Tuesday Update On Mehek 8 October 2019 Zee World

Tuesday Update On Mehek 8 October 2019 Zee World

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Shaurya shoves her burning dupatta away. A woman says this happens with these kind of people. Shaurya says don’t say a word about my daughter. You should not be called a woman if your toughts are that way. Don’t say a word about my sister get out now. Woman says we wont accept her no matter what you say. Kanta says to Karuna these people don’t understand anything. For God we are all equal. They leave too. Kanta says to Mehek while leaving don’t worry so much. Mehek says I thought everyone would be happy but see what happened.
Kanta says come with me. Kanta says you have to keep your eyes opne. Karuna says to Anjali your hand is burned. Let me bring medicine.
Kanta says you know people talk anyway. Karuna dresses her burn. Anjali sys how did they know about me? No one knew about me other than Mehek’s family. Karuna says you are right.
Kanta says to Mehek do something that gives Anjali her right in the society. Mehek says you are right.
At night, Mehek is asleep. Shaurya says why are you not sleeping? What happened? Mehek says I am worried. Shaurya says I know. sHe says I don’t know what to do that will make anjali strong on her feet. I have an idea.
Anjali calls sooraj and gives her vulgar selfies. Sooraj says I really miss you. She I have a plan that needs to be executed.

Mehek says to Shauyra lets go and you will talk. I wont. Anjali comes. Shaurya says sit here. Karuna comes as well. Shaurya gives arti. Anjali says I have something for you. I wanna make you wear these rakhis. Shaurya says you have completed this house. Anjali makes him wear the rakhis. She says always be on my side. Mehek says gives her a gift and says this is from your brother. We will always be by your side. Karuna syas of course. Karuna hugs Shaurya and Anjali but not Mehek. Shaurya says to Karuna I and Mehek have decided this. KAruna says anjali is lucky to have a brother like you. This is the best decision. Shaurya says this was Mehek’s idea. She wanted me to talk about it. Karuna says talk to Mr. Khurana. I will tell Anjali.
Shaurya says to Mehek Khurana has agreed. Shaurya says Anjali you will get love and respect you deserve. Khurana’s son lives in UK. i am sure you will like him. she says what.. Karuna says yes he is such a good boy. Shaurya says you should settle in your life. We will celebrate a lot and we will always be there for you.
Karuna says you will look so pretty as bride.

Shaurya says to Vicky that measure the distance i should maintan from Mehek. Vicky measures distance between Mehek standing near food truck and shaurya standing in restaurant, Shaurya says there should 51feet distance, one feet extra for Kanta. vicky says its 51feet total. Shaurya takes mic and says hi Sharma family, Kanta chachi see i am listening to you, Kanta tries to answer him but Mehek says he wants reaction from you, dont do it. Shaurya says to customers that i will tell you people behind this amazing food truck, he says that is Jeevan who handles finance, say hi, all say hi. Shaurya says to one customer that please aloo dish that Mehek cooks,its so tasty that i over ate it and got ill, customer orders it. Shaurya sees Mehek wincing in pain, Shaurya says Mehek please sit down and have water, you are not totally fine. Shaurya says to customers that see that is Kanta, she is always angry and ready to explode, becaus of her restraining order, i have to say all this live on mic. Mehek is in pain and asks Nehal to bring water, Nehal goes to bring it. Mehek goes in kitchen of food truck, she tries to lift cylinder, Shaaurya says take care of yourself Mehek, Jeevan look after your daughter, Mehek rolls his eyes. Shaurya thinks that i will see till when they can keep me away from her.
In evening, Shaurya asks Mehek if she took medicine? Kanta says what is this drama? Jeevan says this is happening because of your restraining order, he is saying everything on mic now. Customer says this is like hindi movie. Mohit says to Sonal we have sold a lot because of this drama. Mehek tries to message Shaurya to stop it but Kanta takes her phone and consticate it. Shaurya says on mic that Sharma family if you keep me away from my Mehek then you willget live Shaurya streaming for free. Kanta says to Mehek that come with me, you wont come to food truck from tomorrow, she drags Mehek, Mehek sadly looks at Shaurya and leaves. Jeevan says to Shaurya that are you good now? Mehek’s only dream was to work on this truck and you took that away too, what kind of love you have? he leaves, Shaurya looks on.

Kanta brings Mehek to home. Kanta says to PD that Shaurya has gone mad, he kept saying everything on mic whole day, PD says what has happened to him? Shaurya comes out of Mehek’s house and shouts Mehek come out. Ravi says i wont spare him today. Sharma family comes out and asks Shaurya to leave. Ravi calls police. Shaurya says i just want to talk to Mehek, Mehek says what are you doing? i am begging you to leave,dont do this, Kanta says why you are begging him? let police come, i will get him arrested today. Shaurya says i dont care, not even God can stop me from meeting my Mehek,you all can try too. Shaurya comes close to Mehek, Mehek says dont come near, police is going to arrest you. Police comes there, Kanta says he has broken restraining order, he has come near Mehek, arrest him. Mehek asks Shaurya to move back please. Policeman measures distance between Mehek and Shaurya and its more than 50feet because Mehek has stealthily moved away from him to save him. shaurya sees it and says Mehek you dont have to say anything, your footsteps have said your message, i havent told you what i wanted but i am going to say it soon, he leaves. Sharma family is in house, PD says to Kanta that you will keep Mehek locked in house because of that Shaurya Khanna? Kanta says he will try everything to come near Mehek but i wont allow it, Pd says you are not stopping Shaurya but giving pain to Mehek. Kanta says then what should i do? let Shaurya do what he wants? Mehek comes there and says you are doing right Kanta chachi, what if i am not at food truck, i know you are doing all this for my safety, Kanta hugs her and says i trust you that you wont come in Shaurya’s trap. Sharma family comes to food truck next day. Shaurya comes there and asks how they are? Jeevan says why you show your face in morning? go and look after your restaurant. Shaurya says to Kanta that i wont break restraining order, but i will do three things. First i will tell Mehek today only what i want to say,what is in my heart, second she will come tomorrow to work at food truck because its her dream and third She is going to come to me herself and will held my hand infront of you, i am not going to break this restraining limit but i promise you that this try of yours to separate me and Mehek is not going to work, you wont be able to separate us, this is Shaurya’s promise. Nehal looks at him proudly, Shaurya glares at Kanta and leaves. Nehal sings wada raha sanam hongy na juda hum.Kanta glares at her. Kanta calls Balwant andasks if Mehek is fine? i will call you in every hour, dont sleep. Balwant says dont worry, i wont sleep, Kanta ends call and looks on.

PD is watching Mughal-e-Azam movie on TV, Mehek is sitting there. PD sits beside Mahe and smirks. PD goes and does her make over, she has done makeup and wearing saree. Mehek says Kanta chachi wont spare us, PD says you cant stay home because of Shaurya’s fear, lets go and watch movie in theater, i want to see my favorite hero before i die, Mehek says what about Balwant? PD says Balwant is sleeping, Mehek says what if Shaurya comes there? PD says wait. Pd calls Jeevan and asks if he can see Shaurya in restaurant? Jeevan sees Shaurya near food truck and says yes he is here, PD says okay. She ends call and says to Mehek that Shaurya is at restaurant, are you coming or should i go alone? Mehek says no, no i am coming with you, Mehek and PD leaves to go to cinema.
Mehek and Kanta leaves their society, Vicky is there disguised as veggie seller, he sees Mehek and PD leaving, he calls Shaurya and says consignment,i mean Mehek has left, shaurya smirks.

Mehek and PD comes inside cinema and sees no one else in whole theater, Mehek says why its empty? PD says its good,i can concentrate on my hero. Mehek says it was written outside that all tickets were sold out but there is no one here, who bought those tickets? Shaurya says from somewhere that I bought them all. Mehek looks around to find him.


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