Thursday update On Made For Each other 30th January 2020

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Thursday update On Made For Each other 30 January 2020: The Episode begins with Mr. Bajaj holding Prerna’s hand and takes .

Made For Each other Thursday 30 January 2020: She believes why do I feel I should be here and someone dear is there, however, who will be here close to the temple. She leaves. The men accept Anurag to another vehicle. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj come home. There are many guests in the home. Shivani calls Prerna and inquires where is Anurag. Prerna says I don’t understand, is he fine. Shivani says good, do not do so play that you care for everyone, why did you do this, I know what, Anurag just loved you, he was sitting in mandap, we had been preparing to take you to mandap, you cheated us and Anurag, you’re marrying Mr. Bajaj.

Prerna yells and says you have to understand, who advised you. Shivani turns and sees Ronit smiling. Ronit winks for her and goes. Shivani says why did you really do this and cheat all of us. Prerna says for everybody’s good. Shivani inquires who gave you to become Lord and pick for others’ lives, its no use to say anything, go and do anything you need, just tell me where is Anurag.

Prerna says he’d be there. Shivani says that he went to stop your marriage, where’s he. Prerna asks does Anurag understand. Shivani says , he had been going to stop your union, where’s he. Mr. Bajaj and everybody wait for Prerna. Prerna is on call. Prerna recalls the crash victim. Pandit goes tilak to Mr. Bajaj. Prerna believes that is why I felt there’s someone dear there. She runs off crying. She falls upon the road. Anurag is brought to the hospital. Prerna asks people about him. She comes to the hospital. Mr. Bajaj begs for her and hears pandit talking. Prerna proceeds to view Anurag. Mr. Bajaj enters the house.

Pandit states grahpravesh won’t be considered full without bahurani. Prerna steps within the leaves and ward red footprints by her bleeding feet. She yells seeing Anurag. She says I’ve hurt your heart, so I m broken, I can’t show my pain to anyone, you will say I cheated you, you inform me, if I took this measure to save , is it a cheat, what could I do, there was no way abandoned, you did the same, you supported my loved ones and saved me, you married Komolika, I only needed you, I married Mr. Bajaj, I know we will stay far, but I will be pleased that you’re living. She rubs his palms. She asks physician what occurred to him. Doctor says he is going to be fine, we gave him the shot, there is nothing to worry.

Prerna hugs Anurag and says I thought I could lose you. She sees her mangalsutra and remembers her marriage. She gets back and yells. She leaves. Shivani comes home and cries visiting Veena singing. She hides and cries. She states how can you do this Prerna. Shekhar makes Mahesh ready. They believe to dance. Suman says Veena did not dance in our marriage. Veena says we’d all responsibility that time, you are here to manage responsibility now. Suman says Prerna is going to Switzerland. They all dance. Banno teri….plays…

Shivani sees them and goes to her room. She asks how can Prerna do this, why did she deceive everybody. Prerna calls Shivani and states I thought you won’t answer the call. Shivani says I will do everything publicly, I m not a coward like you. Prerna says I phoned to say thanks, I’d haven’t known anything about Anurag, inform the family that he is in the hospital, he is fine. Shivani asks how can he really be fine after everything you did with him, how can you leave that individual, tell me. She says no, seven births and all is a lie, just our hearts can be together, we can never be together, I m someone else’s spouse today. Shivani says quite good, keep it up, you risked Anurag’s lifetime, he’ll die with no.

Prerna says I do not know what’s going to happen with me, take care of everyone, not one will forgive me, they will despise me, you understand me, I did this as it was imp for everyone’s great, I admit that I did wrong, but the motive was right.

She finishes the call.

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