True Love update Thursday 21st November 2019 Glow Tv

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True Love update Thursday 21st November 2019 Glow Tv

Bundela House:

Tappu does Veer’s aarti and tells him to go and bring Iccha to her rightful place. Baba blesses him and tells him to bring the daughter-in-law of the house soon. All smile except Gunwanti. Iccha is shown getting ready.

Tapasya places Kalash and decorates the entrance of Bundela House. Mai sees all this, comes angrily and hits the kalash. She is about to go back but Tappu asks her the reason of her rude behaviour. Mai angrily tells her that whoever tries to come in her way, whether it is this kalash or Iccha, both will be meted out with same behaviour from her. She is about to leave when Tappu stops her and tells her to listen to her very carefully. Today is Iccha’s grahpravesh – homecoming and I don’t want any hindrances in the way. Don’t force me to do something that I will make your life a living hell for you. Veer’s Baba asks her to calm down and today the happiness of the house is returning to her home, so no more harsh words. Chanda leaves for her room and Mai too leaves from there.

Thakur House:

All are enjoying the tea together at Thakur House & Jogi teases Veer that he is restless to get his bride. He asks Damini to hurry up and bring Iccha as Veer is waiting for her. Damini calls for both Mukku and Meethi. Mukta comes down happily & looks equally excited. She asks Veer if he is ready to see the bride. Veer blushes and all smile looking at him. Meethi comes down and tells him that she is so looking forward to going to his place with Ma and that she will never leave him and bother him all the time. Veer very sweetly replies that I have been yearning for this day since years and more than you I’m looking forward to be bothered by you.

Iccha descends the stairs and Veer is all lost looking at her. All are so happy to see her decked up. Veer remembers seeing her last in her lifeless and colourless saree all sad and sombre. Sweet background music is playing. Iccha comes to veer who happily pulls out the mangalsutra from his coat pocket and makes Iccha wear it. Damini is crying happily with tears in her eyes. Meethi is moved to see their love. Iccha bends down to seek his blessing but Veer stops her and tells her that her place is in her heart and not in the feet.

Divya comes to Iccha and blesses her for the new beginning in her life. Its a ritual that a daughter has to leave her father’s house after her wedding. She removes and gives one of her bangle to her saying that she has nothing else to give her. These bangles are for her both the daughters and gives one to her. Iccha is moved to tears and hugs Divya who hugs her back happily. Nani too is happy. Veer and Iccha seeks blessing from everyone separately. All bless them to stay together happily for the rest of their lives. Mukta comes to hug her and both lovingly tell each other that they will miss each other and also to take care of themselves always. Veer puts his hand forward and asks her should we leave for home now. Iccha happily puts her hand in his.

Thakur House:

All come out to drop Veer and Iccha. Ritual of vidai is shown where Iccha is throwing back grains from a plate. All are teary eyed. Baabul song is playing in the background. Kanha opens the car door for Iccha. She stops, turns and looks at Jogi. She rushes to him saying Papa! And both share a teary hug. Jogi advices her never to look back in the past, rather move forward and should stay happy always. Iccha nods in agreement and tells to take care of himself. Both hug again. She comes to Damini and warns her not to cry too much in her absences and that she will miss her Ammo.

Iccha hugs Divya too. She comes to Mukta, kisses her forehead and share a cute moment. Iccha goes to Kanha, who was looking sadly all the while and was trying to hold back tears all the time. She says that now he has to take care of this house & its people. Its his responsibility but he shouldn’t forget to take care of himself also. Jogi cant hold back his tears anymore. Kanha makes her Maiyya sit in the car. Meethi & Veer sits down too and the car leaves for Bundela House. All are crying and looking at the moving car sadly. Damini & Mukta look at it till it disappears from the view. All go back inside.

Bundela House:

Tappu checks all the last minute arrangements. Baba comes there and is very happy to see the preparations. Car horn is heard. Baba thanks her for doing such a huge favour on their home. She politely refuses saying that she has just returned the family’s happiness. By doing this, I have freed myself from all the guilt. More than anyone else, its me who is the most happiest person to see you all happy and together. Tappu says to lets go and welcome them or they will come in just like that.

Veer & Iccha reach the main door. Tej watches from the balcony. Tappu does their aarti and is very elated to see them. Mai with her usual expressions. Baba joins them. He sees Mai coming towards them and stops her midway. Chanda is like whats happening. Baba looks up and silently God for returning their happiness. Episode ends on Iccha and Veer looking happily at each other.

Bundela House:

Tappu welcomes Iccha and Veer. Iccha enters by doing both the rituals and dips her feet in the kumkum water and enters inside. Baba and Tappu smile seeing them. Chanda is at a loss of words and expressions. Tej is standing upstairs in the balcony and watching all this. He remembers his wedding night when Tapasya had told him that she has come here to fulfil her daughter’s wish. She wants to returns someone’s happiness to them as that is what her daughter was marrying him for. Tej understands it all now, why Tapasya married him. He appreciates Tappu’s smartness and that she has defeated Mai well in her own game.

Iccha and Veer seek Baba’s blessings. He apologises that all this while, he knew everything yet he stayed mum and dint do anything to help her. Iccha stops him from doing it and reminds him that he was doing it all for this home only. She starts going to Mai but stops midway and asks Veer to join her. Veer, though not wanting to, still goes with her. As the bend down to touch Mai’s feet, she steps back. Veer asks Iccha not to worry about it.

Meethi exclaims Papa! All turn around to look at her and they are happy and astounded to see her. Tej is amused too and comes downstairs to see for himself. Meethi is very excited that Veer has so many cars and now she will go for a long drive with him. Veer is more than happy to oblige. Chanda cant believe what she is seeing. Mai also softens on seeing her granddaughter. Tej wonders about doubles and its just like movies, Seeta Geeta types.

Veer introduces Meethi to Baba. Meethi happily goes to him and calls him daadu. He is overjoyed and hugs her happily. Mai asks Iccha that she came to meet her so many times in the past, still she never told her about Meethi. Veer cuts her off midway and sarcastically says its good or you would have… iccha stops him from saying anything further. She introduces Meethi to Mai and asks her to take her blessings. Meethi folds her hands in front of her and does her Namaste. Mai is about to bless her when she turns back and goes to Veer. Veer asks Iccha to show Meethi her room. Baba warns Mai that if she tries to do anything bad to Meethi or Iccha then she will have to face the consequences. Tappu too supports him. All leave the hall except Tappu, Tej and Chanda.

Chanda comes up to Tappu and congratulates her on accomplishing what she wanted to, like always. Tappu smiles and suggests her that if she decides to join hands with her then they can do a lot more. Chanda replies that she isn’t as innocent as Amla to fall in her trap. She looks at tej and leaves from there. Tappu mocks her about her innocence. Tej comes to Tappu. He says that now that you have achieved what you wanted when are you leaving. Tappu very sweetly and bravely tells him not yet, as there is one smaller task to be done. That is to send you to jail. I will leave only after that. Tej is shocked and nervous too.

Thakur House:

Jogi teases Damini that she cries all the time whether its in happiness or difficulties. Divya says that after all she is a mother. She can be happy and sad both at the same time. Its a fact that a mother is happy to see her daughter getting married, but that she will also be sad that her beloved daughter will be leaving her home after marriage. Iccha will be feeling the same now. Damini agrees to it.

Mukta is watching all this in the background. She wonders now that Iccha Ma and Meethi have left, she has to work faster and find out the truth about Vishnu. Mukta stops Kanha and asks him about any progress in Shraddha’s case. Kanha replies that police have not found any evidence and they think the same (about the suicide angle). Mukta doesn’t believe this theory. Surabhi stops them from arguing about the matter and to think about the family once. Kanha again tells her that all her doubts are wrong. Mukta retorts that if that was the case, then why Vishnu hasn’t come with all the ID proofs and necessary documents needed for the passport. She decides to share it with barey papa. Kanha and Surabhi try to stop her but she calls out to Jogi.

Jogi asks what the matter is. Surabhi asks Kanha to stop her from saying anything that might go against her. Mukta looks around in doubt but Jogi encourages her to share her worries with him. Mukta states that she has to share something about Meethi’s marriage and that it is very important. Mukta is about to tell when the bell rings. Damini goes to open the door and finds Vishnu there. With all the documents ready in his hand!!! Mukta is surprised to see him there.

All are happy to see him there and welcome him inside. They all share greetings and Vishnu says that he has just come to give you the ID proof and related documents for passport (Ration Card, Driving License). Mukta is at a loss of words and cross checks the papers. She cant believe what she is seeing. Vishnu smiles seeing her discomfort. He also asks her indirectly if any other proof, like character certificate or anything else, is required. He will get it all. Jogi brushes it all and gives the papers to Kanha to get the passport ready.

Damini tells him to sit and that she will bring sweets for him today as its a very happy day. Vishnu agrees with her and shares that Meethi has told her everything. He says relations are changing. Old ones are rebuilding and new ones are begging to form. Yesterday, Veer Sir was my boss and today, he is my would-be father-in-law. He jokes that he should leave now or he might get a scolding from him. All smile. Damini blesses him that nothing wrong befalls him and that he shouldn’t also do something wrong come what may. Vishnu says that he hopes that he will never break her trust. Kanha looks at Mukta disapprovingly. Mukta goes to drop him off. She bids him bye but Vishnu says that you doubt me right? Mukta stops in her way, turns around to face him with a shocked expression on her face.

Vishnu gets off the bike. He tells her that I know you doubt me. You doubt that I’m not Vishnu but someone else. Mukta tries to explain that that is not so. Vishnu says that if this was not the case, then why were you following me that day and what were you trying to search at my place? Mukta is at a loss of words and doesn’t know what to say. Vishnu asks Mukta that the other day you were questioning me when you found the chequed issued in Akash Chatterjee’s name. Now what do you want to prove by asking about my passport and ID proof’s papers in front of the family members. Mukta says no jiju, its not like that. I know that you are…but Vishnu cuts her off mid sentence and says Akash Chatterjee, my name is Akash Chatterjee. Vishnu looks up at her with an evil face. Mukta is very nervous to hear all this.

He relaxes and tells her that what will she do now as there are very few days left in his marriage and how will she prove it all in such a short time that I am infact Akash Chatterjee. Mukta is shocked.

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