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Mohini taking Anurag with her. Navin says I have decided a dance performance for us. Moloy and Anupam laugh joking on Navin’s dance. Navin says I know Moloy is upset with me, but Anupam you are younger to me, better dance or think twice before laughing. Anupam answers him well. Prerna says no one is dancing here, I don’t want to dance. Mohini says I really liked this girl today. He says 51st girl, Chandrika was 50th one, Tapur notes down the girls, you think you will find a girl till count 60, you think I m perfect, Tapur thinks you just love me, not them. She says I love them too, but I love you the most. He says I m lucky to get your love, but Navin and Prerna… She says please, not this topic. He says Navin has no life and future. She says he is my brother,


I don’t want to explain. She goes.
She asks Anurag to stay here. She goes. He thinks no one will believe me till I get proof, Navin shouldn’t know this, this time I can’t take a chance. She asks him to supervise a projector, she has arranged a surprise, she wants to put Navin and Prerna’s pics on projector. He smiles and hugs her. He thanks her. He says brilliant idea. She asks why are you so excited. She says I will tell you later, I will be back. He goes. He asks the man how does this projector work. The man explains the simple process. Anurag says nice, won’t hard copy be needed. The man says no, I just have to scan pics. Anurag thinks this man will take mum’s permission if I give him pics. He asks him to check lighting once. The man goes.

Anurag adds Navin and his lover’s pic. Gauri threatens to jump down. The people stop him. Komolika comes there. She says maybe I can help him. Gaurav smiles seeing her. He says I knew you love me, you will come. He holds her hand. She asks why are you giving your life. He says you said you will leave me, I can’t live without you. She says you can’t die like this, jump down if you want, why are you scaring anyone, love has importance for me, you came to me easily. He says many girls were after me. She says yes, so I told you I love you, but you became a puppy, if I have nothing to win, what shall I do, give me one reason. He says you cheated on me, I will tell everyone. She asks whom will you say. She names the guy. She says I did the same with them, I dump the guys who come easily in my life, I m minister’s daughter, I will tell people that you harassed me. She threatens him. He says I won’t commit suicide. She pushes him. She says look at your face, you were just acting, you were doing this to get me, love and sacrifice are big words, this needs courage, you can’t jump. Police comes. Komolika asks inspector to stop him. She starts her drama. Gaurav says I did a mistake, she opened my eyes today, she taught me a lesson of lifetime. He goes.

Shivani picks the pic and asks who’s this lady. Anurag says I will tell later. The man says I have arranged projection, pics will be seen clearly. Anurag says slow the focus after 4-5 pics. He takes Shivani. She asks what’s all this. He tells her everything. He says till pics get projected, don’t tell anyone, its high time, Navin’s truth should come out. Navin says Chobey left. Moloy says he is a nice man, how did you get him. Navin says I m also a nice man. Moloy says what a joke and laughs.

Navin says its fine, you won’t agree. He calls DJ and asks him to announce fast. DJ announces Navin and Prerna’s dance performance. Everyone claps. A song plays. Navin asks Prerna to come, who is she finding, she has to dance, everyone is watching. He takes her for dance. They dance. Kaho na kaho….plays…. Anurag and Shivani come. Veena asks till when will this go on, we can’t tolerate this. Rajesh asks her to calm down. Moloy asks Mohini does she know, Navin also dances on Saajan ji ghar aaye. Mohini says don’t irritate me Moloy. Tapur says Prerna shouldn’t do this marriage, look at their big age difference, I feel Prerna and Anurag are perfect match for each other. Nivedita says just shut up, don’t you dare say this again. Tapur asks what happened to you. Navin asks Prerna to smile. Prerna says you know I don’t like this. He asks her to dance, he is feeling good. She asks him not to touch her, she feels like someone is touching her with a bad intention. He holds her close and asks how do you think of my intentions now. She stamps his feet. Navin shouts Prerna, what did you do. He falls back. Mohini rushes. Anurag looks on.

Anurag thinks Prerna did this intentionally, she did right. Navin scolds Prerna. Veena says maybe she did this by mistake. Mohini says she could have moved her foot away. Moloy jokes on Navin. Mohini says please Moloy. Navin asks Prerna did you do this intentionally. Rajesh says no, Prerna knows respecting old people. Mohini says Navin is not old. Suman says he danced well. Moloy laughs and says Navin is old, but young at heart, he will manage. Anupam helps Navin. Navin says no, I can manage, I will freshen up and come. He asks them to enjoy engagement party. He says I need to talk Anupam, come with me, this happens. He asks Prerna to be careful next time. Mohini says the party is own, please enjoy. Prerna is on call. Anurag comes. She asks what happened, where did you go. He smiles. He says I told you that you think about me when I m not around. He says relax, just pulling your leg, even if I m not around, I will always support you. She asks what does this mean now. He says you will know its meaning in some time. She thinks his words are like riddles. He thinks this puzzle would be solved now, everything will be fine.

lady knowing about Anurag coming home. She scolds the maid. She thinks who has come, who came with Navin’s message. She thinks of Anurag. She thinks Anurag Basu….. She gets the album and sees pics gone. She says he got the proof, now he will expose Navin and ruin everything. Anupam asks why did you do this. Navin says find out, who made the heels, maybe some girl made heels, girls use this for safety, its their secret weapon.

Anupam says maybe Prerna did this intentionally, girls are strange, they don’t say what they want, maybe she wants to care for you and hit you. Navin says yes, you are right, maybe she wants to spend time with me, you go fast, she will come here. Anupam goes to get info. Navin says Prerna, if you had to spend time with me, you could have told me, why did you hit me with heels. DJ says we all are going to have fun, its time for another romantic number.
Anjali asks Anurag for dance. He says sure. Prerna looks on. Anjali’s slipper breaks. She says how will I dance with you now. Anurag says so sorry for hearing this. She goes to fix it. Prerna says you can dance with me if you want, everyone has found their partners, I can be your dance partner. He says no thanks. She asks why this reaction. He says I have seen what you did with Navin, it wasn’t unintentional, I m okay. She says you will be safe, that was for such people who cross limits, I m sure I won’t get odd feeling with you. Mohini says Anurag can never dance. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand. They come for dance. Moloy smiles seeing them. Anurag and Prerna happily dance. Anupam thinks its good Navin isn’t here. Rajesh goes to Moloy. Moloy says you remember what I told you, that Prerna and Anurag’s jodi will be the best, look at them, they look so good together.

Anupam comes to Nivedita and says Prerna looks good with Anurag, not Navin. Nivedita worries. Shivani asks the man when will he show pics. The man says after dance performances. Shivani says I was excited. He says its okay. Chupaaya jise….plays…. Nivedita refuses Anupam for dance. Prerna and Anurag have an eyelock.

Mohini and Nivedita argue. She says don’t say anything about Anurag, its better Prerna is dancing with Anurag, not any stranger, Prerna’s safety is imp. She goes. Prerna says you dance well. Anurag says I do many things well. She asks where did you go. He says I went to save you, as a friend, let me tell you, I won’t let your life get ruined. She asks him to explain. He says I tried, and you didn’t understand. He says you always talk this way. Everyone claps. Anurag says you will know it when I was not here, where I was. He goes. Mohini says thanks to you all for becoming part of our celebrations, I want to show all the moments of the rasam. Navin says Prerna shouldn’t take me light, she isn’t weak, she falls weak when it comes to her family, is she arranging money to throw on my face, she wants to throw me out of her life. Mohini calls everyone. Anurag smilingly goes. He asks Navin to come.

Navin says I feel you are going to do something. Anurag says you did wrong, I m going to rectify it, people are waiting, come, your past is coming out, I mean rasam pics are shared, come for surprise. Navin joins everyone and says I m fine now. He gets seated. Anurag asks the man to open projector. They see pics. Mohini says I m happy for my brother’s marriage. Moloy says third time, claps, I felt Prerna’s uncle is with her. He laughs cracking jokes. He says sorry Mohini, I just feel like joking seeing Navin. Navin says Moloy loves me a lot, so I don’t take it serious, Prerna and I are made for each other. Anurag thinks Navin’s truth should come out. Navin and the lady’s pic is seen. Everyone gets shocked.

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