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Todays continues from when Sid says it’s the only way to save DD’s reputation and he considers DD as his Mother and will do anything to elevate her dignity. He asks Shiv if he will not help his Wife? Shiv goes on stage. Krutika enters Misha’s room and sees her getting ready to go out. She complains that Sid is still spending a lot of time with Roshni and her family, even as Misha is around and asks what she has been doing about it? Misha says she is going on a dinner date and asks her to stop interfering as she (Krutika) is interfering too much in her life!!

Simran sees them and inquires if everything is okay?

Misha says she needs to go.

Krutika reveals to Simran that she is currently supposing they committed an error with Misha! Shiv gives the Speech. He praises DD on stage that she is a self-made Woman and worked hard to gain success.

He talks glowingly about DD and talks about how he left his family with her and she took care of them all.
He says he’s lucky to have her as his Wife and he’s really proud of her. DD comes back into the hall stumbling (after taking pills), and says she wants to go on stage, but Roshni tries to stop her from going on stage. Sid sends Shiv a text to carry her to the stage.
Shiv reads it and goes to DD. He lifts her off her feet and carries her to the podium.
He tells everyone he’s honoured she’s his Wife. The award is presented to DD who is still looking drunk. Shiv takes the award with her.
At home, Roshni tells her father that she wishes DD heard his Speech.

She praises Shiv for handling the situation well. He says it’s all Sid’s plan and asks what does he eat? Sid jokes and Shiv asks Roshni to add those items into his dish. They continue joking. Shiv leaves them and Roshni provides to prepare dinner for Sid.
Sid will get a call from Misha and rushes off.
Roshni asks herself what’s so particular about Misha?



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