This is Love update Tuesday 26th November 2019 Glow Tv

This is Love update Tuesday 26th November 2019 Glow Tv


Ishita trying to cut the ropes. She gets hurt. Raman asks inspector to find about Parmeet, he has kidnapped Ishita. Inspector says I will find out with jail authorities. Simmi asks Raman to calm down. Ishita screams and falls back. Inspector says Parmeet is shifted from jail for health reasons. Simmi says I have seen him, he is fine. Raman says he is a smart criminal, which hospital did he go. Inspector says Survodaya hospital. They get shocked. Rohan looks on. He calls Sudha and asks are you behind Ishita’s kidnapping. She says no, I haven’t kidnapped her, I told this to Raman also. He says please mom, don’t lie to me, everyone feels Parmeet is behind kidnapping, they have got a proof also, they got Parmeet’s ring, P and S letters are engraved on it, Raman is getting police there to interrogate Parmeet, are you involved in this kidnapping. She thinks I can’t tell him truth. She says believe me, I didn’t kidnap Ishita, Parmeet has undergone a surgery, don’t think about their words, I will come in evening to meet you. Karan looks on and thinks why is Rohan getting emotional on Ishita’s kidnapping.

Raman says I won’t leave Sudha and Parmeet, I will kill them. Inspector asks him not to take law in his hands. Simmi and everyone calm down Raman. Bala says I will go with Raman. At hospital, nurse says I can’t give you permission to meet patient. Inspector says we need to question him. Sudha asks what’s happening here. Raman says you are guarding Parmeet here. They argue. Sudha says it won’t be good to meet Parmeet, he has underwent a surgery. Raman says its Sudha’s hospital, its all a lie, she has made wrong reports. Inspector checks reports and says Parmeet can’t do this crime. Raman asks where is his ring, its found in my house. Nurse asks are you talking about this ring. Raman gets shocked seeing same ring. He says this woman is very clever, its all her plan. Doctor asks them to go, let patient rest. Raman asks Parmeet to get up.

Sudha says enough, you found the ring, right, leave. Inspector says we have no proof, we have to leave. They leave. Sudha thinks Thank God Rohan called me and informed me about ring soon, I arranged duplicate ring. Simmi says how can this happen, you think its true, why did police not tell me about this big thing. Raman says I m just worried for Ishita. Inspector says Parmeet is no more our suspect, did you miss to tell me anything. Aman says no. Goons see Ishita’s bleeding hand and worry. Inspector says it means someone has come to your house to kidnap Ishita, how did kidnapper take her, guard didn’t tell me anything. Ruhi says he said the same thing to me, maybe kidnapper has put her inside something. Aaliya says maybe it was dark and nobody has seen it.

Raman asks Simmi to call watchman. Goons talk about Ishita. Goon says I will go and get a doctor for her. They clean the blood on floor. Raman checks the entries in register. He asks the watchman about it. The guard says the trash pickers had come that time. Raman scolds the guard. Inspector tries to find about the van. Amma asks nurse to call Bala. Appa tries to tell something. Amma asks the matter. She asks Bala to see what happened to him. Nurse says I will call doctor. Ishita says they are calling doctor, I have to make this message reach Raman some how. She writes the message by her blood. Raman goes to see Appa. Doctor checks Appa. He says maybe he got a paralytic attack, we have to shift him to hospital. Amma says he is worried for Ishita. She cries. Mrs. Bhalla consoles her. Doctor asks what has happened to this lady. Goon asks him to just give her injection. She keeps the note in doctor’s bag.

Ishita trying to put note in doctor’s bag. Raman talks to inspector on call. Pihu comes and says Christmas camp got over. He says I m not hungry. She says I know you are worried for Ishimaa. Rohan and Karan look on. She says no one has eaten food. He asks how will Dadi take medicines then. She says Ishimaa will be hurt knowing this, don’t worry we will find her. He hugs her and asks her to feed Dadi first.

She goes. Karan says this is such a melodramatic family. Rohan says this is not melodrama, this is love, these are real emotions, maybe you won’t understand this. Karan asks are you taunting me, what nonsense is this, love, emotions, feelings. Rohan says I feel I m talking sensibly, you won’t understand this. Raman asks what, Parmeet got conscious and wants to meet me, I m coming. He leaves. Doctor says patient is weak. Inspector asks Parmeet did you kidnap Ishita. Parmeet says no, I haven’t done anything. Raman asks why is Sudha taking care of you. Parmeet says I don’t know Sudha. Inspector goes out to attend call. Raman says tell me where is Ishita. Parmeet smiles and says you look helpless, you are begging me for your wife, I won’t tell you, is true that I kidnapped Ishita. Raman gets angry and says I knew it, tell me where is she. Inspector comes and says stop it. Raman says he spoke to me, he said he has kidnapped Ishita, trust me. Doctor injects Ishita and says the fever will subside. He goes. Ishita says leave me, my hand hurts. Goon scolds her. She hopes the doctor sends her message to Raman. Inspector asks will you do this when Parmeet instigates you. Raman says he told me that he has kidnapped Ishita. Everyone asks Inspector to help them. Inspector says if Raman reacts like this, it will delay the investigation, we will find her, I guarantee you. He gets a call and says keep tab on the van, I will just come. Raman says I will come along. He gets Bala’s call. Bala says Appa is serious, he needs a surgery.

Raman says Appa has much internal bleeding. Inspector says you go there, I will inform you. Raman gets dizzy and says get a glass of water for me, I have to go to the hospital. Rohan says I will drop you. Raman says your mum has troubled us a lot. He asks Ruhi to keep an eye on Rohan and karan. Karan thinks what happened to Rohan, why is he sympathizing with them. Sudha asks Karan about Ishita. Karan says we don’t know about her, Rohan is worrying for Raman, he was lecturing me over love and relations. She says maybe he is doing all this to get info from Bhallas, maybe its his plan, he is not an idiot. Karan says fine. Parmeet says Appa is hospitalized. She says we should keep Bhallas busy. He says your son is smart to pretend like a well wisher. Amma asks Raman to save Appa.

Raman says I will manage and transfer money. Bala says no, Appa needs blood, its a rare blood group, I m unable to find it. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to ask for AB negative blood donor. Ruhi asks what, Appa needs AB negative blood, I will try to find out and inform. Rohan says wait, my blood group is AB negative, I will donate my blood. Karan asks what are you saying. Mrs. Bhalla asks will you donate blood. Ruhi asks are you sure, come with me to hospital. Ishita burns something. Doctor says Rohan’s blood has matched. Simmi says I m surprised with Rohan’s concern for Appa. Raman asks Amma not to worry. Sudha calls her and asks how can you threaten Rohan to donate blood. Rohan doesn’t listen to Sudha and asks Simmi not to answer her calls. Sudha gets angry that Rohan has got in their control. Ishita shouts for help. Goons come in to look for her. She runs out. Goons run after her.

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