True Love Teasers December 2020 On Glow Tv

True Love Teasers December 2020 On Glow Tv: Akash plans a surprise at home which makes Meethi very happy, but Ambika intervenes vows to ruin it , True Love December Teasers 2020. Read More Below:

True Love Teasers December 2020 On Glow Tv

True Love Teasers December 2020 On Glow Tv

Glow Tv True Love December Teasers 2020 

Tuesday 1 December 2020

Episode 1278

Tapasya’s stops worrying when she finds out that Mukta is pleased with Vishnu. Ambika envies Meethi because she’s given more significance than her. Akash apologises into Ambika for not devoting her.

Episode 1279

Ambika burns Meethi and Akash’s wedding photos. Tapasya is anxious for Raghuvendra. Mukta informs Vishnu she would like to get the job done. Meethi prepares food for everybody and Ambika intends to spoil it.

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Episode 1280

Ambika intends to damage Meethi and puts the kitchen on fire. Meethi faints. Akash comes to Meethi’s rescue. Ambika promises to make a rift between Akash and Meethi. Sumitra is shocked to see Mukta work.

Episode 1281

Divya does not enjoy that Mukta is trying to find employment. Jogi inquires Raghuvendra about his concerns. Raghuvendra visits Meethi and provides her presents. Akash intends a date together with Meethi. Ambika promises to destroy it.

Thursday 3 December 2020

Episode 1282

Ambika pretends to be sick so that Meethi and Akash are not capable to venture out. Akash intends a surprise in the home making Meethi very joyful, but Ambika intervenes anyway. Mukta is pleased to locate work.

Episode 1283

Mukta is enthusiastic about her very first day on the job and educates Meethi relating to it. Meethi wants good fortune to Mukta. Akash asks Meethi to attempt to walk. Ambika informs Ekadashi that she’s biased towards Meethi.

Friday 4 December 2020

Episode 1284

Ekadashi asks Pavitra to sneak bangles out of Meethi’s space and provide it to Ambika. Raghuvendra finds out that Ambika isn’t Dharamveer’s daughter. Mukta understands a threat call in the workplace.

Episode 1285

Akash plans a surprise for Meethi. Akash invites Meethi’s household to play cricket. Ambika pretends to be hurt and will not be part of the game. Meethi grabs the ball when standing on her toes. True Love Teasers December 2020 On Glow Tv


Monday 7 December 2020

Episode 1286

Akash is quite pleased to view Meethi standing on her toes. Ambika insists on visiting the temple to beg for Meethi’s well-being. A person dresses up as Santa and reaches Mukta’s spot.

Episode 1287

When Meethi isn’t home, Ambika attempts to get near Akash. Mukta miracles that have given her a Christmas gift. Mukta understands a danger call and makes the decision to resign. Yuvraj is back in Mukta’s life.

Tuesday 8 December 2020

Episode 1288

Mukta makes the decision to give up the task but she finds out that she’s been encouraged. Yuvraj promises to exact revenge from Mukta. Akash and Sankrant intend to go on a honeymoon with their respective wives.

Episode 1289

Meethi, Akash, Sankrant, and Ambika depart for their honeymoon. Sumitra visits Mukta and attempts to insult her. Mukta states she do not require any presents from Sumitra and is pleased with her life.

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