Gayatri and Ra were in kitchen. Dadi hears Gayatri saying that she is happy to have a daughter in law like her, as she will keep KT happy.

Rachna thinks is her mother right about her or has she changes. Bittu shouts his brother came home, and asks what KT brought for him? KT gives him all the bags saying this all is for Bittu. Bittu cheers and asks to open them, Rachna comes and asks him to sit on sofa with her looking at all the dresses KT had brought for him. They open a bag, and Bittu laughs that he doesn’t wear a saree. Rachna sees tears in KT’s eyes, and takes the saree to Gayatri. She denies it, but Rachna requests her to take it. Gayatri recalls what she had said to her sister, and leaves. Mausi comes to Dadi and says thank you to Dadi for doing whatever they have been for Bittu. Dadi leaves.
Gunjan thinks that she had to help Seema and comes to ask her what is left. Seema says that this should be done by the daughter in law of the family but since you are busy so.. Gunjan says that she will do all the work of Pooja. Akaash says that he will help her with the presentation. Gunjan takes care of all the Pooja work.
Bittu takes a lot of sweets from Rachna’s platter. Rachna says that Dadi will make you eat them; Dadi puts them into his mouth. Dadi says that now Rachna will do the Arti.

Gunjan and Rachna do Arti at the respective house. They distribute the Prasad among the family. Rachna takes a leave, but Dadi takes her promise that she will keep on coming. Bittu also says that he likes Rachna visiting the house. Gayatri tells Rachna to take sweets along. Bittu says that this way the old uncle won’t push us out of his house. He also announces that he parents have said that they can get married only when he and his mother will leave.

Akaash has fever, when Rachna comes home. Shayl takes her into the room and asks what happened there. Rachna says that KT’s brother is really pitiful. Shayl says that she wish Gayatri must have given another thought. Rachna says that she might have taken her wrong. Shayl asks who did you meet there? Rachna says she is only thinking about KT and his Dadi. Shayl asks we have decided that we won’t marry you both until Gayatri is in that house, did you tell KT about it? Gunjan comes to call Shayl. They come downstairs. Gayatri was there with her luggage packed. She tells Shayl she is going from this house. Dayal asks why haven’t you left? KT stops them, Gayatri and her sister look into each other’s eyes. KT says he will decide where his family will live. Dadi also comes there. Shayl says that he has passed all the tests in his life, but she doesn’t consider him able, how can he be his son in law. He says that he know how to take care of his family, and if they don’t consider him able to do this Rachna and my relation has no meaning.

Shayl asks what he is saying. KT says that he knows that his younger brother and his mother is also his responsibility. Shayl says that we supported you because of you. She reminds him saying that he said they will leave when Bittu will be alright. KT tries to explain, but Dayal stops him and asks have you decided that your mother will live with you at your house? KT says yes. Dayal asks is this the final decision? KT says yes. Dayal says that you must hear my decision too that we are breaking this engagement. Everyone is shocked, while Gayatri and her sister exchange victorious looks. KT asks can he ask why they are leaving him. Dayal says that he doesn’t want his daughter to live in that house with that lady. KT asks that should he leave them on roads, just look at where he was brought up. KT says that he must be given a few days, he will solve this all. Rachna also tries to interfere, Dayal stops her and tells KT that he is giving him a time of fifteen days; he must get to a solution or they will break the proposal.

Bittu comes back home happily and says that he will now eat anything he wants, as there is nothing less at his brother’s house. Gayatri scolds Bitty that she didn’t teach him to spread hands in front of anyone. Mausi interferes that she shouldn’t scold Bittu. Dadi shouts that she is alive to take decisions yet; and no one is leaving the house.

Rachna says to Shayl that this has been unfair with her, as all the decisions of her life are being taken without asking her. Shayl argues that they are for her own good but she says that for this KT has to choose between his mother.

Dadi spreads the red powder, drawing a line with it. She forbids Gayatri to pass in again, as she has done it once before. She says to KT that now the happiness like Rachna has come to his life, she doesn’t want to lose her. She gives KT fifteen days to arrange for them, till then Bittu, Gayatri and Mausi can live at the other side of the house. She tells Bittu to go and sleep.

Gunjan gives medicines to Akhaash. HE asks if everything alright with Rachna? Gunjan says that today there relation is on a different turn. Akhaash says that the relations have to be managed, you must be with Rachna right now. Mayank hears this. Akaash further says that this project doesn’t come in the way of your relations and responsibilities. Mayank thinks that he is leaving for conference but she must first look Rachna.

Dadi says to KT that the next time he talks to Dayal about his mother, he should think about Rachna and understand that he won’t forgive what his mother had done.

Mausi was angry with Dadi, but Gaytri says that we aren’t going to leave from here. She asks him to think how to cross the Luxman line, and recalls Mausi that Ravan didn’t cross the line himself but made Seeta do this.

Mayank was in his room and waits for Gunjan. He says he thinks Gunjan must be with Rachna, he must tell her about tomorrow’s conference.

Gunjan consoles Rachna and tells her not to forgive KT easily, but stop crying. She says he won’t come. Gunjan says that she is really worried about her father, and its very hectic. Rachna says that she can manage both. Gunjan asks why not KT? He can also keep his families together. Rachna says that she also wants the same. Gunjan tells her to support him when he comes next.

Gunjan comes to room, and finds Mayank asleep with the book. She caresses his forehead and thinks that she will now spend time with Mayank tomorrow.

Rachna comes to Seema and Gunjan in kitchen. Seema asks what she wants, she says that she doesn’t want to eat anything. Seema says that her dad is a bit angry minded, but he thinks about her betterment. She asks Seema if she can help her with the Gajar ke Halwa. Seema invites her happily and comes to sit with her dad who tells him it’s Rachna who sent her to rest for a while. Gunjan says that she is my sweet sister.

Mayank gets the ticket, and tells his colleague that he will buy the dress with his wife. Gunjan gets fake calls. Mayank calls her, but her dad tells her to concentrate so she put it on silent. Mayank is frustrated why Gunjan isn’t picking up the call, he must text her. He waits for her at the shop, tries her number thinking she must have reached here.

The shopkeeper says that he must be waiting for someone special, who can help him in shopping. He says that he must buy his dresses himself. Gunjan thinks about calling Mayank, but Shayl comes to take her along. Mayank buys his dress.

Rachna tells the workers to alter a dress. They say that this is KT’s designs, she agrees they must ask KT. KT says from behind that there is no need. Rachna asks that does it apply on life as well, KT says that when you like someone it’s for lifetime. He says that he is looking for a home for them. He apologizes KT and says that she must also take care no one comes in between their relation. They both look into each other.

Gunjan prepares for dinner happily about what she cooked. She says that only one thing is missing, her husband. Mayank comes home, Gunjan says she has been waiting for him as she cooked his favorite dishes. Mayank says to Seema that he already had the dinner, tomorrow he is leaving for Delhi and goes inside.


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