This is Fate 6th October 2020: On This is Fate Monday update 6th October 2020, Preeta pleads with Sarla to take her purse after which she runs to get her bad exclaiming that Dadi needs her help she assures Sarla that she will be back soon.

Maira explains that she wants Preeta to not be in anyone’s mind at the Luthra house so she can make her mark and establish the house as her family, Sherlin asks her to take the example of a glass of water, she explains that the only way Preeta would stop coming to their house is when she is dead, Maira is left stunned at Sherlin praises her intelligence saying that she is a smart girl.
Rakhi offers to massage Dadi but she stops her explaining that it would hurt, Karina mentions that she said Preeta would not come as she doesn’t care for their family, Risahb stops her saying that she cannot think bad of her as she does not stay alone at her house and it is possible that she might be in trouble, Rishab is about to go and bring Preeta, Karan stops him saying that he will himself bring her, Rishab exclaims that it is better Karan brings her as he feels Sarla will not her come, Karina disagrees saying that she would never stop her as Sarla always wanted their wealth, Rishab however explains that it is not the case, Dadi request Karina to talk politely with Preeta and not insult her.
Karan is walking towards the door when he bumps into Preeta who is looking down, he catches her and they both start to share a romantic backflash thinking of all the past moments where they spent their lives together, Maira comes and is shocked to see both of them together, Sherlin also is shocked but is happy that she would not have to make up a story as now Maira has seen it all by herself.
Karan leaves Preeta exclaiming that she has not changed and bumped into her, Preeta says that she was the one who bumped into her, They both start and argument after which when karan asks the reason she was late Preeta mentions that she is sorry, Karan makes fun of her so she leaves running, he also goes after her.
Maira is crying, Sherlin consoles her and leaves while Maira gets really frustrated,
Sameer asks if Shrishti has anything more to say, she asks him to pay the bill, he asks that she would never call him a coward as he is not eating with her at the local market, she pranks him saying that Sarla is standing behind her at which he stops her but then when she is really coming from behind Shrishti, she does not believe him however he runs and hides behind a stall, she at first doesn’t believe him but when she hears it with her own ears then runs to sit with him, Sarla and Janki both come at the stall where they are hiding, they look for the vendor to whom the stall belongs but he is nowhere near the stall, Shrishti requests Sameer to stand up with his back facing Sarla, he stands and when they ask the reason he is looking at the other side, he explains that he cannot see them because he has a fast and so that is why he cannot see anyone, Sarla asks why did he bring the cart when he could not see anyone, Sarla asks if they can put the vegetables by themselves and when they start placing them the real owner also comes and is worried to see who is robbing him by selling his inventory, Sameer is worried about what he will do.
Karina explains that she was telling the truth and they should call another doctor, Preeta enters from behind and immediately comes to sit with Dadi, she inquiries about the pain then gives her some medicine, she also asks for the box which she prepared, Rishab explains to Rakhi that there is no need to worry as Preeta has come so now she will take care of Dadi.
Preeta leaves to get the medicines, Dadi gets relaxed, Risahb thanks Preeta for coming as he is aware that she might have faced a lot of problem however Preeta mentions that there is no need.


Sarla ask how they will weight the vegetables, Sameer mentions that he will not be the one but his master will weight them, the owner comes from the front Sameer explains to him the entire situation also assuring that he does not need any money from them so the owner also plays along and when they get the entire vegetables, Sarla drops her purse which Janki kneels to pick, they both plead with her to not tell Sarla, she also assures then asks Sarla to not come with her as they should go back to their house, Sameer and Shrishti both leave after thanking the vendor for his help.
they both get in the car, Sameer is really worried about what might have happened, Shrishti gets a call from Preeta who mentions that she is with Dadi at the Luthra house and is going to get her medicine box, Shrishti ends the call then explains that Preeta is in the Luthra house which makes her wonder that Dadi might have called her, Sameer also gets really excited and is also hopeful that everything will be the same as it was before really soon.

Preeta enters the store room and is left in complete shock, she turns on the light but it is not functional, she turns to find Karan standing with a lighter, she at first gets scared but then thanks him, he asks if she has placed the box in the store room, she asks what he came to talk about, he explains that he knows she would never tell the truth in front of everyone so can tell him if something is wrong, Preeta denies explaining that she always says the truth, then she spots the bad In which she placed the medicine box saying that she chose this place because everyone in their house has a separate box, she takes out the bad and turns to find Karan standing right behind her, they both look into each other’s eyes, when she tries to leave he thanks her saying that it felt nice that she came to their house, she responds that she is only fulfilling her duty as a doctor, he asks how can she be so nice and why did she come at once, Preeta is not even aware of it mentioning that she comes because she feels that she even to the present day has some relation with the house because she also feels anger at karan’s attitude, he mentions that he thought she was saying that she still loves him but when she leaves he wonders how stupid he is so he must inform her of what he actually meant.
Dadi explains that she is actually feeling better and so believes that Preeta is really a good doctor, Maira enters and is left in confusion as she feels that it would be a difficult task to make her mark in the heart of the Luthra family when they all are still attached to Preeta, she wonders where both karan and Preeta are.
{Preeta is walking wondering what karan said that and if he really meant that she was looking beautiful, he comes from behind calling her but she does not stop, when he comes near her he accidentally tears her dupatta, they both are about to get into a fight but Preeta says that it was her mistake and so moves ahead, Karan is not able to comprehend what is happening so goes after her, Sherlin asks Maira to realize what she has been informing her, Preeta applies some medicine on Dadi’s feet, Dadi is really relaxed that she is with her asking her to come near her, she hugs Preeta explaining that she is really apologetic for her behaviour with her, Preeta again sits with her.
Karina is not able to bear the site so leaves the room, Preeta sits with Dadi, Karan is looking at her with his eyes filled with love, Risahb sees him then goes to talk with him saying that he should talk with Preeta as she came and took care of everything.
Maira sees them both talking and walks away, she is crying and bumps into Karina who asks her the reason she is crying, she says that she feels Preeta has come to come closer to Karan and stop Maria’s marriage with him, she explains that entire situation that happened on the night of the Mehndi function, karina promises her that she will make sure that they get married as she knows how to fulfil her promise.
Preeta explains that she has finalized the treatment and so now Dadi will feel all better when she wakes up in the morning, so she has to leave, Rakhi insists that Risahb should be the one to drop her but Preeta does not agree, at last when Karan is determined to be the one to drop her off she agrees. Karan and Preeta are in the car they both are not talking but are not able to stop their memories from reoccurring, the car stops and Preeta asks what has happened, Karan points at her house saying that they have arrived, she gets ready to leave but stops wondering that he called her but he refuses, when she leaves he thinks of weather he should give it to her, then he wonders how she would feel.
Karan calls Preeta but she doesn’t stop wondering that it is just her memories, he comes from behind pulling her dupatta, he says that he was calling her and so hands her the bag, she looks and there are 5 dupattas in it, she ask why is he giving her 5 of them when he tore only four, he explains that the fifth one tear the present day, so he is giving her the gift as before it he felt awkward, after presenting her the gift karan sits in his car but stops it just Infront of where Preeta is standing, he drives off, Maira is spying on them both, she is left heartbroken seeing how close they both have gotten in such a short period as before they would not have dared to see each other.

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