True Love November Official Teasers 2019 On Glow tv

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True Love November Official Teasers 2019 On Glow tv

Friday 1 November 2019

Episode 1023

Ichch(Sparsh Khanchandan) is welcomed in the silver Jubilee celebration. Meethi arrives and says a few words about her mother and asks for forgiveness. Will she be forgiven?

Episode 1024

Tapasya provokes Amala against Gunvanti(Beena Banerjee). Amala then takes off her bangles and asks for a divorce from Gunvanti(Beena Banerjee). How will Gunvanti(Beena Banerjee) react to this?

Monday 4 November 2019

Episode 1025

Tapasya brings a fish tank to Veer’s room, hoping that it will help him to remember his past.

Episode 1026

Vishnu asks Ichch(Sparsh Khanchandan) for Meethi’s hand in marriage. Will Ichch(Sparsh Khanchandan) agree?

Tuesday 5 November 2019

Episode 1027

Gunvanti(Beena Banerjee) adds fuel to Umed’s mind against Tapasya, while Tapasya searches for proof in Chanda’s room. What will she find?

Episode 1028

Veer regains his memory! He remembers Ichch(Sparsh Khanchandan) and wants to bring Ichch(Sparsh Khanchandan) back home. How will Gunvanti(Beena Banerjee) react?

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Episode 1029

Vishnu proposes to Meethi. Will she say yes?

Episode 1030 

Ichch(Sparsh Khanchandan) goes to the Bundela Mansion to meet Tappu.

Thursday 7 November 2019

Episode 1031

Mukta interrogates Vishnu. Will he be honest with her?

Episode 1032

Veer asks Tapasya to meet him. How will she react?

Friday 8 November 2019

Episode 1033

Mukta goes to Vishnu’s house in order to find the truth about him. Will she find anything?

Episode 1034

Tapasya wonders what had happened to Veer and goes to the hospital to meet the doctor. What will she find out?

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Monday 11 November 2019

Episode 1035

Tej Singh drinks alcohol and misbehaves with Tapasya. Will she teach him a lesson?

Episode 1036

Gunvanti(Beena Banerjee) and Tej Singh get worried as they hear about Tapasya’s accident.

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Episode 1037

Mukta finds a cheque on the floor and questions Vishnu about it. Will he tell her the truth?

Episode 1038

A marriage proposal arrives for Mukta. Will she accept?

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Episode 1039

Gunvanti(Beena Banerjee) puts medication in the milk and gives it to Veer. Will she get caught?

Episode 1040

Tapasya takes Amala shopping. What is she up to?

Thursday 14 November 2019

Episode 1041

Meethi tells Vishnu about Mukta. How will Vishnu react?

Episode 1042

Meethi complains about Mukta in front of the whole family, accusing her of terrible things. Will Mukta defend herself?

Friday 15 November 2019

Episode 1043

Jogi Thakur gets an auspicious date for the wedding ceremony from the priest.

Episode 1044

Tapasya searches for proof against Tej Singh in Chanda’s room. Will she get caught?

Monday 18 November 2019

Episode 1045

Veer regains his memory after the prayer. Will he say anything to Gunvanti(Beena Banerjee)?

Episode 1046

Sharda phones Mukta and tells her the truth about Vishnu. How will she react?

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Episode 1047

Mukta goes to the hostel to meet Sharda to collect the evidence against Vishnu but finds Sharda dead. How will Mukta handle the situation?

Episode 1048

Veer goes to meet Ichch(Sparsh Khanchandan). Will he tell her that his memory has come back?

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Wednesday 20 November 2019

Episode 1049

Veer goes to Jogi Thakur’s house and tells everyone that it is because of Tapasya that he has recovered. Will Jogi finally forgive Tapasya?

Episode 1050

Ichch(Sparsh Khanchandan) tells Veer about their daughter, Meethi.

Thursday 21 November 2019

Episode 1051

Meethi comes home to find a surprise gift waiting for her. How will she react to it?

Episode 1052

Mukta asks the police for Sharda’s laptop. Will she find the evidence against Vishnu?

Friday 22 November 2019

Episode 1053

Ichch(Sparsh Khanchandan) takes the blessings of all the family members and begins her new life with Veer. Will Gunvanti(Beena Banerjee) finally accept her?

Episode 1054

Vishnu challenges Mukta to prove that he is not Vishnu. Will she be able to prove it?

Monday 25 November 2019

Episode 1055

Mukta goes to Sharda’s house. Will she find evidence against Vishnu?

Episode 1056

Veer gives Guptaji instructions for the arrangements to be made for Meethi’s wedding.

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Episode 1057

Mukta goes to the Satara jail. Will she find out the truth about Vishnu?

Episode 1058

Vishnu puts Meethi up against Mukta. Will Vishnu succeed in his plan against Mukta?

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Episode 1059

Tapasya helps Meethi to get ready for her mehndi ceremony.

Episode 1060

The entire Thakur family is upset with Mukta and questions her. Will she tell them the truth about where she was?

Thursday 28 November 2019

Episode 1061

Surbhi talks to Mukta but leaves the phone switched on so that Vishnu can hear their conversation. Will he find out that Mukta now knows the truth about him?


Episode 1062

The real Vishnu comes to Bundela Mansion to meet Ichch(Sparsh Khanchandan)! Will the fake Vishnu finally be exposed?

Friday 29 November 2019

Episode 1063

Tej Singh misbehaves with Mukta. Will Tapasya be able to stop him?

Episode 1064

Surbhi recognizes the real Vishnu. What will she do?

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