being separated. Prachi asks what are you saying, you know what was Papa’s condition without Maa. Rhea says I know everything and asks why she did this, and says I am sure that you get happiness by all this, pointing at the card. She says you have no right to interfere in anyone’s life. She says don’t interfere, let them live like they wanted. She says when mom left with you, Dad used to love me a lot and when you both returned, we got separated. She says whatever you did is very wrong and you don’t know how many lives will be spoiled because of you. She gives card in her hand and goes. Prachi gets tensed.

Aaliya comes to the hospital and insists to meet Abhi. Receptionist says he is discharged. Manish comes there and asks how he is discharged as he was in emergency? Receptionist says Mr. Mehra wanted to go home so Pragya requested for discharge and appointed Nurse. Aaliya thanks Manish and asks him not to tell Tanu. She thinks don’t know what drama she will do, and thinks to save Abhi from Pragya’s clutches.

Ranbir brings tea for Prachi. Prachi tells Ranbir that Rhea said something which made her think that she is like old Rhea. Ranbir asks what she said. Prachi says she got angry with me, as I was not at home. Ranbir asks what are you hiding from me? Prachi says why will I lie? She says she was angry as she might be missing me. Ranbir says when sisters love each other, then they do fight. He says lets focus on our tea date. Prachi says I can’t feel what I felt, I didn’t feel love in her fight, as I saw the glimse of old Rhea. Ranbir asks what happened? Prachi thinks she is the same Rhea who thinks Maa and Papa shall be separated.

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Aaliya comes home. Rhea holds her hand. Aaliya hugs her. Rhea recalls everything and asks her what happened, Dad shall be with you, then what is he doing with Mom? Aaliya says actually? Rhea says I don’t want to know the reason, how did you let it happen. Aaliya says I am seeing you after many days, you look so beautiful. She sees sindoor in her hairline and asks did you get married. Rhea says yes, I got married, my half dream is fulfilled. I dreamt to marry Ranbir, but married his cousin brother Siddharth. He says Ranbir and I are staying in the same house, and I feel jealous and angry seeing Ranbir and Prachi together in a room. She says this thing happened due to you, and you had promised to get Ranbir and me married, but I didn’t get anything as Prachi married him ultimately. She says I tried to forget Ranbir in these 2 years, but destiny had other plans for me, and created the situation which made me marry Sid, and brought me to the same house where Ranbir and Prachi are staying. She says she is in loveless marriage, her husband has many expectations from her, but I can’t give him love as I love Ranbir. She says she has scolded Prachi for bringing them together and asks Aaliya why did she let it happen. Aaliya feels sorry for her and says I am happy to see you. She says I know your Papa is with Pragya, but I will be near him and bring him back. She says I will bring Ranbir back to you. She says don’t believe in your marriage, I will make everything fine. She says when you called me, I was so happy and says I missed you so much. They hug. Rhea says I missed you and loves you so much. She says sorry for telling her so much. Aaliya says no problem, Prachi is back in your life, but it is good that you didn’t get trapped in her love trap. She asks her to go home. Rhea says did you know that Dad was in hospital. Aaliya says he went to Pragya’s house. She promises that she will not let them unite. Rhea says separate them and then call me. Aaliya says after separating Bhai and Pragya, I will separate Ranbir and Prachi too. She asks her to go home and apologize to Prachi. She says you shall keep your enemy close and she shall not know your plans. Rhea says I thought I will forget Ranbir, but since I met him again, I don’t think I can live without him. Aaliya says Ranbir is yours and he will come back to you. Rhea says I got a call and need to go home. She leaves.

Aaliya comes inside the house and asks what is happening here. Dadi says they tried to break Tanu’s box with hammer so that they can steal. Mitali says Tai ji asked her to bring the hammer. Tai ji scolds Mitali. Dadi scolds them for stealing in their own house. Mitali says we tried to make tanu understand that abhi is related to us also. Aaliya asks Dadi not to tell Tanu and says she will not give you anything. She says we have to bring Bhai back. Dadi says let him be there with Pragya, atleast she will take care of Abhi. Aaliya says she brought Police here, and today Bhai reached hospital. She says Pragya is inauspicious for him and she heard that Bhai fell down from stairs, says she wants him to come back home. Tanu hears them.


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