This is Love August Teasers 2019 on Glo Tv

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  • Ishita to Shoots Aditya when he was going to assault Roshni, later Raman and Ishita Travel to Jaipur, Read This is Love August Teasers 2019 Glow Tv bel

This is Love Teasers August Teasers 2019 on Glo Tv

  • Thursday 1 August 2019
    Episode 1453
    Ishita cries for help when Bhavna attacks her. Raman, Romi and Ruhi hear the same and rush to save Ishita. Will they succeed?

    Episode 1454

    Raman gives Ishita a huge surprise on the occasion of Baisakhi. Roshni joins the Bhallas and Iyers to celebrate the occasion. Meanwhile, Ruhi suspects Param and Simmi’s evil intentions.

  • Friday 2 August 2019

    Episode 1455
    Someone pushes Ishita down the stairs! Raman falls unconscious upon seeing her injured. Will they be okay?

    Episode 1456
    Ruhi confronts Simmi, accusing her of trying to harm Ishita. Everyone is shocked to see the real culprit. Who could it be?

  • Monday 5 August 2019

Episode 1457
Raman and Ruhi go in search of Ishita, realizing that she is in danger. A trapped Ishita defends herself from Sonakshi’s spirit and decides to expose her!

Episode 1458
Ishita questions Raman about his recruitment project. Aarushi shows Ishita proof against Raman when she tells her that he is innocent.

  • Tuesday 6 August 2019

    Episode 1459
    Ishita is worried as she doesn’t find any clue, which suggests that Raman had sent Sonakshi to London. Meanwhile, Shravan lies to Raman for money.

    Episode 1460
    Aditya lies to the police that Roshni is his wife when the duo get into trouble. Ishita infers that someone is using Raman’s company’s name for fraudulent activities.

  • Wednesday 7 August 2019

    Episode 1461
    Ishita tells Aarushi that Raman’s company was not involved in sending Sonakshi abroad. Aarushi is attacked as Ishita tries to reach out to her.

    Episode 1462
    Aliya is upset as Aditya lied to the police about Roshni being his wife. She confronts Roshni about the same. Aditya asks her to apologize to Roshni.


  • Thursday 8 August 2019

    Episode 1463
    Ishita makes Raman realize that someone is using his signature and company’s name for fraudulent activities. Raman seeks Aarushi’s help to nab the fraudster.

    Episode 1464
    Raman and Ishita execute their plan to nab Sonakshi’s culprit. He introduces Aarushi as Sonakshi to his family. He and Ishita are shocked as Kiran recognizes Sonakshi.

  • Friday 9 August 2019

    Episode 1465
    Aarushi gets Kiran arrested after Raman and Ishita expose her fraudulent activities. How will Bala react to this?

    Episode 1466
    Ishita apologises to Param and Simmi. Mani bashes up Aditya upon finding him near Roshni’s house. Later, Aditya and Roshni get romantic.


  • Monday 12 August 2019

    Episode 1467
    Bala defends Kiran when Mihika, Madhavi and Vishwa criticize her. Raman and Ishita try to find out about the person who bailed Kiran out.

    Episode 1468
    Raman and Ishita learn the identity of the person who helped Kiran. Who could it be? Ishita pesters Kiran to tell her about the person involved in the fraud with her.

  • Tuesday 13 August 2019

    Episode 1469
    Kiran tells Sooraj that she can no longer take part in his illegal activities. He threatens to kill Bala if she complains against him to the police. Aditya apologizes to Aliya for hurting her feelings.

    Episode 1470
    Aditya takes a selfie of him with Aliya and sends it to Roshni. He further tells Roshni that he cannot stay away from her. Will Aliya find out about this?

  • Wednesday 14 August 2019

    Episode 1471
    Ishita asks Madhavi to spy on Kiran. Aditya gives a romantic surprise to Aliya. Later, Madhavi follows Kiran when she goes to meet Sooraj.

    Episode 1472
    Raman confronts Sooraj and threatens to get him arrested but Sooraj remains undaunted. How will Raman handle the situation?

  • Thursday 15 August 2019

    Episode 1473
    Ishita asks Roshni to work as her assistant. Will she accept the offer?

    Episode 1474
    Ruhi confronts Param for blackmailing Ishita. Overhearing their conversation, Raman gets into a fight with Param. Later, Ishita does something terrible!

  • Friday 16 August 2019

    Episode 1475
    Ruhi is frustrated with Ishita’s behaviour towards her. After Raman corners her, Ishita gives in and reveals the disturbing truth about Pihu.

    Episode 1476
    Raman decides to protect Pihu, while Simmi is determined to send Pihu to jail. Shagun confronts Aditya and Roshni.

  • Monday 19 August 2019

    Episode 1477
    Shagun requests Roshni to stay away from Aditya and Aliya’s life. After learning the truth about Ananya’s death, Simmi promises Raman that she won’t stand against Pihu in court.

    Episode 1478
    Ruhi reveals to Raman and the family that Aditya is involved with Sooraj in the recruitment scam. Could this be true?

  • Tuesday 20 August 2019

    Episode 1479
    Aditya compels Roshni to come with him. He tells Shantanu that he will not let him marry Roshni.

    Episode 1480
    Aliya is devastated as Adi forces her to divorce him so that he can marry Roshni. Raman brings Aditya to task for his atrocities against Aliya.

  • Wednesday 21 August 2019

    Episode 1481
    Aliya is shocked to receive a divorce notice from Adi. Aditya plots to stop Roshni from marrying Shantanu.

    Episode 1482
    Armed with a gun, Adi kidnaps Roshni from the wedding venue. Meanwhile, Raman; Ruhi and the others are shocked when Simmi speaks against Pihu in court.

  • Thursday 22 August 2019

    Episode 1483
    Ishita shoots Adi when he is about to attack Roshni! After eight months, Ishita and Raman rejoice as Pihu is being released from the juvenile home.

    Episode 1484
    Ishita is dejected as Raman accuses her of killing Aditya and tells Pihu the same. Pihu insists on going with Ishita.

  • Friday 23 August 2019

    Episode 1485
    Raman confronts Ishita for not giving Aditya a second chance. He compels Ishita’s society members to oust her from their building.

    Episode 1486
    Ishita rejoices when Pihu talks to her through a video call, but is shocked to see Raman confront her for the same.

  • Monday 26 August 2019

    Episode 1487
    Ruhi and Santosh are shocked upon learning that Pihu is missing. Where could she have gone?

    Episode 1488
    Ruhi is shocked when Aliya tells her that Shagun hates Pihu. Later, Ishita tells Roshni that she wants to be alive for her and Aditya’s child.

  • Tuesday 27 August 2019

    Episode 1489
    Aliya is furious with Ishita for taking care of Roshni. Ishita reminisces the incidents that happened after she shot Adi and the promise she made to Roshni.

    Episode 1490
    Ruhi criticizes Raman for getting drunk while Romi makes a shocking revelation to Mihika.

  • Wednesday 28 August 2019

    Episode 1491
    The income tax officials raid Raman’s office. Raman overhears an officer talking to Ishita over the phone and holds her responsible for the sudden action.

    Episode 1492
    Raman advises Shagun not to compel Aliya to remarry. Ishita executes a clever strategy to persuade Aliya.

  • Thursday 29 August 2019

    Episode 1493
    Raman flirts with his girlfriend in front of Ishita to make her feel jealous. He ends up realizing that he still is in love with Ishita.

    Episode 1494
    Ruhi plans to make Ishita and Raman sort out their differences. Ishita and Raman have to leave for Jaipur.

  • Friday 30 August 2019

Episode 1495
Raman and Ishita leave for Jaipur together but get stranded on the way due to a storm. Meanwhile, Ruhi goes to Roshni’s place when she complains of feeling uneasy.

Episode 1496
Ishita finds Raman gagged and tied in their hotel room! Who could have done this?

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