Thursday update on Zara’s Nikah 14th January 2021 Zee world

Zara’s Nikah 14 January 2021 Zee world: Zain tells officer that he can tell Zara is innocent and he will prove it. He takes Zara from there to talk.

Manager shows ice-cream to contestants. Kabir recalls how Salma told him to make some sweetdish and how he told that he is weak in that department. Judge says I was weak in making sweetdishes but I tried and made it perfect. Guest says your ice-cream should be right mix of soft and hard. All taste it.

Zain says to Zara that I am a good man and your lawyer, I can get work easily but I help people who are stuck in wrong cases. Zara says I didnt do any crime so I dont need lawyer. Zain says they wont accept it, I just want to bring you out of this trouble.

Contestants tell guest that this dish is amazing. Guest says you have to replicate this dish which looks and tastes like this only, you will get one life line, you can get help one time, your time starts now. All start cooking. Kabir is tensed and thinks. Salma, Irfan and Ayesha are watching on TV. Irfan says where is Zara? I will go and call her. Azra says Salma is worried like Kabir is her son. Salma says I like him a lot and if Zara is happy with his friendship then I am too, they can start a new life together when they comeback, I have seen their love and I was wrong earlier.

Zara tells Zain that I have to go somewhere, can you call one number? She gives him number and goes inside. Zain calls Irfan and says your daughter is in police station, she is stuck here and lost her ID so send her ID first, I am her lawyer. Irfan says what? He ends call and says I sent Kabir with her but he didnt take care of her, my daughter needs me so I am going.
Zain comes to Zara in police station and sees Zara praying. A woman says someone is waiting for her so she is praying for him.

Scene 2
All are busy in preparing dish, judge says you dont have much time, hurry up. Kabir is working on his dish. Judge says only 20 minutes remaining. Kabir puts his ice-cream in fridge and works on dressing. He brings his ice-cream out of fridge after sometime but a contestant strikes with him and his ice-cream falls down, all are shocked. Judge says you should have been careful, you dont have time to make another, what will you do now? Judge says you can use your life line with liquid nitrogen. Kabir uses it and freezes his ice-cream. Another contestant’s ice cream is destroyed so he throws it away. Kabir’s ice-cream is destroyed but he says I am ready to take challenge.

Kabir is working on his dish. Judge says you have 4 minutes remaining, Tanya is ahead of Kabir right now. Kabir tells in screen that Ayesha Maa see I am trying my best. Zeenat says to Ayesha that dont do this, call Kabir here, this is not good, stop watching this. Ayesha says no let me watch Kabir.

In police station, Zara prays for Kabir’s victory. In competition, Kabir dresses up his ice-cream. Time is up.
In station, Irfan calls Zara. Zara says what happened with Kabir? I want to be free so I can go to him. Irfan says you are in jail and worried about Kabir? Zara says I am fine. Zain takes call and says dont worry, I will bail her out. Irfan ends call. Zain comes to his office and tells his boss about Zara. Officer asks where is Kabir? Zain tells him how Zara was trapped and arrested wrongly. Officer says you have to bring her papers so we can bail her.

Zain comes to Zara and says your bail has been done, lets go. Zain takes Zara to competition site. Zara thanks Zain and says I will pay you soon. Zain says its okay, he calls Irfan and tells him about Zara.

Judges taste dishes of everyone. Judge says Kabir had trouble but he used tricks from home to work on his dish. Judges taste his dish. Judge says your presentation is good but lets see. They all praise Kabir for being careful and attentive. They discuss points and Tanya gets 27 out of 30. All look on. Zara is there as well. Kabir starts moving back but judge stops him and says take your trophy. All are stunned. Judge says Kabir got 29 out of 30 so he is winner. Kabir is surprised. All clap for him.

Kabir wins trophy. Judge says Kabir wins contract and will go to Dubai with us. Zara is surprised. Kabir shows trophy to Ayesha on TV. He brings it to Zara. Kabir thanks her for being with him. zara says I am sorry for but being here, Kabir says your prayers were with me. Zain comes there and says do things calmly because you create a mess in hurry, it happened this time too. Kabir looks on.

Irfan tells Salma he is going for prayers. Ruksaar talks to Salma and asks how is she? Salma says thank you for feet massage. Ruksaar says you gave me a home, I care about you a lot.

Zain gives papers to Zara and says you left those. Zara introduces Kabir as her friend and says Zain got me free and bail from police.

Ruksaar tells Salma that Ayesha is ill and she wants Kabir and Zara to become one, I cant tell truth, Kabir should tell it.

Kabir thanks Zain for saving Zara. Zain says dont say sorry, I am leaving out of city for a case. Kabir says we want to keep a workshop for people to talk about laws, will you host it? Zain accepts.

Ruksaar says to Salma that Kabir wants Zara but he doesnt want her as a partner, he promised to not bear a child with her, he was angry and egoistic so he took that promise, she leaves from there. Salma is tensed and cries.

Scene 2
Doctor checks Ayesha and says she is feeling better. Zeenat asks her to rest and leaves from there. Ruksaar comes there. Zeenat asks her to let her rest. Ayesha calls Ruksaar, Zeenat leaves. Ayesha says when I fell ill, you kept watching me and didnt come to help me? Ruksaar thinks I thought you would die. Ruksaar says I was not there, you are mistaken, how can you even think that I left you there? I will bring soup for you. Ruksaar goes and mixes poison in Ayesha’s soup.

Kabir and Zara arrives at hospital. Kabir is in shirt and jeans, all are shocked. Shahbaz says who are you? my son dont wear clothes like these, he leaves. Kashan says dont feel bad, come Ayesha is waiting for you. Ruksaar is about to give soup to Ayesha but Kabir and Zara comes there. Ayesha smiles and takes his trophy. Kabir hugs her. Kabir takes soup. Zara thanks Ruksaar for taking care of Ayesha. Doctor comes and says Ayesha can go home, he asks Kabir to take care of her. Zara says I will go home too, she leaves. Kabir makes Ayesha have poisonous soup also. Ruksaar smirks.


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