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Anurag, Prerna and others running from Kirti’s parents. Kirti’s dad falls down. He asks the men to catch them. Anurag asks Prerna to be careful, if he isn’t there to support then. He also stumbles. She tells the same to him. Mohini says Anurag isn’t answering call. Nivedita says he would be in class, don’t worry. Anurag, Prerna and others get stuck because of road blockage. Anurag gets Mohini’s call. He calls back. Prerna says its urgent, we have to leave. Mohini says just come back home, that girl is a problem for you. Anurag says there is a rally going on here, I can’t hear you. Mohini asks Nivedita to call Moloy. Navin smiles and says I got saved. Anurag says we should join the rally and leave, Kirti’s parents won’t see us, follow me. They join the rally. The men think they are from other party.
The men beat Anurag’s friends. Anurag sees this and gets shocked. He runs to save them. The man pushes him. Inspector comes there. Anurag saves his friends from party men. Prerna holds the stick and saves Anurag from getting hit. Her dupatta flies over his face. They have an eyelock. Minister comes there and asks what’s happening. They tell everything about lovers. Prerna says we are helping them elope and marry, please help us, their parents won’t allow them to marry. Minister says don’t worry. He asks the men to make way for them, and stop others from following them. He asks them to go. The party men stop Kirti’s dad.

Anupam watches cricket match and gets glad. Popcorn falls on Nivedita. They argue. Moloy comes home and asks Anupam about the house renovation. He jokes on Mohini and laughs. Mohini says its not funny. Nivedita says there is a big issue. Anurag thanks Prerna for saving her. She says you saved my life in pandal, I involved you in this. He says no need to say this. She says no sorry and thanks in friendship. He says one has to stand for a friend, what we do defines us, you are taking a big risk, I don’t know if Navin knows this, he will think you don’t care for family. She says I can do anything for true love. He says this marriage isn’t for love. She says you always do this. He says I don’t believe in melodrama. She says this is complicated, come. He thinks will I just see like this at the marriage time. He thinks of Navin. Moloy asks what happened. Mohini complains about Prerna. She says Prerna took Anurag, there will be police complaint against him. Moloy says I should be thankful that you didn’t blame Prerna before, Anurag isn’t a small kid. He jokes and goes.

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Anupam says I supported family, now dad has come, his shift will start, I will go and support Navin now. Rohan hugs Anurag. Kirti hugs Prerna. Rohan thanks them for giving him all the happiness. Anurag says congrats. Prerna jokes on Anurag’s hug with Rohan. Anurag says you know I m straight. She says you have emotions, why do you act as stone. He says I m happy for you, Rohan got what he wanted. She says you have a place in heart for love. He says you and your philosophies, you should write for serials. Rohan says drop us at hotel. Anurag asks why. Kirti says mum and dad are angry still. Anurag takes them to the hotel.

Anurag gives some money to Rohan and says you will need this. Rohan and Kirti go. Kirti’s brothers see her and inform their dad. Anurag gives Prerna’s dupatta to her and shuts the car’s door. Komolika looks on and says there is no one whom I find and chase. Anurag drives off. Kirti’s brothers enter the hotel. Prerna says the day was adventurous. Komolika says I got bored now, guys chase me everywhere. Anurag says you can get crazy award. Prerna jokes. Kirti and Rohan run and knock a room door. Rohan asks them to help. They enter the room. Rohan says people are after us, help me. Kirti says we just eloped and married, please help. They request Komolika and thank her. Anurag says you made me run a lot today, I m tired, I want a break. Prerna says your life is just college, office, and home. He says it was filmi, do you think they will stay happy.

She says yes, love will keep them together. He says there is love in your dreams, then you are marrying Navin, I don’t know much about love. She says I don’t think you will understand my love, its different. She thinks my love is for my family. He says you mean my dad is liar, my dad says I m sensible, try it. They leave. Navin calls Prerna. She answers. He says I was worried, just pick my call, I m your would be hubby, don’t feel bad, I love you and care for you. She says my friend was in problem, its sorted now. He asks what did you wear, tell me, I will imagine. She says we will talk later. He asks did you miss me, just say it. She says there are many people here. Anurag sees her. Navin says so what, you are talking to your would be husband, say it. She says miss you…. Navin smiles.

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Anurag taunting Prerna over missing Navin. She thinks I have no answers, its better I stay quiet. She says we shall talk something else. He says yes, what did you like in Navin, sorry, don’t tell me, we are reaching home. Kirti’s brothers catch them. Rohan asks Komolika to stop this. The girl asks why did you do this, they love each other. Komolika says love is a dangerous disease, I don’t care for their love. The girl says you should have not given her to those goons. Komolika says there will be a fun drama, when the girl knows value of money, she will thank me, I don’t like simple life. The girl says we should be afraid of you. Komolika says I will see news and enjoy. Anupam gets beer for Navin.

Navin shows the wine and gives him. Anupam says I feel I have grown up and got old also. Navin asks him to leave. Anupam says I came to give you something, I know you are stressed out by planning games, if their hands touch your body, your tiredness will go away. Navin asks where is the magic. Anupam calls someone and says come to guest room, Moloy shouldn’t know. Navin asks did you call them home. Anupam says its fun, chill. He calls the men in. Navin gets shocked and scolds Anupam. Mohini asks Moloy to call Rajesh and ask about Prerna. Moloy calls and asks for Prerna. Veena says Rajesh and Prerna aren’t at home, is everything fine. Moloy says ask her to call me, its bit urgent. Mohini says tell her what happened. She tells everything. Mohini says Prerna dragged Anurag in this, why is she doing this, I will not tolerate this. Moloy disconnects the call and says Anurag went by his wish. She says he can’t do anything wrong.
Prerna thanks Anurag for dropping her home. She gets down the car and goes. He sees her phone left and calls her. He gives her phone and says careless. She says sorry, thanks once again. Veena calls her again. Prerna asks Anurag to come home and meet. Police comes there. Inspector arrests them. Mohini says nothing is imp than my son’s safety. Moloy says nothing will happen to him. She says I won’t spare Prerna if anything happens to Anurag. Prerna and Anurag ask what did we do. Inspector says there is kidnapping charges. They try to defend. Prerna shouts Maa… Veena turns to see. She says Shekhar, did you hear Prerna’s voice. He says no. Prerna and Anurag are taken in the jeep. Anurag holds her hand. She says sorry. Veena looks outside and doesn’t see. She stays tensed. She scolds everyone. Shekhar calms her. Rajesh comes home and asks what, where is Prerna. Veena says she isn’t answering. Rajesh says inform me when Prerna comes home. Reporter covers the news of Anurag and Prerna’s arrest. Their friends are also in lockup. Kirti’s family scolds them. Prerna says Kirti is with one whom she loves. Kirti’s dad scolds her. Anurag says there is amisunderstanding. Kirti’s dad says she is not an adult. Prerna asks what, she is my batch mate. He shows the documents and says she is underaged, I will not leave you. Anurag scolds him and defends Prerna. He says do anything you want, we all know your daughter isn’t young, an adult can decide for life, I will support her decision, every person has a life to decide, its her decision if she chose love. Kirti’s dad says you supported her I won’t leave you. Anurag says I want to make a phone law, I have a right for it. They are allowed to make phone calls. Anurag asks her to call. Prerna calls home. Veena asks where are you. Prerna says we are in police station. Veena asks what are you doing there. Prerna says we were helping Kirti, police arrested us, Anurag and other friends are also here. Veena scolds her. She says Shekhar and I are coming, don’t worry. They leave. Suman says Prerna will defame us. Anurag asks is she coming.

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Prerna nods. The men give massage to Navin and Anupam. The men joke on Navin’s old age. Anupam says he settled twice and unsettled., this is third time, I respect him a lot. Navin says thanks, I also respect myself a lot. Anupam gets a call. Rajesh comes to meet Moloy. Mohini asks why is Prerna not answering my calls. Anupam says there is a call for you. Mohini says call her and ask where is Anurag. Anupam says answer this call. Mohini says I m busy Anupam, handle it yourself. Anupam says its Anurag’s call, he is in jail, how can I become his mummy. Moloy takes the phone. Anurag informs him. Moloy says we are coming, we will get you out. Mohini scolds Rajesh. Moloy says keep ego aside, lets go. Anurag and Prerna are sent in lockup. They have a talk. Prerna thinks its good that two lovers united. Anurag smiles and says if person smiles by thinking, then she is thinking about special person. She says yes. He says then Navin would be getting hiccups. She says yes, I m joking, I m happy for Rohan and Kirti, few people get true love. He asks do you love him.

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