Twist of Fate 11th March 2022 Written update

Twist of fate 11 march 2022:  On Twist Of Fate Friday 11th March 2022 update Zee world, Abhi telling that he had thought that marriage can be terminated anytime, but for Pragya it is lifetime commitment. He says now it is same for both of us, a contract marriage. He says this relation will be my life start. I will search my happiness in this relation. He says people will thought this relation wrongly, but I will do it rightly, as I am like you now. He opens the sindoor bottle and fills in Pragya’s forehead. Pragya gets teary eyes. Song plays….

Ranbir asks Prachi what happened to her. Prachi says she is happy, very happy. He asks why did you run like this. Prachi says I ran behind Rhea, as she was running to her room. She says I was worried for her, as she locked the door. Ranbir says even we close the door. She says it seems she didn’t want to face anyone, but later she told that she was unwell. Ranbir asks why are you happy? Ranbir says Rhea called me sister today and hugged me, told that she got her mayka here. Ranbir says since we came here, mummy, Papa and Dida are happy and most importantly you are happy. Prachi says she is very happy. Soni comes there and says flowers are brought. Prachi tells that Mummy gave the responsibility of janamasthami to me. Ranbir asks her to impress him as he is Krishna for Dida.

Sushma wipes the sindoor from Pragya’s hand. She says when this marriage was already done, then if this was needed. Tanu asks why you are getting senti, this is just formality. We shall move legally. Lawyer shows the contract marriage papers. Sushma says when this marriage is legal then why paper work is needed, the court will believe on this marriage. Aaliya says Paper work is needed to safe guard their interest, as neither of them want to be in the marriage, it is 6 months marriage, and just as the contract ends, the marriage will be dissolved. Abhi says our real marriage will be contract marriage and says if we get feelings then this contract will remind us. Sushma says this will happen, if you behave nice husband infront of the world. Abhi says I don’t know good acting, but will learn staying with your daughter. He says I will be a good husband and thinks if I have to do something bad with her, then have to be good. Abhi and Pragya sit to sign on the contract. Abhi holds her hand and says I don’t doubt your mind, whatever you will do is for your benefit. He asks her to think again, as it will be the deal of loss. Tanu says Abhi. Sushma thinks if Pragya changes her mind. Aaliya thinks Bhai is sensible. Pragya asks him to leave her hand and says I want to sign. She says when you have agreed then why want me to sign. She says she is not from the persons who says something and does something else. She says it is my advantage and not loss. Abhi says loss is just loss. She asks him not to worry about her loss.

She signs on the contract papers. Abhi claps. Tanu thinks the way they were fighting, I thought they will tear the papers. Aaliya thinks Bhai might come in Pragya’s talks. Sushma thinks they shall not fight infront of the world. Abhi thinks she was always selfish, to have left him and now letting him to come in her life. He signs the papers and says I am coming in your life to take revenge from you. He says whatever you did with me, I will do with you and you will not know. He shakes hand with her. Pragya thinks I never thought that I will let you come in my life again , and says I am letting you stay with me for Prachi’s happiness.

Sid comes and asks Prachi what is she doing? Prachi asks him to say. Sid says janmasthami arrangements. He says he became like office boy doing office work. Prachi laughs. Ranbir comes there and tells that he never joke with him. He says he thinks he likes his wife. Sid says he loves his wife. Ranbir sees Rhea coming and asks did Sid tell you that you are beautiful in these clothes, and it seems as if it is meant for you. Sid asks Prachi to see that Ranbir is pulling his leg. Prachi tells Ranbir that she is here. Ranbir says Rhea is his sister in law and tells that he can tease him using his sister in law. He says I have Rhea to make fun of Sid. He tells Rhea that he said all that, to tease Sid. Prachi says she is looking good. Rhea tells that she looks good in pink dress and tells that he can tease her, afterall she is his sister in law. She says they shall laugh more and take less tension, as she heard that age increases and bonding builds. She sees the janamasthami celebrations and asks what is happening here. Prachi says today is Krishna ji’s birth at 12 am. Rhea says shall I help you. Prachi says she has done and asks her to rest. Rhea sits in the temple and thinks why you are hesitant to talk to me Ranbir. Pallavi comes there and tells Prachi that her acidity is cured due to her, and asks her to take her help if she wants. Prachi says she will try to do all the arrangements. Pallavi says she wants good results and goes. Rhea thinks Mummy haven’t seen me. Prachi sees the decoration stuff falling down and climbs on the table. Rhea tries to make the table fall down, but Ranbir holds Prachi in his arms. He says whatever happened is good. Sid says he will take their pic.

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Lawyer says I will send the copy to Sushma ji and will give original to Tanu. Tanu asks for the money. Sushma shows the cash amount, says as you said everything is in cash.

Sushma telling Tanu that everything is in cash like you said. Tanu asks Lawyer if he didn’t see money before. She says I always count my money by myself and don’t trust anyone, but trusting Pragya. She thanks Abhi. Abhi gets up and says this is my price. Tanu says this is your rent for 6 months, and asks him to think what will be the price for the lifetime. She says you are priceless. She then asks Sushma to arrange the car and driver to take the cash to home. Abhi asks them to tell Dadi that he will come and meet her. Aaliya asks if you are not coming with us. Abhi says contract starts. Tanu asks Abhi to come with her as she needs to talk. She tells Abhi that she trust him, but not Pragya. She asks him to remember what she has done with you, Rhea and others. She says if you remember this, then you will not fall for her. Abhi says this will not happen. He asks them to send clothes for him through Sumit. He says he has planned surprise for Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya leaves. Abhi comes to Pragya and Sushma, and call Sasumaa to Sushma. He says if bahu’s grah pravesh can happen, then why not damad’s grah pravesh. Sushma calls Anchal and asks her to bring the aarti plate. Abhi says Kaju Katri will work for the prasad. He says where did you meet Pragya? Sushma says excuse me, I need to make an important call. Abhi says that’s why I hate the mobile. He says I wanted to know how she met her, how did Pragya become like this Pragya, if she was same like this, or was acting before with me. Pragya looks at the kumkum in her maang and gets teary eyes.

Sid asks Rhea why she is feeling angry. Rhea says he is feeling angry as Prachi fell down due to her. She says Prachi, if she is fine and says if you would have fallen and hurt, then blood would have come out from you, and then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. Prachi says Ranbir has saved me. Rhea thanks Ranbir. Ranbir says she is my wife. Sid says I thought you are angry on them. Rhea says I can’t lose my sister whom I met after many years. She hugs her. Prachi says she likes to hear sister word from her. She goes to meet Dida. Sid tells Ranbir that he never saw Rhea so much happy. Ranbir says even he didn’t see Prachi so much happy before. He asks him to go and romance with rhea. Sid tells Rhea that she is looking good in this color. Rhea thanks him and goes.

Prachi comes to Dida and asks about Bal Gopal’s clothes and jewellery. Dida says it is in the locker and says she has an idea, she will talk to Pallavi and will inform you. Pragya calls Prachi and says your Papa has come home. Prachi says really, you brought him here. Pragya says I will take care of him and will make him leave the wine. Prachi says ok. She tells that she has to go to Papa’s doctor and get his reports. Pragya asks her to show the reports to her. Prachi says I can’t believe that Papa is here. Pragya says my daughter has asked me something. Abhi calls Pragya. Prachi says Papa is calling you. Prachi thanks God that everything is happening nicely on Janamasthami. Servant calls Pragya. Pragya comes there. Abhi tells Sushma that Pragya’s grah pravesh happened many times, but this is my first time and asks her to do it nicely. Pragya stands with him on his insistence. Sushma does his tilak. Abhi thinks he will come to take out Lakshmi from this house. Sushma does their aarti. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and gets inside. Sushma walks behind them.

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Abhi says I am Jamai of this house and whatever I will do, I will do with you in this house. He goes to the room and says I have given you a chance to refuse for this deal, but you didn’t stop. He says you have bought me and insulted our past, and haven’t made me ashamed. Pragya comes there. He says you must be feeling proud, to buy a husband. He says I gave you a chance, but you wanted to buy me. Pragya says you want to fight with me. Abhi says I can make you feel bad. Pragya asks what do you want? Abhi says I have understood that I am here as a contract husband for 6 months, and says I am your bodyguard, guard, cook and everything. He says don’t mix office contract with this contract, I will come with you to office. He says I will sleep here on this side. Pragya says I will sleep on other side. Abhi says you will sleep with me and asks her to sleep on sofa. Pragya says it is my bed and my room. Abhi asks her to change her habits. Pragya says ok. He says you have snatched my peace, I will snatch yours. Pragya says I am going to work. She goes. Sushma is standing out and hearing them. Abhi says I called you sasumaa and you started behaving like that. Sushma says yes, I came to talk to you. She says Pragya and you have a contract marriage, so don’t try to be her husband. Abhi says I understand that you bought me to show the world, and tells that he was stupid before, but not anymore. Sushma says it would be good for you both. Aaliya and Tanu come home with the big bags. The neighbor asks from where did they steal the suitcase. The lady taunts her. Tanu says she will fulfill all her wishes and asks her if she shall slap her. Tanu gets into an argument with the lady. Aaliya whispers to Tanu to come from there, says you are fighting leaving the money bags.

Aaliya and Tanu asking what was the need to fight? They come home. Mitali says someone was fighting outside, and realizes they were fighting with the neighbors. She sees the big bags and asks what is in it? Aaliya says we had gone to Pragya’s house to sell Bhai, and got this money. Mitali says yes, you had gone there. She asks her to show the money. Tanu imagines Mitali, Aaliya and others stealing her money. She asks them to close the windows. They close the windows. Tanu shows the money. Mitali gets surprised and asks can I touch? Tanu says yes. Mitali gets happy and says this is real money. Tanu takes the money back. She says I am thinking of buying all the basti and then all the water will be in my control, and nobody will get water and I will apply tax in the water. Mitali says you are dreaming like sheikh chilli and asks what is the need to buy basti, when you can buy a new house. Tanu says then all the money will be spent to maintain high profile lifestyle. She says then how new cars and clothes will be bought. Aaliya says you can use this money to bring Pragya down and asks her to do business and take risk and bring Pragya down. She says then it will be fun. Mitali says she will bring sweets. Tanu takes the money bundles and then throws some notes in air. Mitali catches them and goes to bring the sweets.

Dida tries to convince Pallavi to give keys to Prachi for sometime, as it will be easy for her to work. Pallavi is not convinced. Dida says she is just talking about today. Pallavi says it would be unfair on Rhea. Dida says we are giving keys for a good work. She says if we have to make someone do good work then we have to give the keys, else Soni couldn’t have done the work. Pallavi agrees to give the keys to Prachi on her insistence. Rhea hears them all and recalls Teji telling that whoever gets the keys, the house runs by that bahu. Rhea thinks Prachi is acting infront of Dida. She used to act with Dad and trapped Ranbir using her tears. She says she will trap mummy and thinks she can’t let that happen.

Prachi comes to Ranbir and tells that Papa came home and she had talked to Maa. She says now they will stay together and hugs him. Ranbir says this is happening due to you. He says there are less children who brings the parents together. Rhea gets jealous seeing them hugging and talking. She thinks I should have been there, first you snatched Ranbir from me, then this house etc. She says what to do with you and goes to the inhouse temple. She takes ghee in the cotton and crushes it to make the ghee fall on the floor near the stairs.

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She thinks Mummy gave your son to you, but will not give the house keys to you, as she will fall before giving you the keys, else Dida will fall down. She says you want to impress everyone and I will make you fall in everyone’s sight, that one day Ranbir will realize that he has done a big mistake of his life and will think about me then. She says I have lost Dad 2 years back, but will not lose Ranbir. Sushma talks to her lawyer. Just then Gaurav comes there with his lawyer. Sushma ends the call. She asks him not to act like gentleman. He says I don’t enter someone’s house without permission. Sushma asks did you take permission before coming here. He says he has permission of law and gets inside and sits down on the sofa. Sushma says who told you to sit. Gaurav asks Lawyer to sit and says Sushma will not hinder law’s work. He says you might be thinking why I came here. He says if you would have told that you didn’t receive the court summon, this is the old way to ignore the court. He says call Pragya as the summon is in her name. He says I will switch on the camera as she will attack me, just as she sees him. He says he is very scared and changes side whenever he sees any girl. He says it was her mistake, as Pragya is alone and doesn’t have any husband, boyfriend. He says such girls who don’t have the husband, does such things. Sushma says I want to answer you with slaps, but I don’t have right to do this, first right is of her husband and says whatever you want to say, tell her husband. Gaurav says I know that Pragya doesn’t have a husband then how come her husband was born over night. Sushma asks him to ask her husband and call Abhi, telling Gaurav has come. Abhi comes there. Gaurav looks at him and recalls how he had beaten him. He tells Lawyer that his face is showing that he has no respect of law and fighting this case for money, but I have much respect for law and that’s why didn’t kill him. He says he is alive just because of his life. Gaurav says you was his bodyguard? Abhi says who can be better bodyguard than a husband. Pallavi and Dida are coming down. Pallavi stops to take a call. Rhea thinks it is good that Dida will fall down and her bone will break and then Mummy will not leave Prachi. Pallavi comes there and is about to step down first. Rhea thinks mummy is stepping down first.

Pallavi steps on the ghee and falls down on the floor. Dida shouts Pallavi. Everyone turns to look at her. Rhea acts shocked. Ranbir, Prachi, Sid and Rhea run to her. Pallavi says she is feeling much pain. Ranbir and Sid help her get up. Pallavi says she has much pain in her leg. Rhea asks how did you fall down? She asks if water was on the stairs. Prachi looks at the ghee on the floor and says baati was there, it seems it fell down by me. Pallavi shouts and asks how she can do mistake again and again. She says how to give her puja responsibilities and scolds her. Prachi says sorry. Pallavi says you says sorry many times and then do the mistakes. Prachi says it is my mistake. Ranbir shouts at her and asks how can you be so careless? If Dida had fallen then, recovery is impossible in this age. Rhea says I will talk to Prachi and asks him to take Mummy to room. Sid asks Ranbir to talk to Vikram’s doctor and he takes Pallavi to room. Rhea says its ok Prachi. Prachi says I don’t know that why I do mistakes, and I become bad in everyone’s sight. Rhea says I am your sister and knows you well that you will not do it intentionally, if I had not known you, I would have scolded you like Ranbir. She says the way Ranbir scolded you, though he loves you, how can he think like this. She says honestly, everyone must have thought the same like Ranbir. Prachi gets teary eyes and goes. Rhea smiles. Ranbir comes there and asks where is Prachi? Rhea says Prachi is feeling that you scolded her unnecessarily. She says Prachi feels that Mummy should have be careful while walking and everyone thinks of ways to scold her. Ranbir asks if Prachi said this. Rhea says no, I am her sister and knows well when and what is she thinking. Ranbir gets upset with Prachi.


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