True Love update Monday 25th November 2019 Glow Tv

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True Love update Monday 25th November 2019 Glow Tv

Bundela House:

Damini approaches Mai. She reminds her how she had come to her house 19 years ago to handover her granddaughter Meethi to her.

Flashback where Meethi is born & Iccha gave her to Ammo so that she can be brought up at her father’s house. She was in jail. Do you remember why and for whom? But when she came back with Meethi she saw how you were telling to a very small Yuvi that you will keep him away from his mother Iccha. Another flashback of the same is shown. She says that she dint want Meethi to grow up with the same hatred that you instilled in Yuvi against his mother. So, I took Meethi back with me. Maybe you will call it selfishness, but what I did was for Meethi.

Mai again blames Iccha for whatever bitterness she has in her. She accuses Iccha again for saving someone else’s son & putting Veer’s life at stake & similarly for standing against Yuvi for Mukta. Tappu asks her to stop it! She blames Mai for whatever wrong has happened with Iccha & Yuvi’s condition. Its because of her that her family is not involving her in their happiness and in their rituals. Damini stops Tappu from saying anything further says Gunwantiji, I want you to forget all the bitterness of the past and bless Meethi & Iccha with happiness. Mai doesn’t bother listening and leaves from there. Damini and Divya too leave for their home.

Satara Jail:

Mukta enters the jail & asks for the juvenile school for old students. The constable directs her to the right building after making an entry. She goes to meet the jailor and tries to get any information on Vishnu Kashyap. She cites it as an urgency regarding an important college project. The jailor says that they are very old records and there are 521 files available containing old records. They will take a minimum of a month or two. She insists again but the jailor says that first we would require a letter from principal which will be forwarded to the Head Office. Without permission from the HO, they cant share any records. Mukta tries again but the jailor angrily asks her not to waste his time and leave from there. Mukta is dejected. She leaves from there.

The jailor, when ensures that she is gone, calls up someone and tells him that his work has been done. The guy assures him that he will get his gift tomorrow morning for sure. The guy is none other than Vishnu. He speaks aloud that I’m aware of your each and every step. He turns around & thanks his siter – Surabhi!!

Vishnu aka Akash Chatterjee’s place:

Surabhi smiles and says your welcome brother! Flashbacks are shown where Mukta was speaking to Shraddha & she saw a shadow passing by; when Vishnu thanks someone for information about Mukta coming to the hostel to meet Shraddha; & when Mukta herself informed Surabhi that she is going to Satara to find Vishnu. She says that go wherever you want to go Mukta, but you wont find anything against Vishnu, as Vishnu’s sister is there for him.

Surabhi shares with Vishnu that we all gave up so much to get our revenge. She reveals how she met Kanha as an orphan, married him & gained everybody’s trust in that house just so I could get all the intricate details about them. Now we are so close to what we wanted, how can I let Mukta ruin it all. Vishnu thanks her again for her help & how she had to live with them for so many years. Surabhi discloses that was why she never gave birth to a child. Vishnu asks her to hurry up with the plan as there are very few days left for the marriage. He also makes fun of how Mukta would now be coming back without any information about the real Vishnu. Both smile evilly.

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Satara Jail:

Mukta again comes to meet the jailor and mentions Iccha Bharti’s name & how she used to teach small kids here & Vishnu was one of her students. The jailor is nervous to hear Iccha’s name & asks her not to disturb him again or he will call the constable to take her out. All this while, a lady constable or matron was listening to their talks & intervenes. She takes Mukta away while the jailor warns her of levelling the charges of trespassing against her if she tries to come here one more time.

The lady takes her out & warns her not to respond loudly to what she asks. She enquires about Teacherdidi (Iccha). Mukta replies that she is just like my mother & that we used to live together in the same house. She wants to know if the lady knows Vishnu. The matron says that what she has done for Vishnu, he is forever indebted to her & that he always remembers her when he came here recently. She asks if she can meet him. The matron replies that yes, today is the day when he comes here…same date, every month. He comes here to meet the kids every month. You can meet him in an hour’s time if you can wait. Mukta is unsure whether to wait here & if yes, then she will be late to reach for Meethi’s function. In the end, she decides to stay back to meet Vishnu.

Divya is trying Mukta’s no. But her phone is not reachable. Meanwhile Tappu calls. She too asks for Mukta & which project is this which is more important than Meethi’s mehendi. Divya asks her not to worry as Mukta is very particular about her studies. She assures Tappu that Mukta will be back on time.

Jogi enters the room. On finding Divya worried, he asks her the reason. Divya is tensed that there are so many differences between Meethi & Mukta now-a-days. Hope the history isnot going to repeat itself. Whatever has happened between Iccha & Tappu doesn’t happen between Meethi & Mukta. They are going through a very difficult phase. I just hope that the differences get resolved soon. Jogi calms her down & ensures her that everything will be fine.

Surabhi is listening to all this from outside their door. She thinks that today she will sow the first seed of doubt in everyone’s mind against Mukta. On one side, its her & on the other side, there is Vishnu who will attack her.

Veer trying to have some romantic moment with Iccha on the terrace. They share some light moments where they both tell each other how happy they are to be back together. Meanwhile Vishnu aka Akash arrives to speak to Meethi (or rather plant the seed of doubts in her again Mukta). When Vishnu calls him Sir, Veer tells him to call him Papa or rather Pa as his son Yuvi used to call him. He stops himself & looks at Iccha somewhat sadly. Vishnu asks them for permission to go and meet Meethi . While he goes inside to meet her, Veer thanks Iccha for bringing Vishnu in their life. He feels happy that Meethi is getting married now from her own home & that too now when he remembers his past as well. Iccha too wishes that all goes well now. Meethi comes to meet Vishnu. Meethi is very excited about her papa’s home & how is taking care of making all the decorations of her marriage & decorating the complete house. But she goes sad when she realises that her mehendi will start soon & Mukta has not yet reached with her dress. Vishnu pretends to be disturbed at the mention of her name. She looks at him & asks the reason for him being sad. He tells meethi that she is your friend and yet she isn’t here at such an important point of her friend’s life.

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Scene shifts to Thakur House where Divya is worried as Mukku’s phone is unreachable. Surabhi comes & decides to instigate doubts in her mind against Mukku. She says that even she tried Mukku’s no. But its not reachable. I’m worried as there is proper network in college but donno why we are not able to get in touch with her. Divya is more worried now.

Back to Vishnu & Meethi where he tells her that maybe she is doing it all knowingly. Family doesn’t know the reason but we do. Meethi is getting disturbed listening to him.

Surabhi makes Divya recall how Mukta said she dint want to…she doesn’t want to repeat same old stuff but if Mukku disappears all of a sudden like this then hope Meethi doesn’t start thinking that she wants to avert their marriage.

Vishnu & Meethi are discussing Mukta’s behaviour. Meethi tries to tell him that Mukta has assured her that she doesn’t like you. But Vishnu tells her how she had come to drop him till the gate the other day he had gone to the Thakur House to drop the documents. He doubts her intentions & as to what’s cooking in her mind now. She was acting weird. Meethi is tensed now & Vishnu keenly watches her expressions.

Surabhi once again tries Mukku’s no. and tells Divya that she isn’t back yet. How will Meethi get ready now for the function as the receipt is with Mukku. She pretends to be worried. Divya keeps on trying her no. Surabhi tries to justify that I know Mukku is right, I just hope that she comes back on time.

Vishnu asks Meethi what she is thinking. He assures her that when we are right & carry no ill-will in our hearts against anybody, then nothing will go wrong against us. No one can lessen our love for each other. He asks her to smile & they both share a sweet moment.

Mukta is waiting for the real Vishnu at Satara. So much time has passed. Vishnu still hasn’t come & its already 3pm, everyone will be worried. She decides to leave. But before leaving she gives her number to the lady constable/ matron & asks her to give it Vishnu. She also gets to know that Vishnu works with an NGO for kids. After sharing her no. With the matron, she leaves for home.

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Damini asks Mukta to make sure that the shagun thaal is ready. Meethi calls & Damini receives it. Surabhi is hearing to the conversation intently. Meethi asks for Mukta. Damini checks with Surabhi who negates about hearing anything from her. Still she assures Meethi that Mukku will be back on time. By that time get ready in the beauty parlour. Damini hurriedly disconnects the call & Meethi is crying silently. She wants to know why Mukta is doing this to her & what will she wear now!

Damini checks the thaal and tells Surabhi to add sweets to it. She shares that she doesn’t have a good feeling about the turn of events. Divya is more worried now. She calls up Mukta and this time she receives the call. She asks about Mukta’s whereabouts & that Meethi had called in her absence. Mukta tells her that she got late & now she will reach directly to Bundela House with Meethi’s dress. The phone gets disconnected due to low battery. Divya tells Surabhi to tell Damini not to worry & that Mukku will be reaching there directly.

All reach Bundela House. General greetings, hugs & compliments are exchanged. Meethi asks for Mukku from Anni. Divya replies that she will be reaching Bundela House only & will be bringing the dress along with her. Meethi starts saying things against Mukta as to how she doesn’t want this marriage to happen. She exclaims that the college isn’t so far plus the timings aren’t so late, then why hasn’t she reached yet. Divya says that her battery might have died thats why we cant communicate with her. Veer offers to go but Divya tells him not to as she might have left by now.

Meethi is sad that she could have sent it with someone from college, some friend or someone. Meethi blames it on Mukta that she did all this knowingly. Iccha tries to stop her but she continues. She says that she dint bring my choli because she doesn’t want me to get married to Vishnu as she herself likes him. All are pensive listening to her speak like this. Iccha asks her to stop it.

Damini again tries to ensure her that Mukta will come on time. Iccha asks Meethi to think before she speaks & takes Meethi with her to her room. Nani with her famous ram hi raakhey! Tappu cant understand whats happening. She takes Divya & Jogi aside & asks the matter. She wants to know why they dint tell her anything that things have gotten so out of hand. Jogi asks her to relax & let Mukta come so that we can clarify things with her directly. He asks them to go ahead with the ritual.

Surabhi was listening to them & self thought that Mukta will not be back in any case before the ritual gets over. Now I will make sure that I don’t let things go out of my hand & make best use of this opportunity.

Mukta’s bus tyre gets punctured. She checks with the conductor how much more time will it take. He tells her that it will take long & if she wants, she can get down & go on her own. She is left wondering what to do.

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