This is Love update Monday 25th November 2019 Glow Tv

This is Love update Monday 25th November 2019 Glow Tv

Everyone checking the gifts. They have a laugh. Music plays….. Raman says wow, everyone has got their gifts. Simmi asks are you enjoying Rohan. Rohan says thanks for this suit. Simmi says you tell me if you need anything. Ruhi gets Raman’s gift. She says Raman is Ishita’s secret Santa too.

They ask him to check. He says later, its a personal gift. They all insist him to open it. Bala takes the gift box and says head massager, you keep it. Raman goes. Ishita says he got upset, I will be back. She asks did you not like the gift. He asks are you real, who gifts head massager. She says you get angry all the time, this could relief you. He says you will never understand what I want. She says Raman, I know what’s going on in your mind, our hearts are connected, our love is beyond such gifts. He says whenever I get angry, you talk such things and I have no option than to give up. She checks her gift. She says so pretty watch, just the way I like. He says I had made it fit as per your wrist. He makes her wear it. She says I love it. She hugs him and thanks. He says lets go before someone comes to spoil our romantic moment. She says lets sit for some time.

Ruhi comes and calls them. He says I was telling you the same. Everyone drinks champagne. Ishita goes to attend doctor’s call. Everyone dances on Aankh Maare…. Parmeet comes as Santa’s avatar. Ruhi says dad has called him. Raman says I didn’t call him. Sudha comes and says I called him. She meets Rohan and Karan. Raman says I don’t want your gift. She says fine, no issues, Santa will take gifts back. Raman asks Aaliya to play the music. Everyone dances again. Sudha says this Santa is a paid actor, I got him here to make party entertaining, you both are wearing good clothes. Rohan says Simmi gifted the clothes to me. Karan signs yes to Sudha.

Sudha signs Parmeet to go. Parmeet sees Ishita on call. He burns some cracker. Everyone faints down by the smoke. Parmeet uses chloroform to faint Ishita. He puts her in a sack and leaves. Sudha signs him and acts to faint there. Parmeet asks goons to keep Ishita in warehouse. He sends off the van. He says Raman keep finding your Ishita. Everyone gets conscious. Raman asks where is Ishita.

Amma says she went to get food for her Appa. They all look for Ishita. Ishita is put up in the warehouse. She gets conscious and looks around. She says where am I, I don’t remember. She tries to recall.

Ishita trying to get help. She shouts Ruhi, Raman… Raman asks Sudha where is Ishita. She asks what, how am I behind this, if I had done this, I would have taken my sons with me and ran away. Rohan says why would mom do this, she knows we are at your mercy. Karan says I think Raman needs a mental checkup done. Raman asks him to stop nonsense. Appa faints. Everyone rushes to him. Doctor checks Appa. He asks what was the need to give him bad news, I warned you about his state, I gave him injection, make sure that he doesn’t undergo any stress. Bala says don’t know where is Ishita. Raman says don’t worry, I will go and find Ishita. Amma asks Bala to go with Raman and find Ishu. Amma goes to Appa and asks him to get fine, Ishu will be back. Raman asks how did this happen. Ruhi says smoke came from that side, where is that Santa, did Santa take Ishita. Raman says Sudha got that Santa Claus. Sudha says I called him from agency, when you said you don’t need him, I paid him and sent him, you can call the agency and ask. Raman calls the agency and asks about Santa. He says the Santa is there in agency, they can send him back to confirm. Mihika says how can Ishita disappear. Sudha says my manager did a good work. Parmeet comes to hospital. He lies down on the OT table and acts ill. Doctor also lies to constable. Parmeet smiles and thinks I fooled all of them, Bhallas would be in much tension. Bala calls clinic to ask about Ishita. Raman says I m going to police station.

Sudha offers help. Raman says I can help myself. Someone comes to Ishita. Sudha asks Karan to take care of Rohan. The man asks Ishita to have food. She runs. He hits on her leg and makes her fall. They catch Ishita. She shouts for help. She faints. They tie her up and lock the room. Mr. Bhalla asks guard if he has seen someone. Guard says no. Raman and Bala come. Ruhi asks Raman did he find Ishita. Raman angrily throws things. They all shout and stop him. Raman says this party idea was mine, Ishita is hurt. Mr. Bhalla asks will this bring Ishita back, calm down. Karan smiles. Bala says the kidnapper will call for ransom. Ruhi says I think Sudha has done this. Raman says I m not a kid, I want to go to my room. Simmi gets a ring. She says its Parmeet’s ring, this can’t happen. She asks everyone to calm down. Raman asks what happened. They all ask her to say it.

Simmi shows the ring. Raman says I have seen this ring. Simmi says its Parmeet’s ring, I have made this ring for him. Raman asks how did you get this, it means he had come here. She says he can’t come here, he is in jail, I had gone to meet him some days back. He asks why did you go to meet him. Sudha and doctor talk about Parmeet, and fool the constables. Doctor says we have removed his tumour, he will need some hours to gain consciousness, he needs time for recovery. The doctor asks her not to worry. She signs Parmeet and goes. Raman asks why did you meet Parmeet, answer me, I will kill you. Mrs. Bhalla says he has harmed our family members, why did you go. Simmi says I didn’t know why is money depositing in account, I went to ask him, he said he doesn’t know anything, he is in jail, he can’t be behind Ishita’s kidnapping. Raman says look into my eyes and answer me, if anything happens to Ishita, I will kill you both. Simmi says if anything happens to Ishita, I won’t forgive myself. She cries and goes to her room. She throws things. Rohan comes to her and asks why don’t you care for yourself, your hand is bleeding. He does the aid. She recalls Ananya and cries seeing him. He wipes her tears and asks her to stop crying. He says I know Raman is angry, someone kidnapped his wife, why is he angry on you. She says Raman is right, you don’t know what Parmeet has done with me and my family, he is a really bad man, I hate him.

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