Thursday Update On The Heir 3rd October 2019, Zee World

Thursday Update On The Heir 3rd October 2019, Zee World

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The man Jaggan sent to watch Amba says Amba just sat in temple and came home, she did not meet anyone. Jagan says I heard her talking to someone, she wanted to give money to someone. The man says Amba did not have money on return. Jagan kicks him and scolds for mistake. The man apologizes. Jagan says Amba started again, this secret is big, I will find it.

Amba makes tea. She knocks Jagan’s door and keeps tea. Jagan opens the door. She says I got tea for you. He says since you gave money, you got relieved, tell me whom did you give money, you went to temple right. She worries.

He says when you returned, you did not had money in hand, you have met someone, tell me whom you met and why, you met four women, we will ask them, I will find out your secret. Harjeet tells Raj his decision to make him head. Raj says sorry, I don’t want to become Shah. Harjeet asks why, I m waiting for this day since long, you have worked hard. Raj says I did not work hard to become Shah, I did this to come back in this house and get my rights, to make Amrit get her rights, you have Shah in front of you since long. Nihaal smiles. Harjeet asks about whom are you talking. Raj says Rohan. Mohini and Nihaal get shocked. Mohini stops him. Raj says Rohan is elder, its his right to become Shah.

Harjeet shouts Rohan. Rohan comes drunk. Harjeet asks are you talking about him he is not able to stand on feet, will he become Bajwas Shah. Rohan says I don’t want to become Shah. He goes. Harjeet asks did you see, you want me to give Bajwas’ respect in this drunkard’s hands. Raj stops Rohan. Rohan says I don’t want to become Shah, go. Raj asks why are you saying this, you are elder son, its your right. Rohan says dad does not care, you become Shah. Raj says when you are here, its not my right. Rohan refuses. He asks Raj is he not angry, you and mum had to leave house because of me, I told dad about Raman’s marriage, see what happened, its all because of me, even then you want me to become Shah. Raj says its old thing, I know you would have not told dad if you knew what will happen, you are my life, leave wine, I beg you, see how dad accepts you and makes you Shah. Mannu looks on. Rohan drinks. He says no, I get peace by drinking wine, if I come to senses, I can’t stay in this house. He goes. Raj calls him out and goes. Mannu says I m glad knowing Raj still has humanity, he just needs to realize.

Mohini says Raj, I got your fav parathas made. Amrit says Kuldevi puja happens after marriage, I want to keep it. Harjeet says no marriage happened in this house. She says marriage happened, puja has to happen, else it can be abshagun for everyone. Mohini says we will keep puja, it will be shuddikaran of house. Mannu comes and asks when is the puja. Raj says its our house matter, its better if you don’t interfere. Mannu says I have to come in puja, pandit ji said either of us can’t sit alone, this puja won’t have value if we both don’t sit. Raj asks Amrit to keep puja, rituals will happen with real bride, Sakshi will sit with me in puja. Mohini smiles. Mannu says just I will sit in puja with me. Amba calls someone and asks lady to be alert. The lady says I have to talk to you, meet me at godown. Jagan hears the conversation on another line. Amrit gives jewelry to Mannu. Mannu gets ready. Raj comes and knocks. Amrit helps him. He asks Amrit won’t he tie the pagdi to him. She asks him to tell this to his Mohini Maa as he is following her nowadays. Raj goes. Amrit gets sad.

Mannu asks whose clothes are these, its Raj’s school clothes right. Amrit says yes. Mannu says you love Raj a lot, your son is getting away from you because of me. Amrit says no, he got away because of his doings, its not your mistake. Sakshi comes and shows her dress. Amrit says its beautiful. Sakshi asks her to make her ready for puja, I will become part of puja with Raj. Amrit sees Mannu. Sakshi says I will wait for you, can I apply sindoor today, I will sit in Raj’s wife’s place for the first time. Amrit says you can’t do this, its just Preet’s right. Sakshi says but you made me wear bahu’s bangles. Amrit says yes, but Preet is my bahu, you can keep bangles. Mannu sees Sakshi. Sakshi goes. Raj gets sad. Mohini comes to him. She asks did Amrit not tie the pagdi, I m like your mum, I will toe it. She goes to tie the pagdi. He stops her. He says there is difference between real mum and someone like mum. He talks rude. She goes. Mannu comes and looks on. Mannu whistles. He sits to get ready. Raj looks on. Ankhiyon me teri….plays…. She slips and holds him. They have an eyelock.

Amba goes to meet someone at the temple. Jagan follows. Someone greets Jagan. Jagan hides. Amba hears this and runs. Jagan says where did she go suddenly. Amba goes to meet some old lady. She asks why did you call me. The lady says I can’t work now, I can’t keep this secret, Jagan became Shah now, I can’t take risk, so I came to give your secret back to you. Amba gets shocked seeing Simran. Raj says I told you this won’t happen. He ties up Mannu. Mannu asks what are you doing, leave my hand. Raj ties her feet as well.

He says I told you, I will not let you sit in puja any way, I will clear your misunderstanding, today you will know how weak you are. He smiles and says if you don’t reach puja, understand that Lord also wants this, that you don’t stay in this house, you can’t open this knot, the more you try, the more you will get caught. He goes. Simran acts kiddish. Amba covers her up. She asks the lady did she get mad to get Simran here. Lady says this fear is killing me, how can I risk my life, I have hidden this secret for 10 years, I managed your mad girl, what’s more than life. Amba says don’t know what game fate is playing with me, Bajwas were after her life before, Lord saved her, she got in this state by doctor’s carelessness.

Jagan asks a man did he see Amba. The man says no. Amba says I kept her away for 10 years to protect her, I trusted you and gave her responsibility, why are you getting back. Jagan sees the godown. Amba asks the lady not to do this, take Simran back, else they will kill her. The lady says no, I can’t take this responsibility, forgive me. Amba hugs Simran and cries. Jagan enters the godown. Amrit gets Gangajal and asks pandit about arrangements. Raj thinks if mummy goes to room, she will free Preet. He asks pandit to make his parents take Sankalp. Pandit says its great idea. Raj asks Harjeet to come, else his plan won’t be completed. Harjeet stops Amrit and asks her to come. Raj thinks now it will be fine now. Harjeet and Amrit sit for Sankalp. Mohini comes and gets shocked. Jagan holds Amba. Amba gets tensed. He asks how did you come here. She says I got informed about grains’ theft, so I came to see. He says I m Shah now, you should have told me. She says I kept servants here, I thought its my responsibility. He asks how much will you lie, you called some woman to meet here. She says yes, I called a woman to know if her son has done theft, I gave her money to help. He asks is this truth. She says yes, what else can it be. He asks why did you not tell this before. She says you would have not left that guy. Simran hides. Amba engages him in talk. She goes. Jagan also leaves. Simran and lady look on. Sakshi comes for puja. Amrit says why did Preet not come down till now. Mohini says I think you did good arrangement this time. Raj says I failed Preet many times, even now she will fail, she won’t come in puja. Mannu struggles to get free. Pandit asks Raj and his wife to sit. Mohini asks Sakshi to sit with Raj. Amrit says no, she is not Raj’s wife, just Preet will sit in puja. Mohini says I will get Preet. She tells Pammi that Raj has locked Preet. They go and see Mannu tied to the chair. They laugh and go back. Pammi says Preet is no where and jokes. Pandit says puja time is passing by. Mannu makes something fall down. Sakshi says sorry, I have to sit in puja now, its for Raj’s long life. Mannu falls down the chair. She takes the glass piece in hand and cuts the dupatta. She gets free. Sakshi goes to sit with Raj. Mannu shouts stop, I have come. Raj gets shocked. Amrit smiles.

Mohini says I will get Preet. She tells Pammi that Raj has locked Preet. They go and see Mannu tied to the chair. They laugh and go back. Pammi says Preet is no where and jokes. Pandit says puja time is passing by. Mannu makes something fall down. Sakshi says sorry, I have to sit in puja now, its for Raj’s long life. Mannu falls down the chair. She takes the glass piece in hand and cuts the dupatta. She gets free. Sakshi goes to sit with Raj. Mannu shouts stop, I have come. Raj gets shocked. Amrit smiles.

Mannu sits with Raj in puja. Pandit asks Raj not to get up as he has taken sankalp. Amrit sees Mannu’s hand hurt. Mannu and Raj do the puja. Mohini passes a bowl. Raj passes it to Mannu. Pandit asks them to do rituals. Mannu does rituals and gets hurt by fire. Amrit asks her is she fine. She says yes, nothing happened. Mohini says you can’t do puja now, go and apply ointment. Raj says your time is going bad. Mannu says your time is going good as I m standing as shield, else there is fire around. Raj asks her to go and apply ointment.

Mannu says no, I took seven rounds with you, I won’t leave. Mannu asks pandit to continue puja. Raj holds her hand tightly and hurts her. Harjeet smiles. Mannu bears pain and asks Raj to always hold her hand tightly. The puja completes. Amrit does aid to Mannu. Mannu says the man who has hurt my heart, why will he move back to hurt me physically, I have seen Raj changing the bowl. Amrit asks why did you not say anything. Mannu says I wanted to see how far Raj can go, I got my answer, he has hatred for me in heart, he wants me to leave from this house, I will not lose, its the challenge, we will see who wins. She says Raj does not know his hatred gives me more strength.

Amrit says I did not know Raj has hatred for you, he holds you responsible for Raman’s death. Mannu says you were not there, Raj believed true what he has seen, I had gun in my hand, Raman got shot, how can he deny the truth. Amrit says many times we get deceived by sight, I read eyes, as eyes never lie, you were giving lie to Raman by making him marry Simran, how could you take his life, I hope Raj understands this soon. Mannu says misunderstanding will end when love awakens.

Amba packs a tiffin. Jagan comes home. Amba thinks how did he come. She hides. He goes. She runs out of the house. She goes to the godown and sees Simran. Simran says I won’t come back, I m scared, you are bad, you left me alone. Amba hugs her. Simran says I will hide. Amba stops her and misses Mannu.

Mannu waits for Raj. Mohini asks Sakshi to increase misunderstandings, separate Raj and Preet. Sakshi says Raj is not coming close to me, what’s that bond stopping him. Mohini says don’t worry for Preet, Raj hates her, this should be your first step, you are beautiful and modern, you would know how to attract a guy, Raj was your would be husband, Preet snatched him, remind this to Raj, I m there to help you, don’t let Raj go to Preet’s room, Preet should feel Raj has become yours, see how she gets restless. Sakshi nods.

Mannu is looking for Raj. Sakshi holds Raj. He gets away. She asks are you missing Preet. He says no, why will I miss her. She asks him to stay with her at night, as she is his would be wife, they will marry soon. She asks when will you marry me. He says you are saying right, but I need some time, I can’t think of marriage. Mannu hears him and smiles. She says I know why you want time, just Preet is in your heart. Raj comes to room and sees Mannu sleeping.

He sees her bandage and gets angry. He thinks he hates her a lot, he does not regret his doings. Mannu smiles seeing him. Its morning, Mannu comes to serve snacks to Raj and his friends. Raj says Sakshi is my life. Sakshi smiles. Raj’s friend asks what will do of this village girl. Raj laughs and says you think I will love this illiterate, she was just my plan to defame Pavaniyas, she is like old furniture, I have used her. Mannu says right, old furniture like Raj’s mum. Raj gets angry.

Mannu asks what happened, Amrit is Raj’s mum, she is also furniture, Harjeet has Mohini for him, when man gets second woman for himself, you know what is she called, there is no difference in Sakshi and Mohini, after marriage, his wife becomes his Ardhaangani, then other woman can’t be given wife’s status, this happens in big family, right Raj, if your dad can do this, why can’t you. Sakshi cries and goes. Raj asks Sakshi to listen and goes after her. Mannu apologizes to Amrit. Amrit says its fine to tell such things in fights. Mannu says I have disrespected women, I should have not insulted Sakshi today. Amrit says there are few people who realize their mistakes, you can apologize to Sakshi.

Raj consoles Sakshi. He says this is bad fight, go from here, this place is much bad for you. Sakshi says no, I will not leave you alone, I loved you and will always love you. He says you are a very lovely girl, stop crying. He goes to get water for her. Mannu comes there and apologizes. Sakshi says please no need to say sorry, we won’t become friends.

She scolds Mannu. She says I will not get scared and run if you insult me, I m not any helpless girl, I know dealing with girls like you, Raj is just mine, I kept friendship with him for 10 years, I love him, your mangalsutra and sindoor don’t matter to me. She hears Raj coming and sits crying. She asks why did you come to insult me again, how many bitter things will you tell me. Raj scolds Mannu. He says I love Sakshi. Preet says you love me, you don’t love Sakshi, when she asked you for marriage, you did not had answer, you go close to her to hurt me, you will realize soon you love me, not her. He says your misunderstanding will get clear soon. Mannu says someone taught me to see dreams, someone who loves me, now I started dreaming, let me fall, I m not scared to fall, if you think I m mad, prove me wrong right now, if you have courage, kiss Sakshi and show, I will accept I have seen dreams false. Raj gets shocked. Sakshi asks Raj to kiss her, if Mannu wants to see, I have no shame, atleast she will leave forever. Mannu asks why are you silent. Raj says enough, I live my life my way, I don’t need to tell you whom I love, get out. Mannu smiles. He asks Sakshi why are you doing this. Mannu says I have seen love in his eyes for me when he did not know his enemy Mannu and Preet are same, person can lie to world, not to himself. She leaves and cries. She misses Amba.

Mannu hears Raj’s voice and goea out to see him. Sakshi and Raj argue. Sakshi scolds him and says I hate you, you can never love anyone. Raj asks her to listen. She goes. Mannu goes to Sakshi. Sakshi cries and says Raj is yours, I m jealous of you, Raj loves you, not me, I pity you, you love a devil like Raj. Amba feeds Simran. Simran plays. Jagan comes near the godown and sees the door open. Simran refuses to have food. Jagan says why is the door open. He goes to see. Simran shows the boat and acts kiddish. Amba hears footsteps and worries. She sees Simran. Jagan enters.

Mannu consoles Sakshi. Sakshi says you know when Raj and I were in Delhi, he used to say he loves me every day, Raj can never love anyone, he just knows to use girls, he first used me and now you to get his house back, I got to know his truth, its better if you accept this, forgive me for what I did with you. Mannu says I can understand, I also behaved badly with you, forgive me. Sakshi says how will I go home, I don’t know anyone here, can you help me. Mannu says yes, tell me. Sakshi says I booked my return tickets by agent, can you get tickets by going there, till then I will do packing. Mannu says don’t worry, I will do your work. Sakshi says you are so nice, Raj should have been here, but he is not. Jagan does not see Amba and Simran. He leaves. Simran shouts we won in hide and seek. Amba shuts her mouth.

Mannu gives the tickets to Sakshi. Sakshi thanks and hugs her. Raj smiles. Mannu says its fine. Mohini comes and claps. Mannu gets puzzled. Harjeet smiles. Sakshi says Preet you are so good that anyone can fool you, you are illiterate. Mannu asks what’s all this. Raj says you got our honeymoon tickets, great. Mohini laughs. Raj asks Preet does she know meaning of honeymoon or shall I say. Sakshi insults Mannu. Raj says I just did some emotional drama and Preet got trapped. He scolds Mannu. He asks her to think, Sakshi and he will be away in a hotel room alone, far from everyone, this is called love. They laugh. Mannu also laughs and says I pity on such love which is scared to come out in open. She scolds them.
She says love is infront of the world, not by hiding, love is one who gets doli to lover’s house even after rejection, about your honeymoon, Sakshi try and see, your money is going to get waste, what did not happen in room, can’t happen in hotel room. Sakshi says I find you jealous, maybe you are not able to digest this, that we used you. Mannu taunts her and says my and Raj’s love did grow on support. She gives tickets to Raj and asks him to go well, as he has spent money to get love. She goes.

Its night, Mohini says Preet is very clever, she will not lose so soon, she stayed as guy for 18 years and did not let anyone know. Sakshi says I don’t want to lose Raj. Mohini shows the drugs and says this will get you Raj, feed this to Raj. They see Rohan at the door. Rohan asks Mohini for wine. She says you will get wine, what did you hear. He says I don’t hear anything here. She gives him wine. He goes. Amrit says Raj got blind in revenge fire. Mannu says I told this to you so that you know everything, I know Raj well, he will not do anything. Mannu thinks I feel scared this time, don’t let our love lose Raj. Harjeet scolds Rohan. Amrit and Mannu come to see. Rohan and Harjeet argue. Harjeet says it would be good if you died instead Raman. Mannu holds Rohan. She says person needs love to change, not beating, talk to him with love and see. Harjeet says I did not ask your opinion, you don’t need to say. She says you stopped him with you and made him away from Amrit, think as a father, it was your responsibility, you did not ask your children what they want, so Raman also went getting annoyed. Mannu takes Rohan to his room.

Rohan says no one left me in my room ever, who are you. Mannu asks him to regard her sister if he feels good. He says my sister…. and laughs. She asks why do you drink so much. He says if I don’t drink, I will get mad here in this hollow house, where everyone use each other, you also leave from here, this house did not become of anyone, go, no one has heart here, Sakshi… Mannu asks what. Rohan says Sakshi planned honeymoon. She asks what plan, tell me. He sleeps. She says what would they plan. Raj and Sakshi check in hotel. Sakshi says it will be just us here. Mannu comes there. Raj holds Sakshi’s hand. Mannu and Raj argue. Mannu taunts Sakshi. Raj asks receptionist to call manager, if this girl stays here, we will leave. Mannu says I want a room here. Manager comes to help. Raj says you would remember, I have booked all rooms on a floor, if this girl stays here, I will cancel all bookings. Manager says sorry, I can’t give you a room madam. Raj says Amrit is not here that you will enter here, none can come between me and Sakshi get out. Raj asks manager to send Mannu. Manager asks waiter to put madam’s luggage out. Mannu recalls Raj. Ek mera yaara….plays…. Mannu is dropped outside. She says I will not let Sakshi succeed.

Rohan falls down. Harjeet looks on. He says you are my elder son, I had many hope from you, leave wine, I gave you everything, you always got money, what thing got less Rohan, just leave wine and see, you will get money, land, power, everything. Mohini worries and says how did he get love for son suddenly. Rohan says you did not say about love, you keep all this, my wine ended, I want some money. Harjeet gets angry. Rohan signs Nihaal not to touch him. He goes. Nihaal smiles. Mannu gets inside the hotel and hides in food trolley. Waiter gets trolley to Raj’s room. Raj picks spoons. Sakshi comes there. Raj asks how did you come out this way, what’s all this. Sakshi says we came on honeymoon, let’s enjoy. Raj says I think you took it seriously, I just said to…. Sakshi says to make Preet jealous. Mannu hears them. Sakshi says I was waiting for this day. He asks Sakshi what is she doing. Mannu sees them. Raj stops Sakshi and goes. Sakshi says you are alone with me, I will not leave this chance. Mannu thinks I can’t let Sakshi succeed in her motives, Lord help me.

Sakshi getts ready. Mannu hides and looks on. Sakshi prepares a drink and adds the medicine. Mannu goes to swap the glasses. She hides seeing Raj. Raj sees the wine. Sakshi feeds him the wine. Mannu thinks Raj has drunk it, how will I stop this now. Simran plays. Amba packs tiffin. She recalls her children and cries. Simran says I have to go out and play. Amba says if you go out, we will lose. Simran says I will lose. Amba says if we win, we will get car and go out. Simran says no, I want to go out. Amba slaps her. Simran cries and asks Amba not to go leaving her. Amba cries. Simran says take me along. Amba shuts door and goes. Rohan steals money from Amrit’s cupboard. She reminds his decision to stay with Harjeet. She says you did not come to meet me, today you came to take money. She cries. He keeps the money on bed and leaves. Raj gets drunk. Sakshi smiles and says I have a surprise for you. Mannu looks on and gets angry. Raj says show me the surprise. Sakshi blindfolds him. She takes him and shows the decorated room. Sakshi asks him to wait for her. She goes. Mannu hides.
Amba worries for Simran and thinks to go and see Simran once. Jagan sees Amba and says decent family women don’t go out like this at night, I will come along if you have work. She says I just came to have water. Jagan thinks your eyes show you are hiding a big secret. Mannu comes to Raj. Mannu says look at me. Raj asks why, you are not Preet, you come in front of me, see you are everywhere, strange, the more I try to hate you, when you come in front, my heart beats. Mannu smiles.

Raj says I will give you a surprise. He hugs her. Inna sona kyu…plays….They dance. Raj holds Mannu close. Sakshi comes there and gets shocked. She shouts Raj. She scolds Mannu. Raj pushes Mannu away. Mannu says it happens in love, was it important to interfere, our love story was going on. Raj asks her how did she come inside. He scolds her. Mannu says don’t worry, I will not fall lower than Sakshi, I m with my husband. Sakshi says I want her out right now. Raj falls asleep. Sakshi kicks out Mannu and says I will finish the work which I started you will just see. She shuts the door.

Sakshi smile and seeing Raj. Mannu thinks I can’t let Raj do this mistake. Sakshi says no one will come between us now. Mannu climbs the ladder and opens the window. She sees Sakshi and Raj getting close and cries. She says we did not had love between us, when there is no love, then I should leave from Raj’s life. Ehsaas hamesha…..plays…..She recalls Raj. Raj holds Sakshi and says Preet….. Sakshi gets shocked. Mannu stops hearing this. Sakshi gets away from him. Raj asks what happened Preet. Sakshi cries. Mannu says I just wanted to hear this, I can go to any extent to save our love. Raj asks Preet where are you. Mannu gets down the ladder. Sakshi drinks and says does Raj really love Preet.

Mohini asks Nihaal to hurry up. Nihaal asks are you sure Harjeet kept it here. She says yes. He opens the safe and gets the Kalgi. He smiles and says I got it. He locks the safe. They leave.

Simran leaves from the godown. She sees a car and recalls Amba’s words. She sits inside the car and sleeps. The car leaves. Mohini and Nihaal come to Rohan’s room and keep the Kalgi in his cupboard. They leave. Amrit sees them and asks what are you two doing in Rohan’s room. Nihaal says we came to drop Rohan to room, he is drunk, Harjeet would have scolded him. They leave.
Its morning, Raj wakes up and says why is all this messed up, where is Sakshi. Mannu gets the tea. He asks where did you go Sakshi. She asks how was your honeymoon. He asks what are you doing here, get lost. She asks him to have tea. She says you were taking my name, see I have come. He calls manager and says a stranger girl came in my room, get her out.

He says I will not take your name even if I m dying. She asks why, you were taking my name, Sakshi added something in your glass to come close to you, even then you took Preet’s name, you love me, look there. He sees Sakshi with bag. He pushes Mannu. He says I don’t know how Preet came here. Sakshi says enough, you need this Preet, not me, you love her, I spiked your drink, its true, even then you took Preet’s name, you always lied to me that you hate Preet, you should have told me that you love her. She goes. Raj gets angry and stops her. He says whatever I m is because of you, I reached here because of you, I m on my feet, I m grateful you came in my life, you mean a lot to me. She says maybe this is the problem, you are grateful to me, but don’t love me, I just loved you, I did not care for anything, you came here and married Preet. Mannu says don’t come in her words, accept the truth, you were drunk and took my name. Raj says enough, what did you say I took your name in drunken state, I hate you a lot because you killed my brother Raman, I can never love you, you want to see how was my honeymoon, see now. He holds Sakshi and hugs her. Mannu cries.

Manager makes Mannu leave. Mannu says I won’t go, you just love me. Sakshi apologizes to Raj for spiking his drink. She says I love you a lot. He says I should say sorry, you got much hurt. She says my life will pass by some of your love. She hugs him. She says if you love Preet, I will go from your life. Raj says I just hate Preet, I can never love her, she killed Raman, I m your friend, I promise to be with you all life. She says my love is enough for both of us, just tell me once that you are mine. Raj recalls Mannu.

Raj hugging Sakshi. Inspector comes with manager. Raj asks how are you doing this, what happened. Sakshi says leave me. Inspector says you have to come with us to police station, we got news about prostitution racket. Raj says no, I m from decent family. Inspector calls Mannu and asks is she your wife. Raj gets shocked. Amba sees godown door open and looks for Simran. She recalls Simran’s words and goes to find her.

Harjeet and Mohini look for Kalgi. Nihaal and Pammi say its nowhere. Harjeet asks how did it disappear. Rohan says one who needs money will steal it. Nihaal says right, but who will need money here. Harjeet thinks of Rohan. Amba looks for Simran. Raj asks Sakshi to wait and goes to talk to inspector. Inspector asks him to prove his marriage, else just sit. Mannu comes

and gives water to them. Harjeet looks for Kalgi in Rohan’s cupboard. He gets the kalgi and asks Rohan about it. Rohan says its kalgi, what else.
Harjeet asks how did this reach your cupboard, you started stealing for wine. Amrit comes. Rohan says I did not steal, I don’t know. Harjeet slaps him. Jagan asks Amba where is she going. Amba says I just came to godown. Jagan asks her to come home, my guests are coming, I want you to cook food. She thinks I have to find Simran. He insists and takes her. Rohan is thrown out of the house. He falls on car. Simran is inside the car. He says I did not steal kalgi, this is my house soon. Harjeet pushes him and says now you have to work hard to come close to me. Amrit holds Rohan and says where will he go, making him leave house is not a solution. Rohan says I don’t need anyone’s favor. Mohini asks Harjeet to forgive Rohan. Harjeet says see what he did by his drinking habit, he is arguing, see his attitude, tell me one reason to keep him at home. Mohini says he is your son. Harjeet says he has to do something, see Raj, he married enemy’s daughter for us, Rohan can come back if he does anything for family.

Mannu says inspector is right, one should not romance anyone in hotel room when he already has wife, tell inspector I m your wife, then I will save you, promise. Raj says I will never say you are my wife. Mannu says lets see what police does with you. A man comes to file report. He sees Raj and says he is Harjeet Bajwa’s son. Mannu signs the man. The man says Raj is big man’s son, he would not do crime that police catches him. Inspector asks Raj did he know about his marriage. Raj says please try to understand. Inspector says put him in lockup. Sakshi asks what do you mean. Inspector scolds them. They put Raj in lockup. Mannu comes and says I will give you proof, he is my husband, I m his wife, Raj made me wear this mangalsutra. She asks Raj to say. Raaj says yes, Preet is my wife.

Mannu telling inspector that Sakshi is her friend, she was staying in same hotel. Inspector asks how to verify you arr saying true. Mannu asks him to come to village and check. Raj gets angry. Mohini apologizes to Rohan and does aid to his hand. She says this happened because of Preet, Harjeet stays angry all the time, Preet has come to ruin this house, once we throw her out, you can come back. She gives him money and car keys, asking him to take care. Mohini thinks I will make them out of the house one by one. Mannu and Raj are on the way with police. She holds Raj’s hand and says this would have not happened if you were not with Sakshi, husband should be with wife after marriage. Sakshi looks at them. Jagan is with his friends. Amba comes. Jagan says Amba is cooking really good dishes. Amba worries thinking of Simran. She misses Preet. Raavi pacifies. Amba says I have cooked food, I have to go out. Jagan sees Amba going and thinks what is she hiding. He follows her.
Police stops at the dhaba. Mannu does not let Sakshi sit with Raj. Raj signs Sakshi. Inspector asks them to order food if they want. Mannu says my hands look dirty, Raj feed me food. She holds his hand. Raj pulls his hand away. He sees inspector and eats food. Mannu asks inspector did he feed food to his wife, when he went on his honeymoon. Inspector says yes. Mannu says Raj is shy and not feeding my food well, he is shy as if Sakshi is his lover, not friend. Raj sees inspector and feeds Mannu.

Mannu taunts Sakshi. Raj coughs. Mannu feeds him water. Rohan thinks of Harjeet’s words. Simran says drive faster. Rohan turns to see her and gets shocked. He says Simmi…. and hits the car to the tree. Simran gets down the car and says you are very bad. Rohan asks her where is he going. He goes after her.

Amba sees Simran and goes to her. She gets hurt. She sees Jagan hiding and looking on. Amba thinks Jagan can see Simran, what shall I do. Rohan asks Simmi is she alive. Simran says I won’t talk to you. Rohan sees Amba and takes Simmi. Amba distracts Jagan and prays for Simran. Jagan comes and asks why are you sitting here, go. She makes excuse and worries for Simran. Mannu says I will wash hands and come. Simran also washes her hands. Sakshi stops Mannu and argues. Mannu says I m just showing love, Raj loves me, he was making me jealous. Sakshi says things will change after we reach home. Mannu says you have to make stories to come close to Raj. Sakshi goes. Inspector asks them to sit in car. Simran leaves from there. Mannu washes her hands. Sakshi says I can’t bear this now. Raj says even I m thinking the same. The place catches fire. Mannu gets caught inside the fire. Mannu sees Raj.

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