Reach For the Stars 30 June 2020: On Reach For the Stars tuesday 30 June 2020, sanjay says this is your ticket for tonight. I think you should go abck to your home now.

he leaves. Aryan, sushela, aman and kavita leave as well. Suhana comes to Aryan. Kamla says don’t worry Aryan. Look God is home. He will take all your problems. Go and rest you were standing outside whole night. Suhana tries to console him. she says everything will be fine calm down Aryan. Kamla goes to temple and says God make suhana and Aryan one.

Aryan is standing on roof top with suahan. he asks will you be with me suhana ? Suhana says on every note. I will never leave you alone. Aryan smiles. Aryan takes out bangles and says mom gave them to me. SHe wanted to you wear these. They are our family bangles. I won’t leave without you. He says now this guy will take his bride from here. He hugs her.

Kamla goes to sanjay. kamla says I know you are worried for suhana but I wanna say something. Sanjay says kamla jee what you wanna talk about ? kamla is quite. Sanjay says about Aryan? I am suhana’s dad. I will never decide anything for her that will upset her. Aryan is an irresponsible person. he should stay away from suhana. You are here to take care of suhana please do that don’t try to be her mom. Kamla says I never tried to be her mom. Being a massi maa I just want to tell her dad th truth. Truth is that suhana loves Aryan can’t live without him. Aryan has changed and suhana knows he loves her. Aryan did all that because he thought suhana is not happy with Aryan. he didn’t want suhana to be blamed that’s why he did all that. So you can throw him out. But I know the truth. I have seen it. Suhana and arayn are happy together. Kamla says I have seen that they are always happy together. Don’t apart them. They can’t live without each other.

Scene 2
sanjay and everyone come to the roof top and see suhan and Aryan on the edge.
Aryan says if you say yes only the we will come down. Kamla says listen to them sir please. Aryan says uncle you don’t have time say yes. Sanjay says please stop. I am ready come down please. I will get you both married. Please come down. Aryan says yeah we are coming. When they are coming back suhana slips but Aryan grasps her hand. Everyone is worried. Aryan says nothing will happen to you suhana. He pulls her up and hugs her. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Aryan says I couldn’t live without you. SAnjay hugs her and says are you okay ? suhana says I am fine. Sanjay says Kamla you were right. I should have listened to you. I will announce your weeding at pooja tomorrow. Sanjay says arayn nothing like previous party. Aryan says papa I don’t repeat mistakes. Sanjay hugs him. Sanjay says kamla ji I apologize I anything hurt you. I am dad but I couldn’t see my daughter’s heart and Aryan but you got them easily. Aryan says uncle if you agree can I make her wear these bangles? Sanjay nods. Aryan makes suhan wear the bangles. Everyone claps.

Scene 3
Dheraj is in his room and is angry. Aman says everything will be fine. Dheraj says that suhana should have fell and died. One problem ends and other starts. We have to be careful now. if suhana’a reality exposes we will be on road. Dheraj says think about a solution.

Scene 4
Suahan is in her room and says what should I wear fro pooja. Massi maa isn’t here. Door knocks she goes out but no one is there. suahan says methi no games okay I know its you. She goes back to her room Aryan scares her. suhana sys that was you. Aryan says yes that was me. Suhana says go out of my room. He says you are kicking me out of your room. how will you do the same after marriage? Suhana is shy. Aryan out. Suhan says in heart whenever I try to go away from him I feel like I am losing something precious.

Scene 5
kamla sees the silver car in the parking. she asks the watchman whom does this one belong to ? he says its office’s car and aman, sanjay and dheraj dive it.

kamla says I was so scared today, I though something happened to suhana. Vitthal says why are you saying that. Vitthal says till you are with her nothing will happen to her. After marrying to Aryan she will have no harm. I wonder who is after a nice girl like suhana. kamla says you are right we have to find the truth I don’t know what to do. Vitthal says I have an idea lets go and meet Mehta family. I will take his address from the watchman of hospital. Kamla says yeah that’s better.

Scene 2
Next morning door bell rings. Kamla and vitthal go to mehta’s house. Vitthal says i am vitthal and she is my wife. We wanted to meet you for condolence after his death. She invites them in. kamla says my name is kamla and i used to work and dewan house. You husband was treating suhana. Vitthal says we know this is not the time to talk about that. we wanna know. Your face shows you know everything. she says please leaves i am not able to talk. kamla says please this about someone’s life. Vitthal says before deciding anything listen to us. kamla says what if i say the same person who wanna kill suhana is the same who killed mehta. He died in front of me. He was killed when he wanted to tell me truth, Please tell me waht you know. Don’t you want your husband’s murderers to be behind bars. she says i will help you and tell you as much as I know about him. She says I have seen him talking to my husband. He asked Mehta to give that medicine to suhana so she never gets her memory back. Kamla says there is ganpati pooja in dewan house you should come and recognize him there. she says yes I will come. Kamla thanks her.

Scene 3
Suhana sees a card and some gifts on her bed. she opens it. Its a saari. She says where are you Aryan come out. I know you are hiding somewhere. he comes in from the window. suhana says I knew this was you. He says do you life this ? suhana smiles and nods. She takes the dress and says give me two minutes. Aryan waits for her to come back. She comes backs wearing the sari. Aryan stares at her. Suhana asks how do I look ? He says you look so beautiful. I thought you didn’t know how to wear a sari. I don’t wanna go away from you. suhana says don’t roam around your wife to be. he says I will be standing here and watching you. suhana says leave please I have to get ready.

The pooja starts and suhana initiates it. Everyone sings the religious song. Sanjay says to suhana how do you know Marathi ? I didn’t even know that you know arti. Dheraj says maybe she learnt from her friends. The college in which she used to study had so many Marathi student.

The havan starts. suhana starts coughing dues to smoke. Aryan brings her water. everyone is quite. Sanjay announces thank you everyone for taking time and coming for pooja. There is another good news I wanna share with you all. we have planned Aryan and suhana’s wedding next week. Everyone claps. kamla starts serving everyone. Mehta’s wife come there.
kamla says thank you for coming. come in. kamla says can you recognize that man here ? Dheraj’s face is opposite to her so she can’t see it. She looks everywhere and suddenly the lights go off. When the lights turn on again Mrs. Mehta isn’t there. Kamla wonders where is she gone. she says let me call vitthal. Kamla calls vitthal and tells her tai came she was trying to recognize but she vanished after the lights turned on.

Scene 4
The woman saves her child from accident. Dheraj calls her and says I knew kamla will approach you so I sent my men to your son. So its better for you to listen to what I say. he says after the call kamla do what you can but I will be one step ahead of you.

Aryan sees kamla going somewhere. kamla says take care of suhana I will be back soon. Aryan says don’t worry I will be with her.
Kamla goes with vitthal to Mehta’s house. kamla goes in and rings the door bell. A woman comes out. Kamla says I wanted to meet mrs. Mehta. THe neighbor tells her that she has left with her son. Kamla asks do you have her number ? She says no.

kamla tells vitthal that mrs Mehta has left with her soon. I think the enmy knows we approached her. Vitthal says she came in pooja and left and why she left her home ? Kamla says there must be some involvement of that man in this.


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