Twist of Fate 14 February 2022 Written update

Twist of fate 14 February 2022:  On Once there was a king Monday 14th February 2022 update Zee world, Tanu seeing Pragya in the mirror. Pragya gets up and walks out with Sushma. Tanu gets inside the hotel, but she is stopped by the security. The lady security guard tells her that the hotel is not for her, and asks her to look at herself. Tanu says she is Tanushree, a supermodel. The security guy asks Tanu to leave. Tanu thinks Pragya is dead, I shall not think she is alive. Sushma asks Pragya to give the car keys and says she will drive. Pragya says ok, if you insist. Sushma says it is good that we sent the driver, now I will drive. Pragya says you loves driving. Sushma says what is the use of buying the luxury car, if we don’t drive. She calls driver, but his number is not reachable. She gets worried. Pragya says she will ask help and gets down.

Prachi asks Ranbir how he will give his interview. Ranbir begins talking about his startup. Prachi says I am ready to invest in your start up. Ranbir says you are great and you will get much returns. Prachi says your proposal is good. Ranbir says my wife see my passion and hardwork behind this start up. Prachi says even the investor will see, you are best.

Abhi is drunk with his friend Sumit. Tanu comes there and asks from where did he get money to buy wine? Abhi says he earned it. Tanu says you don’t think about me or family. Abhi says did you think about others. Tanu says she will get the chawl door closed. His friend asks why he takes panga from Bhabhi and asks if he don’t get scared. Abhi says no. Pragya thinks to check newspaper and says Tanu and her husband will be on Page 3, I will check the newspaper. Tanu is about to see her, but misses to see her. Pragya comes back to the hotel and asks Manager if he knows any mechanic, as her car is not working. Manager says he knows a mechanic who stays in chawl nearby. Sushma calls Pragya’s number and thinks there is such bad network. She gets down from the car. Tanu finds the car door open and thinks to steal something precious. She takes out the purse from the car, but Sushma stops her and says it is my purse, you was stealing. She doesn’t see her face. Tanu asks her to leave her and pushes her. Pragya hears Sushma and comes to her. Sushma tells Pragya that a lady wanted to steal her purse, but she caught her and wanted to handover her to Police, but she pushed her and escaped. Pragya says we will watch CCTV and get her arrested. She tells that Manager said that he will send someone to repair the car. The hotel security guy comes to Sumit and Abhi and tells that Manager is calling him to repair someone’s car. Abhi says Sumit will not come today. Sumit says they will come. He asks Abhi to come and help him, so that he can get some money for his daughter’s fees. Abhi agrees. Sumit says although you show that you don’t have the heart, but you have it. Prachi gets a message from her office. She tells that she wants to be here with him and asks if he is all set. She wipes kumkum from his nose. He says I am your kumkum and sings kaise mujhe tum milgayi…He asks for a kiss on his cheeks. Aryan comes there. Ranbir says I am married now and says you would have come 5 mins late. Aryan says then what would have happen. Prachi brings flower and keeps on his eyes. She makes him eat curd sugar and asks him to keep flower in his pocket.

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Tai ji tells that she came by train and asks Aaliya about everyone. Aaliya tells about everyone. Mitali asks Tai ji when did she return? Tai ji says she couldn’t stay there. Tai ji scolds her and asks her to make tea. Aaliya says there is a noise everywhere. Tanu thinks she would have stolen that purse, if she had not seen Pragya. Aaliya comes there and asks about Abhi. Tanu says she has seen Pragya in a five star hotel. Pragya tells Sushma that they shall go by taxi and will ask Manager to send car to their place. Sushma says she doesn’t like to go by taxi, as she is comfort conscious. Security guy comes to Pragya and tells that Mechanic is coming. Pragya calls Manager to thank him. Abhi and Sumit come there.

Aaliya shockingly asks Pragya. Suddenly a heavy wind comes, Tanu closes the window and tells her that she saw her in the hotel and entered the hotel somehow, but the security threw her out seeing her clothes. Aaliya says if she forgot that they have killed her, and asks didn’t you remember that you have sent Pradeep to fail her brakes. She says you are scared that you will lose Bhai and that’s why thought this and says Pragya can’t go to a 5 star hotel, she would have gone to big hotels with Bhai. Tanu takes out her frustration that she is living a luxurious life with Abhi and breaks a glass. She gets worried and thinks something bad is going with happen with her. Sushma asks Abhi and Sumit, if they are mechanic. Abhi says yes. Sushma asks Pragya to give the car keys. Pragya doesn’t look at Abhi.

Sushma says seems like rain will start. Pragya takes out umbrella and gives to Sushma. Abhi tells Sumit that the rain is not heavy that they will drown. Sumit asks him to be quiet and take keys. Pragya tries to give keys to Abhi, but doesn’t look at him due to the umbrella. Abhi hears her voice and looks on.

Tanu fearing that something bad is going to happen with her. Aaliya asks since when you have become superstitious? Mitali says since she came to chawl. Pragya gives the car keys to Abhi. He turns while Pragya looks at him, but doesn’t see his face. Sumit and Abhi start repairing the car. Sushma tells Pragya that they shall sit in the car, as the rain is heavy. Pragya goes from behind Abhi and he senses her presence. He turns, but doesn’t see her as she sits in the car. Sumit asks him to give the spanner. Abhi gives him.

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Ranbir gets the investor’s call and he tells that his idea is good, but he shall have some experience too. He says they can just give him profit for his idea. Ranbir refuses and ends the call. Ranbir comes inside the house and tells Prachi that the deal haven’t happened. His cousin brother comes there and asks him to come home. Ranbir says he can’t come, and says if you had not give job to Prachi then. His cousin praises Prachi and says he hides her from Vikram. Ranbir praises Prachi more and tells that his start up is not starting as Prachi is not with him. Prachi asks him to stop praising her. Ranbir’s cousin tells that he wants wife like Prachi. Ranbir says but Prachi is just one. Prachi says she has ordered food, but forgot to order deserts. Ranbir asks his cousin to go out. Prachi says she has work now and their romantic talk surprises ranbir’s cousin. He asks what kind of love is this? Prachi and Ranbir ask him to get married and experienced it. She thinks Maa and Papa’s love was eternal.

Pragya feels Abhi’s presence and gets down from the car. Sumit says just 5 mins. Abhi gets Tanu’s call and she asks him to come home, as Dadi is calling him to celebrate his birthday. Abhi says he is with his family. Pragya thinks he must be celebrating his birthday with his family. Mitali tells Tanu that she came to this chawl house from the palace. Tai ji asks Tanu if she has gone mad, and asks what do you have rather than this fake jewellery? Tanu says Abhi and says he has silver ring which is precious. Aaliya says Tanu is still same, first she wanted property and now silver ring. Mitali says previously he used to have diamond ring.

Abhi thinks of Pragya celebrating his birthday and reminisces Pragya celebrating his birthday at midnight. A fb is shown, Abhi says we have decided to celebrate birthday tomorrow. She says we will celebrate with everyone, but today with each other. He holds her closer and says why she wants to make his birthday special. Pragya says I was a simple girl and small dreams, but got a rockstar husband and a big home. She says she wants to celebrate his birthday. He says he is speechless and says I love you so much, Pragya Abhishek Mehra and thanks her for making his life special. Pragya laughs. He says my life is stuck in your smile and when you smile, you look more beautiful. Pragya says it is our secret, you will celebrate with me first. He asks for the birthday gift. She says I will give you after cake cutting. He cuts the cake and makes her taste it. Song plays….he kisses on her cheeks and they dance.

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Pragya is standing outside the car and thinks she has nothing to do with his birthday. She looks at him, but doesn’t see his face. She bends down to pick her mobile, while Abhi looks at the seat and doesn’t see her face. Sushma asks Sumit about his fees. Sumit says they will get money from the hotel. Abhi finds Pragya’s earrings and thinks it seems to be of the lady. He tells Sumit to inform them when they call him. Sumit asks him to give him. Abhi says you will sell it off, I know. Tanu comes there. Abhi says lets go home and runs away with Sumit. Tanu says Abhi.

Ranbir asks Prachi to come to him and says he wants to hug her. Prachi says she can’t even turn her head, as she is working. Ranbir says my wife works so much and tells that he will bring coffee for her. He goes. Prachi sees cockroach and shouts calling Ranbir. Ranbir comes back. Prachi hugs him. Ranbir asks what is in that cockroach that made her hug him. He smiles. He says I honestly feels that I like you always and we love each other like your mom and dad. Prachi says you talks about them and kept them alive in your talks. She says she missed them. Ranbir says even he missed them.

Aaliya tells that she has ironed all the clothes and asks Mitali to keep it in the almari. She says she will return the iron to the neighbor. Mitali drops the clothes on the floor. Aaliya scolds Mitali and says you don’t know any work to do and thinks she has to iron it again. Tai ji asks Mitali if she enjoyed. Mitali says salt was less so she poured my anger on her. Tai ji tells Mitali that now she has no respect in the house and scolds her for helping Aaliya for Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. Mitali says I called and asked you, and you supported me. Tai ji says that’s what I am regretting. Mitali goes. Dadi comes home and tells that she has brought cake for Abhi. Tai ji asks from where did you get the money? Dadi looks on.

Abhi and Sumit are walking on the road. Sumit says you mess up with Bhabhi a lot. Abhi says weather is good, and he wants to whistle. Pragya looks for her earrings. Abhi and Sumit are walking from there. Abhi whistles like he used to whistled before. Pragya looks out through the window.


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