Twist of Fate 12 February 2022 Written update

Twist of fate 12 February 2022:  On Once there was a king Saturday 12th February 2022 update Zee world,  Shahana asking Prachi until when she will run. Prachi says not today, let me go wherever I want, and do what I want, tells that she wants to run away from here. She asks what do you want to hear that, I can’t see Ranbir’s marriage happening with Rhea, and loves Ranbir a lot. She says I love him a lot, but nothing will happen. She tells that it is not necessary that I will get him as I love him. She asks her to let her go, and tells that her breath might stop. Shahana asks where are you going? Prachi says I am going to temple to ask the God, why he made us meet, when he didn’t want us to unite. Aryan comes there. Shahana asks did you talk to Ranbir? Aryan says I came to talk to Prachi and heard whatever I want to, tells that they shall stop the wedding right now. Prachi comes out and sees Ranbir sitting on the mandap, thinks they will not see each other now. She goes. Shahana asks Aryan to go and tell the truth to Ranbir. Aaliya stops Aryan and asks him to come. Aryan says if I stay silent today, then I will regret and will blame myself that I have ruined two lives. Aaliya says you will not tell anyone. Aryan shouts and tells him that Prachi still loves you. He goes to him and tells him everything. Ranbir gets furious and throws his turban in anger. He goes from there.

Rhea calls Dimpy and asks her to come and see her in the bridal dress. She says my dream is going to fulfilled. Ranbir comes there. Rhea ends the call and asks what happened? Ranbir asks how can you do this? you are my friend since childhood and tells that if someone else have done this with Prachi then I would have killed him. Rhea asks what did I do with Prachi? Ranbir asks her not to do acting and says I understood everything, you blackmailed Prachi and made her away from me. He says you can separate us, but can’t make us go far from each other. Rhea asks what are you saying, I am going to be your wife. Ranbir says I will clear your misunderstanding and will throw it. He throws the engagement ring. Rhea asks what are you doing? Ranbir says I will marry whom I want to marry. Rhea says don’t make me angry? Ranbir asks what will you do? He says you have done all the bad things and asks if she will kill him. Rhea says I love you so much, why will I kill you. Ranbir says the girl who couldn’t care for her blood relation, will never care for me. He says you never thought that chief and Pragya aunty are not just your parents, but Prachi’s parents too. He says whoever has done this with their parents, I hate you all my life and loves Prachi always all my life. Rhea slaps him hard. Ranbir is shocked and is about to go. Rhea stops him and begs him not to go. Ranbir tells that he is not going as she slapped him, but going for Prachi, and will marry her in Shiv mandir. He says when Prachi returns home, she will be Mrs. Prachi Kohli. He leaves.

Rhea calls Abhi. Abhi says I will be there in 15 mins. Rhea cries and says Ranbir left marriage and went to Prachi. She asks him to bring Ranbir, else she will die. Abhi promises that he will bring Ranbir to her and asks her to wait. He calls Ranbir and thinks why is he not picking the call. Rhea comes behind Ranbir and tries to stop him. Aaliya and Mitali walk behind Rhea. Ranbir sits in his car and leaves. Rhea cries asking him to stop. Aaliya asks what happened? Rhea says Ranbir went to marry Prachi. Mitali thinks bride swapping happening even today. Rhea says I tried to make Prachi not to snatch my Ranbir, but today she snatched my Ranbir. Pallavi comes there and asks what happened? Rhea tells that Ranbir went to marry Prachi, though he doesn’t love her, Prachi trapped him in her love.

Ranbir comes to the temple. Prachi asks why you are following me and says today is your marriage day. Ranbir says I came to know everything and have called off my marriage with Rhea. He says I know that you loves me. Prachi says I don’t love you. Ranbir says I know that Rhea told you that she will separate your parents and tells that your parents were together before you was born. He tries to convince her to marry him.

Rhea comes to the mandap and breaks the things in anger. Mitali thinks she is showing so much attitude even after doing a mistake and thinks who will tell Abhi. Rhea tells Aaliya that Prachi called Ranbir to Shiv mandir and they are going to marry. She cries. Pallavi asks her to handle herself. Tanu calls Abhi and tells that Ranbir went to Shiv temple to marry Prachi and tells that she is worried for Rhea. She asks him to come home. Abhi asks where is Pragya? Tanu says she went to do shopping for something. Abhi calls Pragya and tells that Ranbir went to temple to marry Prachi. Pragya says she is nearby that temple and will go there. Abhi says Prachi might have provoked Ranbir to marry her. Pragya says she can’t do this. Abhi asks why do you want to go against me and asks her to go and stop the wedding. Pragya gets tensed.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he will curse every day and can’t keep Rhea happy. He says I can’t love her and her parents will never be happy, then why are you sacrificing. He says if you accept me then many lives will be saved at once. He promises her that he will keep her happy till his death. Prachi gets teary eyes. He says if I don’t get you, then I will die. He says I love you. Prachi says I love you too Ranbir and says I love you so much. She hugs him and cries. Song plays…Prachi apologizes. Ranbir says you didn’t do anything wrong. He proposes her. Prachi says Maa. Ranbir says she will understand that Baklu can’t be away from her Chikchiki. He says I promise that your mummy will bless us and asks if you will marry me. Prachi nods yes.

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Pragya reaches the temple and sees Prachi and Ranbir sitting for marriage. She shouts Prachi. Prachi says Maa. They get up from their place. Pragya comes to Prachi and slaps her hard. Mitali asks Rhea to drink some water. Rhea throws the glass in anger and also throws the jewellery, tells that she just wants Ranbir. Pallavi says he is not picking the call. Tanu asks her not to pretend and says you must be knowing Ranbir might leave Rhea, and blames her. Pallavi asks what are you saying? Tanu says my daughter’s heart is broken and asks her not to shout. Mitali asks pallavi to ask Vikram to call Ranbir. Pallavi asks Vikram to call Ranbir and asks him to return. She asks him to call him right now. She gets shocked seeing Vikram telling something and asks him to make Ranbir understand. Tanu sends Pradeep and asks him to go to Kali mandir and send the recording, tells that she is thinking to take the advantage of the marriage. Pradeep says ok.

Ranbir and Prachi tell that she is thinking wrong. Pragya says today is Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Ranbir says I just love prachi and don’t love Rhea. He says I will marry Prachi only. Pragya says Prachi told me that your relation was over. Ranbir says Prachi lied to you, as Rhea kept a condition before her that if she doesn’t go away from me, then she won’t let you unite with Chief. He says Prachi sacrificed her love to unite you both and lied to you and even me. He says now I came to know about the truth. Prachi says I know you are very strong and wants to stay with Papa, as you love him. She tells that Rhea blackmailed her and that’s why she lied. She says I have to choose between you and my love and I have chosen your love. Pragya hugs her and says a big sacrifice. She apologizes from Rhea’s behalf and says even she is my daughter. She says today I will do the duty of a mother and asks Pandit ji to get her daughter married. Prachi smiles.

Mitali telling that Ranbir is not picking the call. Aaliya says we shall go there and stop the wedding. Tanu tells Rhea that she had told her many times that Pragya hates you, but you didn’t listen and asks her to see the proof. Rhea watches Pragya attending Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage happily and showering flower petals on them. Abhi comes there. Rhea asks Abhi if Prachi and Pragya loves her, then what is hatred. She says Mom is getting them married. Abhi says I have sent Pragya there to stop the wedding and says you are misunderstanding her. Rhea says Prachi stole my love and my mom stole my dad. She says when nobody loves me then why shall I live? She runs from there and asks Abhi not to follow her. She stands on the terrace railing. Abhi comes and holds her hand, but she falls down on the ground. Abhi shouts Rhea and gets shocked. Everyone comes there and gets shocked. Abhi runs down. Pradeep records Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage recording and send it to Tanu. Abhi comes downstairs and lifts Rhea. He asks Doctor to call the doctor. Pallavi calls the doctor. Tanu smirks and smiles thinking two people united and two people will separate, this recording will break Abhi and Pragya’s last rope. Doctor comes there and asks Abhi to calm down. Tanu provokes Abhi against Pragya and says she never loved Rhea and loved just Prachi, shows the video to him. Abhi gets shocked. Tanu says Pragya is showering flower petals on Ranbir and Prachi during their marriage. Abhi goes from there. Tanu thinks it is my day. Pandit ji asks Ranbir to fill sindoor in the bride’s maang. Ranbir fills sindoor in Prachi’s maang and looks at her happily. Prachi gets emotional. Pragya smiles. Song plays SubhanAllah…He makes her wear mangalsutra then.

Pragya kisses Prachi. Pandit ji asks them to take elders’ blessings as the marriage is completed. Abhi is coming there. Ranbir and Prachi hug Pragya. Abhi comes there and recalls Rhea’s words. He beats Ranbir. Pragya tries to stop him. Abhi asks why did you do this with Rhea. Pragya says he doesn’t love Rhea and says it is not his mistake. Abhi beats him. Pragya asks him to stop and says he doesn’t love Rhea. Abhi asks her not to take Rhea’s name and says you just love Prachi. He says I didn’t agree to Tanu and Rhea, they were right and you was wrong. He says you just wanted to make your family and want to hurt my family. He says you was against Rhea, and me. He says I don’t want your reflection to come on me or my family. Ranbir asks Abhi to say what he wants to say. Abhi pushes him. Prachi says Papa. Pragya says he is Prachi’s husband. Abhi says he was about to become Rhea’s husband and blames Pragya for betraying him. He says you have come to make me cry and I will never forgive you. He gets Tanu’s call and tells that he is coming. Pragya asks him to listen. Abhi says I don’t want to have any relation with you, and says thank god Tanu returned in my life, atleast Rhea will get a better mother than you. Prachi and Ranbir looks on shocked. Pragya tries to stop him. Abhi says I don’t want to have any relation with you. He goes from there angrily. Prachi says Papa. She blames herself and says I was afraid about this. Pragya says I will make him understand and everything will be fine. She is about to run behind him and falls down. Abhi reaches home and sees doctor bandaging her head. He gets emotional seeing Rhea. Song plays…

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Pragya asks Prachi to take care of herself. Prachi says I love you very much and hugs her. Pragya comes out and sits in the car. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya is calling him. Abhi says I don’t want to talk to her, I asked her to stop the marriage and she betrayed my trust. He says I won’t let anyone come to Rhea. He says there is no place for the people who hurts Rhea. He says my daughter will stay with me as my family. Tanu acts sweet and asks him to go and change. Aaliya tells Tanu that they were saved, as Pragya was about to tell truth to Bhai. Tanu says she can’t tell as Abhi is not picking her call. Pragya calls Abhi. Tanu picks the call and says don’t call him. Pragya asks her to give call to Abhi. Tanu says I am his wife. Pragya says nobody accepts your marriage and asks her to give call to him. Tanu gives call to him (actually to Pradeep who talks in Abhi’s voice). Pragya tells him that Ranbir never loved Rhea, as he always loved Prachi. She says Rhea asked Prachi to sacrifice her love. Abhi (Pradeep) asks her to shut up and tells that she is dead for him and he is happy with his new family. Pragya says I am coming there. Abhi (Pradeep) asks her not to come there, else he will get her shradh done. Pragya says you can’t do this with me, you had asked me not to leave you. Abhi (Pradeep) says you are inauspicious and that’s why I have failed your car brakes and says he just wants to see her dead face. He asks her to die. Tanu takes the call and says Abhi executed this plan on my sayings. My husband fulfilled my wish, you used to say right, that there is a power in kumkum and mangalsutra, now he will do what I want. Aaliya says Happy death day Pragya, I will keep puja for your soul peace so that you don’t trouble us even in our dreams. She says die Pragya die. The man talking to Pragya in Abhi’s voice is actually Pradeep. Pragya feels Abhi betrayed her. Aaliya, Tanu and Pradeep smiles. Pragya’s car falls off the valley. Aaliya, Tanu and Pradeep hear the car crash sound. Aaliya says she is dead and says congrats. Tanu says you are free Abhi.

A lady is shown standing in the river water and immersing her daughter’s ashes. Pandit ji asks her to dip herself thrice. She takes a dip in the river. The lady tells that she has achieved so much for her daughter to keep her happy, but she lost everything. She asks God to either return her daughter or give her a reason to live. She takes the third dip in the river with the intention to drown, but then she finds Pragya and takes her out of the water.

2 years later….
In Australia,
The same lady is shown who had rescued Pragya. A british guy asks her if her daughter has won the Australian businessman award. The lady says not yet, but I know my daughter, she will win. She asks Catherine to switch on the screen and says she has arrived just the door bell rings. A guy says award function is still going on. The lady says I know my daughter and knows the way she rings the bell. Pragya comes there wearing a modern outfit and an award in her hand and smiles.

Pragya coming home. The lady smiles. Pragya says I won. She says I am sorry, I couldn’t wait for after party, as I want to be with you and celebrate this moment with you. She says sorry for killing her excitement and says I came here before the TV telecast. The lady congrats her. Catherine brings cake and asks her to cut. Pragya thanks her. Sushma says I know you will win, and tells that she is the first Indian woman in Australia to have won this award. Pragya cuts the cake and makes Sushma eat it. sushma says we will go to Hillton Palace hotel and all the world will celebrate with you. Pragya nods her head. A guest congrats her. Pragya thanks him. She goes behind Sushma. Sushma says sorry for not attending your award function, if I had not medical problem then I wouldn’t come. She asks how did she feel? Pragya says I thought for the first time, that I exist, and people were praising me and shaking hands with me, as I am maker and not breaker. Sushma says you are talking about past. Pragya says I have proved myself in these 2 years and says you had said that if I get successful then you will let me go to India. Sushma gets asthma attack and goes. Pragya brings her spray and gives her. She asks why did you forget it here and there? Sushma says when you are around, I keep it and forget. Pragya says I tried to change myself and you had told that you will let me return to India, when I get successful. Sushma says yes, I had said as I wanted to make you strong and don’t want you to be money minded, but powerful, who have status and have their own brand. Pragya asks what do you think that if something is missing and tells that the start ups are successful and she is the CEO of the reputed International company, and tells that this award which she got, is not given to any Australian. Sushma says I know you have moved on in life, but haven’t forgotten to look in past. She says you said that you felt like maker and not like breaker. She says you have pain of the past more and the happiness of today less. She says you don’t want to come out of your past, and asks her to live the moment. Pragya says I was murdered by my loved ones, how to tell you. She says how to tell you, if someone wants to kill you whom you loved a lot. She says I couldn’t sleep in night and gets bad dreams. She says if I am dead then I will get mukti in India only. She says you have done many favours on me, I gave you the authority of my mother, and I have done whatever you wanted. She says I really want to return to India. Sushma says God snatched Priyanka from me and gave me you, says you are the reason of my life and says you can go to India. Pragya asks if it is necessary for me to go to party. Sushma says no. Pragya thanks her and goes.

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Later Sushma comes to Pragya and says I told you how you met me, but didn’t tell you that I wanted to die. She says I asked God to either return my daughter or to give her reason for live. She says I wanted to die and someone else wants to kill you. She says I got angry when you told me that your nanand, sautan and husband wanted to kill you. She tells that her daughter Priyanka was being tortured by her husband Rohit. She says she married him against her wishes and Rohit took her to India. She says she avoided her phone calls. One day she melted and picked her call. She says Priyanka told me that her husband is having an affair with someone and he has been torturing her. She asks her to come and save her. Sushma rushes to India and goes to Priyanka’s home, but finds her hanged and dead. She cries. Fb ends. Sushma says even I was dead with Priyanka, I couldn’t save her, but when I met you, I promised myself that I will not let anything happen to you. Pragya asks why you didn’t tell me before Priyanka. Sushma says I guess, today is the right day, I got my daughter back in you, and you are the reason of my life and two lives are saved due to your stay here. Pragya hugs her. Sushma talks to Mark and asks him to apologize to the guests on their behalf. She asks him to make changes in the tickets. He says ok. She worries for Pragya and goes to her room.

Prachi gets the dream in which Abhi is scolding Pragya and gets up from her sleep. Ranbir reminds her that Police couldn’t find Pragya when her car was found in the water. They recall visiting the PS and the Police officer tell them that Pragya is dead. Prachi says nothing can happen to her. Inspector asks Ranbir to take her, else he will arrest her. fb ends. Ranbir says if she would have been fine then would have met us by now. Prachi says no and hugs him.

In the morning, Pragya wakes up. Sushma wishes her happy birthday and says today I came to know that today is your birthday, today is the day when star is born and who gets everything in life. Pragya picks the cake and throws it, says today is not my birthday. Sushma says you are telling in sleep that birthday is coming and you shall celebrate. Pragya says today is his birthday. Sushma asks today is Abhi’s birthday. Pragya says yes. She says sorry for hurting her and says it used to be important day of my life, but not anymore. She says he might be celebrating with Tanu. Dadi wishes happy birthday to Abhi and applies him tilak. Abhi says lets see if others remember. Dadi says they might want to surprise you. Dadi says she wanted him to get God’s blessings, but you woke up late. Abhi asks why he made her wear shawl? Dadi says it looks good on you, says if Pragya would have been here, then she would have decorated the house and make food for you. Abhi asks why do you talk about her always. Dadi says I am alive in the hope that Pragya will return. Abhi says you are talking about death on my birth. Dadi says I am sure that Pragya is alive and she will return. Abhi goes out.

Sushma informs Pragya that they are going to India, to take charge of the Australian Company. She says may be you will meet that guy. Pragya says it will be shocker for him, nothing can be more good gift than this, on his birthday. He will see the bad dreams now. She takes out his pic and says happy birthday dhokebaaz, see you soon.


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