Episode 37
We started with Emilia telling Julio that she wanted to be reinstated as governor now that Alvarez was in hiding and they needed to have an Ardiente in office to carry out their legacy but Julio was not up for the idea. He told Emilia that Arnaldo would be the one to run for idea because leadership was no place for women.
Arnaldo was with them as well and Julio mentioned that he did not like that Arnaldo was getting too close to Ivy. Arnaldo got upset and told his grandfather that the two of them would have a problem if he would not stop suspecting Ivy.
Aunt Claire told Emilia that she would soon lose her place as the queen of the Ardiente family once Ivy started dating Arnaldo but she said that she would prove that Ivy was Madrigal’s accomplice and make her fall out favor with Arnaldo.
Julio went to see Madrigal and said that he would let him go if killed Alvarez. Madrigal refused to do it but Julio told him that it was his life or Alvarez’s so he had no choice but to do it. When Madrigal went in search of Alvarez, Julio’s men followed him with orders to kill him if he dared to escape.
Madrigal found Alvarez getting ready to leave the country. Alvarez readily opened the door for him thinking that it was the cleaning staff. He realized his mistake once it was too late and he began to fight with Madrigal. Madrigal was not in top form because he was still injured and Alvarez got away from him. Alvarez ran to the top of the building and Madrigal followed him up there. The two of them fought and Alvarez wanted to hit Madrigal so that he would fall off the building but Madrigal ducked down leaving Alvarez with nothing to hold on to and he toppled to the bottom where he instantly died.
Julio was happy with the work that Madrigal did but he had no intention of letting him go. Madrigal argued that they had a deal but Julio toyed with him by playing a game called Russian roulette; whereby he put on bullet in his gun’s revolver and then spun the cylinder to make the bullet’s location unknown then pulled the trigger. Madrigal flinched every time Julio pulled the trigger and he could not help but laugh. After having a good time showing Madrigal that he was afraid of death, Julio told his men to take him away.
Ivy, Camia and Diego saw the news about Alvarez’s death and knew that they sent Jepoy to kill him because of the description the witnesses gave. Camia said that the Ardientes might let him go since he had taken care of Alvarez but Diego told her and Camia that Madrigal would get killed once he was of no use to them. Ivy wanted to go save him but Diego stopped her and said he would go. He told Ivy he loved her and he wouldn’t let her get caught by the Ardientes because they would surely kill her.
Diego disguised himself and went to the place they were keeping Jepoy. Jepoy cut of his hair since he had been told to prepare himself for his meeting with the grim reaper (his death). Since he was not bound, he attacked Diego who tried to tell him that he was there to get him. Diego wanted to pull of his mask to show Jepoy who he was but Jepoy whispered at him not to do it because there were cameras around. The other men heard them and came to attack them but Diego and Jepoy fought them off. Diego got shot but he was FINALLY able to get Jepoy out of there.
Ivy was relieved when Jepoy arrived and he could not help but hang on to her. Diego followed soon after and Ivy completely abandoned Jepoy to take care of Diego’s gun shot wound and Jepoy was keen to notice it.
After everyone’s wounds were treated, Ivy told Jepoy to go hide at one of her properties but Jepoy refused to do it. He agreed to leave but said that he would not stay at any of Ivy’s properties because her plan would be ruined once the Ardientes found out. Jepoy left a letter telling Ivy to be careful and that he trusted Diego to look after her.
After Jepoy was gone, Diego asked Ivy if he could sleep at her house because he wanted to make sure that she was fine and Ivy agreed. Ivy went to bring Diego some blankets for his room but found him getting ready for bed. He was shirtless (its been a while since we had some shirtless scenes with Diego so I’m glad they indulged us…) and Ivy stood by the door to watch him for a few seconds. As they were talking, Diego said he loved her and would wait for her since Ivy told him that it was not the right time for them. Diego went to kiss her BUT IVY’S PHONE RANG AND IT WAS ARNALDO!!!! (I had to use Caps to express my frustrations here).
The Ardientes had found out that Madrigal escaped and Julio was furious at his men. Arnaldo called Ivy to tell her about it and she went to see them at their house. She acted surprised like the rest of them but then told them to let the issue with Madrigal go since they had to work on the coming election. Julio asked if Ivy would support Arnaldo and Ivy grabbed at his arm saying that she would support him 100%.
Emilia’s investigator arrived with photos showing Ivy and Madrial together and she was sure to have caught Ivy at a lie.
The following day, Ivy joined the Ardientes for an outing at the pool and Emilia asked her why she had been clinging to Arnaldo ever since Julio started to suspect her. She wanted to know if Ivy was dating Arnaldo but Ivy told her that she would send her a text once she made things official with the Arnaldo.

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