Thursday update on Zara’s Nikah 11th February 2021

Zara’s Nikah 11 February 2021 Zee world update: Imran comes to Irfan and says I have to talk to you, I am sorry, I did a mistake and I want to accept Azra again. Azra and Zara come there.

Imran says I just want her to say sorry to my parents, he tells her that I have done my part, it’s your job now, he leaves. Irfan asks Azra to think before doing anything.

Ruksaar scolds the worker. He takes the money from her and starts cleaning properly.

Ruksaar comes to the kids and says wake up, you all have to pray. She tries to wake up Firdous. Hasina comes there and throws water on them. Amaan comes there and says let’s go for prayers.

Kabir offers prayers with everyone. A kid tries to follow him but can’t.

Firdous is sleeping but Ruksaar scolds her and says you have to pray.

Kabir makes the kid learn how to pray.

Zara tells Irfan that Imran and Azra broke their marriage because of me, you know that Imran’s father said a lot so I don’t understand what Azra has to say sorry about.

Kabir comes to meet the kids but Hasina says they are changing the clothes. He waits for them and they come out. Kabir says I have brought the chocolates for you. Hasina says you love them a lot but they are not mehram to you. Kabir looks on.

Shahbaz and Kashan are leaving. Shahbaz asks Kashan to give 50 lacs to Kabir’s account. Kabir thanks him and leaves. Kashan says how can we? Shahbaz says Kabir is doing more important job, he leaves. Kashan says he doesn’t give me a penny and gave 50 lacs to Kabir without asking? Zeenat says there is nothing new, you are not respected here, he leaves. Kashan says I am not a fool.

Zara is filling the bucket but tap breaks. Kabir enters the house and gets drenched in water with Zara. He stops the tap. Irfan comes there and says Kabir you here? Kabir asks him to keep Zara away from all this. Irfan asks him to go and change.

Kabir gets changed and tells him that he is meeting an investor. He tells him that Ruksaar asked to get the kids for religious education, once they take that then we will think about their schooling, he leaves. Zara thinks I have to talk to him.

A priest comes to the house. Ruksaar meets him the kids. The kids don’t know anything about Islamic education.

The priest is teaching the kids. He gets a call. Amaan gives bubblegum to the kids and leave. The priest scolds the kid and asks him to work hard on his religious education. He gives them homework and turns to leave but bubblegum is stuck on him, all laugh. Ruksaar comes and scolds the kids, she says you won’t talk to Zara as a punishment.

Zara is trying to call Ruksaar but she doesn’t pick up. Amaan calls Zara and tells her about the punishment.

Hasina brings the food for the kids. The kids say we won’t eat this food, it’s spicy. Ruksaar comes there and says you have to eat this only. The kids sadly eat spicy food. Firdous says I don’t like this.

The kids are sleeping. Hasina wakes up Alisha and sleeps in her bed. Alisha cries. Zara comes there and hugs her. Alisha says I don’t want to live here. Ruksaar comes there and asks Zara what she is doing here? Zara says the kids are not happy here. She calls Kabir and asks him to come home.

Kabir comes home. Zara tells Kabir that the kids are not happy. Ruksaar says we are giving them religious education which is important. Kabir tells Zara that Ruksaar is right, she is doing all this for the kids, they need to learn about our religion, you can leave. Zara hugs Alisha and leaves.

Zahid is angry and kicks a ball. Kabir comes there and asks what happened? Zahid says Zara didn’t meet us. Kabir says I know that you find the studies difficult but it is important.

Scene 2
Irfan tells Zara that Kabir is giving them good education so don’t worry. Zara says he should teach them to become nice humans. Irfan says don’t worry.

Hasina brings the milk for the kids and mixes sleeping pills in their milk. Zahid drinks it. Firdous makes him drink her glass too.

Zara is making cupcakes. Azra is excited and says I used to eat them in childhood. Zara says my childhood doesn’t have good memories.

Ruksaar is scolding the kids and says you all will go to hell. It will burn you all if you don’t listen to me. Zahid is getting dizzy.


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