Twist of Fate 15th March 2022 Written update

Twist of fate 15 march 2022:  On Twist Of Fate Tuesday 15th March 2022 update Zee world, starts with Abhi asking Pragya to bear him and his friends today and he will go out with his friends tomorrow and drink. Pragya says you can’t go out anywhere without my permission. He says you are my wife and not my boss. She runs behind him and says I am trying to make you better. He says even I will try to make you better and says your mogambo giri will not work here. She asks if I am mogambo. Abhi says yes, you was always mogambo. Pragya says I will stop you from drinking. He says it is in the contract that you will not interfere in my work and says you are jealous of my happiness. He says whatever you do, I will do opposite. Pragya gets a phone call. He asks her to pick the call and goes to drink. Pragya picks Prachi’s call. Prachi asks if Papa drink again? Pragya says when I tried to stop him, he insisted to drink more. She says I will go and stop him. Ranbir tells Prachi that you was never stubborn like a wife. Prachi hopes her mother stops her father from drinking. Pragya comes to the kitchen and tells Aanchal that she has to do bawaal/drama. Aanchal asks her to let them enjoy and says you are not typical wife. She says I don’t want any voice to come. Pragya gets an idea and asks her to pick all the cockroaches and bring it in the hall. Aanchal says I think you shall not do this? Pragya says your salary will be doubled. Aanchal says ok and goes.

Abhi thinks Pragya might be troubled and thinking to take revenge. He thinks why she didn’t come till now, the phone call was longer. His friends sit with finger on their mouths. Abhi asks them to drink. Sumit says we will not want Bhabhi to feel troubled due to us. Gattu says we will apologize to her. Abhi asks them not to drink. Pragya comes there with Aanchal. Aanchal is holding the cockroaches jar. Sumit says Bhabhi brought achaar for us. Aanchal opens the box and all the cockroach start spreading. Abhi asks Pragya if she is not getting sleep. Pragya says now your sleep will be gone. She says cockroach. Abhi says they are my friends. Abhi finds cockroach on his shirt and gets up shouting. Pragya also gets scared and climbs on the sofa. She shouts for Aanchal. Abhi also climbs on the sofa. They ask Aanchal to save them and argue. Aanchal sees lizard and runs. Abhi’s friends run out. Abhi comes back to Pragya and asks her to come with him, as lizard will become Godzilla. Anchal says I saw lizard going out. Abhi comes out and meets his friends. He meets Rithvik Dhanjani and another actor who invites him to his club. Abhi says he is troubled by cockroach. They ask him to call them for solution. Abhi promises to come to club house. He asks them to take care.

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Pragya sits scared on the table. Aanchal asks her to relax and says all the cockroaches were scared and ran out of house. Pragya asks her to throw all the wine from the bottles and fill it with colorful water. Aanchal says they will know that it is water. Pragya says they will think that they are drunk. Then they keep back the bottles in the bar.

The guest lady asks Rhea to give matar paneer to her. Other lady asks Rhea to handle her son, as he is not letting her eat. Rhea says I don’t know how to handle kids. She runs behind the boy, who insists to sit on the cradle. Rhea says you can’t sit on the cradle, it is for kanha ji. She pulls his cheeks. The boy cries and complains to his mother. Pallavi comes there. The boy’s mother complains to Pallavi. Pallavi asks her to be polite with him and apologize. Rhea apologizes. The boy asks her to give icecream. Rhea says she doesn’t have icecream. Dida asks her to add sugar in malai and give it to the boy. Some guy asks her to give tissue paper. Rhea calls waiter and asks the guy to tell the waiter. Pallavi asks her to be polite with the guests. Rhea thinks she got the keys or Servants’ job, it would be good if Prachi would have done this.

Abhi and his friends come inside. Abhi says all the wine effect went. Pragya says I should have left some wine in the bottle. Abhi says the wine will not be over even if we drink all might. He says I will drink and will show my wife that I am superior. Amit says we shall drink, as it is very good. They serve the wine and drink. Abhi says English wine is smooth. He drinks to check and then checks another bottle. He shouts calling Pragya. Pragya gets up from behind the sofa.

ues with her. Sumit, Amit and Gattu apologize to Pragya and leave. Pragya says you wanted to show that you are superior, but I proved and have done this for your betterment. She goes. Rhea comes to Prachi’s room to call her to handle the guests and finds her not there. She comes to conclusion that Ranbir and Prachi went out of the house. Prachi worries for Rhea and tells Ranbir that if she would have been there, then she would have helped Rhea in handling the guests and guide her. Ranbir says Mummy asked you to be in the room and asks her to give her hand and holds her hand. He plays her favorite song. Prachi smiles and asks why is he so good? Ranbir says you made me good. Rhea shouts saying they can’t be together. She throws the vase angrily and says I came to become good in Ranbir’s sight and not in my mother in law’s sight. She says she will make Ranbir hers.

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Abhi comes to the room and asks if she enjoyed ruining his party. Pragya says it was plan to trouble me and drank with your friends to make me feel low, but your friends left with their head low. She asks him to sleep. Abhi says I will think that you made plan and got successful. Pragya asks him to write 100 times, that you will not drink and you will get sleep. Abhi says I will search in the house and will get wine. Pragya stops him and asks him to tell what he did in 2 years and asks what she did. Abhi says it is your trick to divert me. He goes. Pragya thinks he got upset again. She thinks to call Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi come home later in the night. Rhea switches on the lights. Ranbir says I thought mummy woke up. Rhea asks where was you, Prachi. I was searching you everywhere and tells Ranbir that he should have told them. Prachi asks Ranbir to say. Ranbir says I made the plan to go and says we will tell you next time. Rhea tells that she was worried as Mummy scolded her and I thought where did she go. She says she called her many times. Prachi says you can call Ranbir. Rhea says I didn’t know that you was with her. Ranbir says you can call me at anytime. He says Prachi likes your care and concern more than my care and concern. Prachi says it is late. Rhea says we shall sleep. Ranbir turns and looks at Rhea. He says good night. Pragya calls Prachi and asks do you know what I did with your papa. She asks where is Ranbir? Prachi says he is here. Pragya asks her to put the phone on speaker. Pragya tells that she got the idea of fear and left the cockroaches in the party. His friends ran out, and I changed the wine with color water and his friends left. Ranbir says chief will do something dangerous. Pragya says I know to handle him. Prachi says I am sure that you can do it. Pragya asks them to sleep and ends the call.

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Rhea comes back to her room, keeps pillows on the bed and lies down to sleep. Siddharth thinks this pillow comes between us daily and Rhea keeps it. He thinks why she is maintaining distance from me. Rhea thinks she feels suffocated in this room and her room is where Prachi is sleeping with Ranbir. She says she just loves Ranbir, wishes she would have told this clearly. She turns. Sid pretends to sleep. Rhea thinks there Prachi and here Sid, I have to act with both. She thinks Sid will know why I am behaving such, and thinks she is in bad condition.

Amit, Sumit and Gattu come back home. Tanu is about to close the window and hears them talking, that Abhi called them for party and Pragya ruined it. Sumit says all good wives behave this way and she was stopping him for his betterment, they could have fight, but then also Bhabhi took risked as she was thinking about Abhi. He praises Pragya and says Abhi’s wife is so good, if my wife does this, then I will stop drinking today. Amit asks him to stop drinking from today as I am your elder brother. Sumit says I will drink wine with you and runs. Tanu stops Gattu and asks him if he is abhi’s good friend. Gattu says yes and says Abhi changed his name from Gaurav to Gattu. Tanu asks him to buy wine and give him, else he will not get sleep. She says they shall go to the wine shop and buy it.

Tanu comes to the wine shop and buys it, after knowing about its effect. She buys a cartoon and asks him to go and give Abhi. He asks her to give it to him. Tanu says she wants Abhi to enjoy every moment and asks him to go and give to Abhi, and says nobody shall know. She thinks Pragya wants peace and I sent wine so that he snatches your peace, just as he have the desi wine, your peace will go and I will wait for the drama to happen.

Abhi comes to the room and asks Pragya if she is trying to sleep, snatching his sleep. He says until he gets wine, he can’t sleep. Pragya says you came to tell this. Abhi says I am angry with you and says you shall know the reason. Pragya says we didn’t have a fight. Sushma calls Pragya again and again. Pragya asks him to give her call and calls her, but the call is not connected. Abhi says if I had given you time, then my 1 min would be wasted. Pragya asks him to tell why is he angry?

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