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The Episode begins with DD sending Kesar to get the ring. Later DD comes and sees Jigna in her room. She asks what she is doing there. Kesar brings the ring.

Roshni says she is not going to get interact with out her papa. DD says your papa could be caught somewhere. Shiv is on the bike and speeding in direction of the house, whereas the goons observe him. Sid asks Pandit ji to do Misha and Neil’s engagement first, and says Roshni and I’ll get engaged later. Pandit ji says okay. Misha stands intently with Sid. Neil’s mum asks her to steer clear of Sid, and tells that she is getting engage to her son Neil. Misha says Sid is her best good friend and can stand along with her. Neil’s mum explains to her. Misha will get offended and breaks vase on her head. She tells Neil to get engage to her and says she taught a lesson to his mum. Neil reminds her that she is his mum. He tells Sid that Misha is mad girl. Sid says he is aware of and asks him to understand. Neil’s mum says Misha will kill her certainly if he marries her.

Roshni reminds Neil that he loves Misha. Neil says I love my mum also. Raj says Misha is alone on this world, and if you go away her then where she is going to go. Neil says he isn’t a big hearted and might’t see his mum being ill treated by Misha. Neil holds Sid liable for Misha’s situation. He says I used to be praying that Misha will get effectively, however she didn’t get effectively and that’s due to you. Sid feels responsible. Neil’s mum asks Raj to get Sid married to Misha as an alternative. Roshni asks Neil not to do that. Neil says I’m executed with it, and pronounces that he’s breaking the engagement. Misha smirks. Neil and his mum leaves.

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Shiv thinks he has to succeed in dwelling, and he can’t let mad girl Misha to break his daughter’s life. Misha will get hysterical and says my engagement didn’t occur. Sid asks her to relax and requires physician. Roshni recollects Neil’s phrases and takes Sid along with her to room. Sid asks Roshni, are you out of your thoughts? Roshni says we don’t have every other manner out. Are you able to see your finest good friend like this. She is unhappy. Sid says he don’t have time for all this, and asks who do you assume I’m. Roshni tells him that their love and relation is exclusive. She says you’ll not neglect that day. She says we have been helpless that day, however not in the present day. You’ll really feel unhealthy to see Misha in asylum. We’ve to sacrifice for Misha. Sid breaks the issues and hugs Roshni asking what did she ask for. Roshni offers her promise to Sid and asks him to marry Misha. They hear somebody shouting for Misha and rush out.

Misha is standing on the terrace wall, and threatens to leap. Everybody ask her to get down. Sid asks Misha to listen to him. Misha acts madly and cries saying she is going to die. Sid asks Misha to hearken to him. Roshni asks Sid to conform to her sayings. Sid asks Misha to get down. Misha threatens to leap. Everybody will get tensed. Sid tells everybody loves you very a lot. I’ll seek for a greater man for you. Misha emotionally blackmails him and says bye Sid. Beeji asks her to not leap. Misha closes her eyes and waits for Sid to cease her. Roshni asks Sid to inform Misha. Sid tells Misha that he’ll marry her. Everyone seems to be shocked. Misha smiles as her plan succeeds and relax. Sid now agrees to marry Misha. Misha smiles and then turns to him. She asks him not to lie, and says additionally, you will depart me like Neil.

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Sid says I’m not lying and is able to get engage to her right now. Everyone seems to be shocked. Misha asks will you really get engage to me. Sid promises her. Misha asks him to promise not to leave her and go.

Sid promises and asks her to come down. Misha holds his hand and comes down. Roshni cries badly after doing a big sacrifice for psycho Misha. Misha hugs him and says today is our engagement. Everyone is shocked. DD thinks she can’t let it happen. The goons come to DD’s house to catch Shiv.

Shiv sees him going inside and thinks he have to save kids from Misha and the goons. DD goes to Sid and gives him a tight slap. She asks have you gone mad? How dare you to play with Roshni’s emotions. She is not a toy for playing. Raj says it is good to help others, but this is not right to ruin Roshni’s life for helping others.

Roshni asks DD to understand. DD says this man has showed his place. Misha acts again. DD says this is not fair, you are ruining two lives. Roshni asks DD to come with her. Misha tries to hit DD. Sid stops her. DD asks to throw Misha out. She tells Roshni that she didn’t expect this from her and will not support her either. Roshni hugs her and cries.

Beeji says everything will be fine. Sid takes Misha to room, and says DD is elder to him so she can do anything. He tells everyone loves us. Misha says today is my engagement and I want to get engage. Sid promises that her engagement will happen today itself. He says I will go and see the arrangement, asks her to be there.

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Once Sid goes, Misha shows her true face and boasts at her plan’s success. She says finally she has won Sid for forever and no one can stop her. Sid is still unable to believe and couldn’t come to terms. He looks at Roshni.

Mere Rubara Tu hi Tu……………..plays………Roshni too stares him emotionally. They get close before parting ways. Sid tells why us always? He asks why we shall sacrifice always? He asks why? Roshni holds his hand and says our love will not lessen with the new changes.

I love you and will always love you. Roshni tells that she will always love him. Sid hugs her. Roshni says love is not easy, whatever we have done is our combine decision. She kisses him and gets close. Hamari Adhuri plays……………as she holds his hand. Shiv enters the house and thinks he will save Roshni. He says he can’t let his daughter’s life ruined. DD asks Mona to tell everyone to leave, as there is no engagement happening here. Roshni comes and says no one will leave, as engagement will happen.

Roshni looks at Sid. Shiv thinks to enter from back door. Sid says we have decided to do this for Misha’s betterment. I have to do engagement with Misha. Everyone is shocked. DD says this is your decision. You thought about yourself once again and not about Roshni. Roshni says this decision is combine decision.

She says Sid is just accepting her decision. Roshni says we can do this for her atleast. DD says you have fooled my daughter again and asks until when Roshni will be blinded. She says all men are same. She asks Raj to explain Sid to change his decision. Raj tries to speak. Sid says he has already decided and no one can change his decision.

DD says for those who get engage to Misha then your relation with this home will end, particularly with Roshni.

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