Twist of Fate 13 February 2022 Written update

Twist of fate 13 February 2022:  On Once there was a king Sunday 13th February 2022 update Zee world,  starts with Pragya and Sushma coming to India. Sushma says first we will go to Office and sits in the car. Pragya tells something to driver and tells Sushma that she was telling short cut to reach there. She says he had given me a big betrayal of my life, and I will give him his life’s biggest gift. She thinks Mehra Mansion is on the way and asks the driver to stop the car, as she will get water from a store. She comes to Abhi’s house and gets angry. Watchman stops her. Pragya asks about Mohan ji. Watchman says he must be Mehra Saheb’s guard. Pragya asks if you was grand at Kohli. He asks who is Kohli. Pragya looks at the name plate and finds it to be Thapar Mansion. She says Mehras used to stay here. He says Thappars stay here, since a year. She goes out and sees Sushma standing. Sushma says I know where the short cut takes you and says you don’t need to lie to me. She asks driver to take her to Abhi’s office, but there she comes to know that it is media company. Pragya sits in the car and reaches home with Sushma. She tells Pragya that they have meeting with the new partners and asks her to freshen up. Pragya goes upset. Sushma says I will hire someone to enquire about them. Pragya says where did they go? I returned to tell them that I am alive, back and stronger than ever before. But they are neither at home nor in office. She says they might have shifted posh society, as Tanu always wanted the best.

A local chawl is shown and Tanu is seen fetching water and looking angrily at the lady for colliding with her. Pragya says Tanu might feature in lifestyle magazine surely. Tanu argues with the lady and says it is my turn to fetch the water. The lady warns her. Tanu shouts for help. Pragya says we have to find about Top music label, and says Aaliya might be owner of one of those. Aaliya comes there and scolds the ladies to better obey them. The lady asks her to stay living in chawl. Tanu says let us fetch water, I will thank you from the bottom of my heart. The ladies ask her not to talk in English. While Tanu argues with the ladies, Aaliya fetches water and they leave.

Sushma tells Pragya that she talked to Veer, a private investigator and tells that he will meet us in office. Pragya says he had said that I bring inauspicious thing for him, he must have set an auspicious life with Tanu. Abhi is seen in the chawl house and wearing the shirt. He asks Mitali what did she make? Mitali says she made Poha as Tanu likes it. She says she can’t make food of everyone’s choice. Aaliya says I fetched water, so I shall get Poha first. Tanu says if you have concentrated on business then we wouldn’t have been here. Aaliya says we are in this condition due to her and asks Abhi to say. Abhi says I don’t want to interfere in your talks. Aaliya says you have to say. Abhi says what is important is that someone takes us to height and I will say when someone does this. Tanu says Abhi doesn’t say anything to Aaliya. Dadi asks them to stop fighting as today is Abhi’s birthday. Abhi asks them to refrain from fighting. Aaliya and Tanu ask Mitali to take their side. Dadi tells that this family has broken which was taken care by Pragya before. Pragya is seen holding her mobile.

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Abhi comes out of the house and sits to play carom board with the guys. Pragya calls him. He says hello. Pragya says hello. Abhi gets glad and says I was waiting for this day. Pragya says this can’t be possible. The guy with whom she is talking to, tells that the number is with him since a year. Pragya says this number was of Abhishek Mehra. Abhi talks to the marketing guy and says you don’t know me and giving me this offer. The marketing guy asks will you buy this luxury car. Abhi says I don’t have balance in my bank and I stay in chawl. The marketing guy ends the call. Pragya thinks he has changed the number and house. Abhi talks to his new friends and tell that if he gets a car then he would get it repair it from his friend. Tanu comes there and gets angry on Abhi. She says she wanted to give him water to take bath, but now she will not give him water. She gets upset and goes. Abhi says he will go and take bath.

Ranbir asks Prachi to have food before going. Prachi says I am getting late. She says I know how mad you was, when looking at you first side. Ranbir says I loved you at first side, but realized it later. He locks the door and thinks what to do. Aryan comes there and kisses Ranbir. He tells that they have to go and tells that they are getting late. He asks him to get ready fast. Ranbir finds his shirt ironed and says I love her. Aryan says how she takes care of you.

Pragya is in the meeting and is feeling lost. Sushma looks at her. The guy gives the presentation. An employee comes there and tells that Veer/Virender has come. Pragya says she will meet him and goes out. She gives Mehra family’s pics to Veer. Veer says he is Abhishek Mehra. Pragya asks him to search them. He asks who are they? Pragya says she is here, due to them. He says he will search them and goes. Sushma comes there and tells Pragya that their partners are thinking she is not concentrating on business. She asks her to relax for sometime. Pragya asks her to handle business for some days. Sushma agrees and says Veer will find them, even if they are hiding in any place of the country. Tanu gets angry on Abhi and asks if he stole money from her box. Abhi says I didn’t steal and tells that he knows that she goes to mall and steals the make up stuff. Tanu says I do this because of you and tells that she thought to be Rani, but became Naukrani. Mitali asks if someone called me? Tanu says give me some privacy. Mitali goes. Tanu says she would have got luxury life and expensive jewellery. She asks Abhi not to talk to him. Abhi asks her to talk to him and goes. Tanu thinks she is seen poverty everywhere. Sushma takes Pragya to a hotel. She says what is the use of coming here. Pragya says I am sorry, I just don’t know. She says I thought to go infront of him and tell that I am alive, I thought that I will take a peaceful breath and will tell him that the tree is big, whom he had cut. Sushma says you are thinking about just him. Abhi comes to the hotel. Pragya senses her presence and turns around.

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neighbor coming to Ranbir’s house and asking him to give some sugar. Ranbir says ok. Aryan asks the neighbor if the grocery store is far that she asks for sugar here. The lady says she is the house owner of this house and can ask him. She scolds him and tells Aryan that he likes to spend on his Papa’s money. The lady asks Ranbir to do job and says it is not good to live on wife’s money. Ranbir says I don’t feel bad that my wife earns money as she brings prosperity home. Pragya regrets to come to India as she couldn’t meet Abhi. Abhi comes there. Pragya turns and looks at him, but he is not there. Sushma asks what happened? Pragya says I thought that. Manager asks Abhi to come, as guests have come. Abhi says what shall I do? He sits to sing. Sushma asks Pragya if you don’t find Abhi then? Pragya says then everything is waste, if I don’t show my power to him that everything is useless to me. She says my sole purpose is to make him feel low. Abhi sings song apne karam ki tarah gaaye….sunraha hai na tu….Pragya hears the song and recalls Abhi singing on the stage, the same song. She gets emotional. Sushma asks what happened? Pragya asks who is singing the song. The manager says there is a bar nearby and someone is singing song there. Pragya excuses herself and goes from there. Abhi thinks of his moments with Pragya. Pragya is coming there. Abhi continues to sing. Pragya stops on the way and then continues walking. Abhi continues to sing. She comes to the bar and looks for Abhi. Abhi completes the song. Everyone gets up and applauds for his singing. Pragya tries to see his face and comes infront, but he turns to go. Pragya looks for him. Sushma waits for Pragya and thinks she might have went out. Abhi comes to the Manager. Pragya asks the waiter who was the singer who was singing here. Manager says Prashant is the local guy, who stays here. Pragya gives him money. The waiter shows someone’s else pic and keeps the money. Pragya comes there. Other waiter comes there. The waiter tells that someone asked for the singing and I showed Prashant’s pic. The waiter says Abhi was singing song here tonight. The waiter goes to tell Pragya. The Manager gives 500 to Abhi. Abhi asks for more money. Manager gives him another 100 and asks waiter to give him wine. Abhi returns the money and asks him to give the money to his kids, as today is his birthday. He takes the wine bottle. The waiter comes behind Pragya, but he is stopped by the hotel security guy. Pragya tells Sushma that she thought it was him who was singing, but it was someone else. Sushma says he is just in your mind.

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Abhi is going from there with his friend Sumit and says chal chal mere haathi. Pragya says it is his voice. Aryan tells Ranbir that Prachi went. He says even I am going. Prachi tells the house owner that they will leave the house in a month. She tells that she can bear anything, but can’t bear anything against her husband. Ranbir gets angry on Aryan and says it is not landlady’s mistake, she didn’t know about your husband’s dreams. He says I will go to her and tells that very soon I will work. Prachi says I will not stay here. Ranbir asks her to sit and have food. Sumit and Abhi are talking, when Pragya is coming there. Abhi and Sumit talk about Prashant and his wife. Abhi asks him to call Gaurav. Pragya is coming there. Abhi senses her presence and turns around, but he couldn’t see her as someone is taking board from there. Abhi and Sumit run away from there. Pragya comes there. Sushma comes behind her. Pragya says sorry. Sushma says if I ask you not to think about him, then I won’t work for you. She asks shall we eat food or sleep hungry. Pragya says lets go.

Dadi asks Tanu if Abhi came? Tanu says no, your Abhi haven’t come. She taunts Dadi taking Abhi’s name. Dadi says leave him today on his birthday. Tanu says your grand son brought me here. Dadi asks why did you marry him? She asks Tanu to go and bring Abhi.

Ranbir tells Prachi that the roti is cold so he will keep it on her head to make it hot, to save gas. Prachi says you are mad. Ranbir says you gave 1 month notice, you did right and asks if we will leave this house. Prachi says your family refused to accept me and give me respect which I shall get, and you left your home. She says you are my husband for the world, but for me, you are my everything. Rab ne bana di Jodi plays….He says I didn’t regret even a single day, since I left home. He says I am always grounded because of you and praises her, for being with him always. Prachi says you have left your family for me and fought with all the family. She says my biggest happiness is you. Ranbir says yes, I am. He asks her to give him best husband of the year award.

Pragya and Sushma are in the hotel. Tanu comes there and says it is my favorite hotel, to get inside it is a dream, don’t know when it will complete. She thinks she has to go to a cheap hotel now. She sees Pragya in the mirror and says Pragya.


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