This is fate update Tuesday 30 November 2021

This fate 30 November 2021: Preeta warns Sherlin saying she doesnot want the Luthra family might do as they can even throw her out of the house if she tell them what Sherlin tried to do, those who love her would still get tensed but can they not live together happily, she assures that she would not tell the truth to anyone as she is the wife of Rishab and they even praise her as she is the daughter in law of the family, she just desires to trust her because she is also a mother, can she trust her that Sherlin will never try to harm her child ever again, Sherlin taking her hand promises her that she will never try to harm her child ever again, she leaves the kitchen while Preeta is crying, Sherlin is still standing angrily outside the kitchen

Preeta while walking in the hall thinks that she has tried her best to correct Sherlin and even tried in a polite manner but even if she doesnot mend her ways then it would be really problematic, Karina exclaims she is really excited for this trip, she exclaims Preeta has also come, Dadi calls her mentioning she made her remember her childhood so she once again wants to relive it, Preeta asks how will they do it, Dadi replies she has hired a bus to go for the wedding and enjoy themselves, Rakhi coming explains it cannot happen as Preeta is pregnant and they would now have to make every plan while considering the pregnancy of Preeta, Dadi agrees to cancel the plan, Karina however asks her to consult a doctor first and they would then plan, Rakhi asks how would they get the appointment but Preeta mentions she has already made an appointment, Karina asks her to make sure that she asks everything from the doctor, Dadi says that if she allows Preeta to travel in the car then they can go on the bus but Preeta mentions she would also go with them as she also desires to have the fun.


Sherlin fights with Prithvi explaining that she was forced to kneel in front of Preeta because of him and now their relation has ended, he is just the husband of Kritika for her while she the wife of Rishab, Prithvi tries to explain himself, she doesnot want to listen explaining he deceived her by telling Kritika who in turn informed Shristhi and that is how Preeta came to know of her plan, Prithvi tries to explain he is her boyfriend however she mentions there is always a time for a relation, she feels that it is now the time for their relation.


Janki is watching the movie, Sarla comes out of the kitchen mentioning that Preeta would love to eat the ladoo which she has prepared, she would now go and give it to her, Shristhi rushes out of he room saying she is ready, Janki questions what is this discrimination as they did not even tell her, Shristhi replies it was because she was busy in her movies, Janki scolding her says she can also watch the movies with her if she desires, she can even tell Shristhi any dialogue which she doesnot understand, Janki asks for two minutes to get ready, Sarla laughs at her, she mentions she will end the cable connection as Janki even tries to talk In English, Shristhi asks her to let Janki enjoy, she tries to take one of the ladoo but Sarla says that she has made them for Preeta because she is about to be a mother and during pregnancy the mother desires to eat them, Shristhi agrees to not eat them since she has made it for Preeta, Sarla asks her to go and hire an auto while she will come, she asks Janki to come and close the door


The doorbell rings, Preeta runs thinking it is karan, Rakhi and Dadi stop her, asking where is she going, Preeta mentions she was just about to sit and they can go and open the door, Preeta however says that it is not like that but they then ask her to go and open the door, Preeta opening it is left shocked seeing Janki standing their with the sun glasses, Janki wishes her congratulations in English hearing which she is stunned, Shristhi and Sarla also come, Preeta hugs them when Dadi asks her to call them inside, Sarla sits down at the sofa, Janki says to Preeta that she is trying to learn the English and till the time the child is born she would be able to speak fluent English, Preeta assures she would be able to speak English.


Shristhi says to Preeta she can swear on her that she did not steal even a single ladoo and they all are for her, Preeta is really happy, Janki questions why was she tensed after opening the door, Rakhi explains it was because she thought that karan came back and was shocked to see them, Preeta tries to clarify saying it was nothing of the sort, she asks why did Sarla not inform them before coming, Dadi replies she asked her so Preeta gets a surprise and they are able to see the smile, Rakhi mentions they have decided to give her small surprises each and every day, Sarla also says she wishes to see Preeta smiling, Sarla then advises Preeta to eat one ladoo every morning with milk as they are healthy for the child and the mother. Rakhi assures Sarla that she would make sure Preeta eats healthy, she asks Sherlin to go and arrange the breakfast.


Sherlin turns but asks Sameer for the help saying he must arrange the breakfast, he agrees and takes the blessing of Sarla, Sameer asks Shristhi to ask her friend how the weather is at Lonadwala, she asks why does he want to know, he replies it is because they are going there, Rakhi mentions that Karan’s friend Sonakshi is getting married there and so it would be nice as a vacation, Sarla asks Rakhi to take care of Preeta and make her eat the ladoo as she would be satisfied, Rakhi assures she would take care of Preeta more than herself, Sameer takes their apology.

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Karina coming out of the room asks Sherlin what is wrong with her, Sherlin questions if she would ever be treated with respect in this house because she is being asked to do all the work and even Rakhi asked her to serve the food for Sarla and Janki, she is not the servant of this house, and why is Sarla coming again and again as she also came last night.


Karina asks why is she talking like this because Preeta is pregnant and when a women is pregnant she is made to rest and not work, she replies that when Sherlin was pregnant Preeta was asked to take the responsibility of the entire house and also care for her so she must also do the same and as for Sarla coming to this house it is nice since she is the mother of Preeta and it shows how much she cares for her, which was not depicted since Sanjana did not come to meet her, Sherlin asks if she is trying to say that her mother doesnot love her, Karina replies it is not like that, she considers Sherlin as a daughter and even Rakhi loves her a lot but she also cares for her family, she can even go against Preeta but would not do it since she has given the Luthra family a lot of happiness which is their right, as it is said that love is thicker, she must not be worried and come down with the breakfast.

Sameer enters the kitchen drinking water when Shristhi also comes saying she is going to kidnap him, he asks her to do so as then they would be alone, Shristhi mentions since they are going to Lonadwala and Preeta is also going with them, he agrees to take care of her but Shristhi says that she wants him to keep an eye on Sherlin, Shristhi explains she saw Sherlin in the party where she was trying to harm Preeta, Sameer says that he thought that she would have mended her ways but it is not the case, Sameer is shocked to see Janki standing at the door, she has heard the entire conversation.


Janki vows to not let her go and walks to the hall, Shristhi manages to pull her back requesting she do not reveal anything, Janki questions since when did she become so scared, Dadi asks Sarla what are they fighting about, Sarla replies it might be on something small, Shristhi request her to not drag the family into this but Janki rushes out calling Sherlin, Sarla asks why is she shouting, Janki replies if she told her then she would shout even louder, after hearing what Sherlin was planning.

Sarla questions Janki why is she shouting, Janki replies if someone beaks the law then they should be punished, she says that if Janki told Sarla she would also shout, Karina even comes down asking why is Janki yelling, Sherlin also questions why is she calling her name, Janki mentions that years ago when she came to work in Sarla’s house, she would get mad when Sarla would scold her but she realized that Sarla is really nice as she gave her a family only after she started living with her, Sherlin questions what is she trying to imply. Janki warns her to not be so innocent as it means that sometimes it is not as it looks but this is not true for her as she was and still is really bad, meaning she hated Preeta and is still jealous of her, Janki asks does she think she is some mental person who us yelling like this, she knows what sort of thing has Sherlin did, Karina questions why is she blaming Sherlin, Rakhi and Dadi also ask Janki to calm down, she asks Janki to reveal what happened, Janki turns to Shristhi asking her to speak the truth, Preeta asks why are they stuck in what happened yesterday, Sarla also asks Preeta to reveal the truth because no one is telling them.

Janki exclaims that something which is so heinous has happened, she turning to Shristhi asks her to speak the truth because it is the matter of Preeta, Karina questions what is she saying because they cannot understand anything, they once again question what happened, Sherlin mentions that she got into a misunderstanding with Preeta but has apologized for what happened, Karina asks the reason she is apologizing, Janki mentions that the reason is so heinous which cannot be forgotten, she is the elder daughter in law of the family so should have cared for Preeta but instead she did the unspeakable, Preeta requests Janki to let it slide as it was a personal thing which was not even that big of an issue, Janki insists on speaking the truth, she is about to reveal what Sherlin did, Shristhi interfering says Sherlin should not have ordered her because this is what Rakhi said that Preeta is supposed to rest but Sherlin was ordering her and this is what caused the confusion, she hugging Janki makes her swear on her life, Janki exclaims she cannot understand what is happening and will not stay so is leaving.


Sarla tries to follow her, Shristhi stops her mentioning that Janki is like that makes a big scene out of a small thing, they all are worried, Preeta asks Janki to not reveal the truth about Shelrin to anyone, Janki questions why is she still hiding the truth when she knows Sherlin tried to harm the child, Preeta replies she knows what are the intentions of everyone in the house, she will surely take care of herself and the child, Sameer coming from behind also assures that he would keep Preeta safe, Karan comes asking what is going on, he seeks the blessing of Janki, she makes him promise that he would keep Preeta safe as she not a single person anymore, Karan asks why is she making him promise asking Preeta if she complained about him, she immediately denies it but he says she is the only one who can complaint about him.

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Dadi asks them to come and sit with them, Karan comes and sits after meeting with Sarla, Rakhi exclaim she is glad he came as Preeta was anxiously waiting for him, she even ran to open the door thinking he came back, he must also not forget that tomorrow is her appointment, Preeta mentions she has an idea, he can drop her off at the hospital on his way to the practice and can pick her up when he returns, Karan refuses saying he would not go to the practice but will be with her for the check-up, Dadi says that the bus would also be arriving tomorrow, she also invites Sarla explaining that it would be really good, but Sarla denies saying that the there is still some work of the hall so she would surely come the other time, Dadi then asks them to get ready at nine in the morning.


Dadi is really excited in the morning, Karina and Mahesh ask Dadi to calm down as she might fall, she is really excited seeing the bus, Sameer and Kritika jump out exclaiming it is really a luxurious bus, Mahesh has arranged a really good bus, Dadi is really excited seeing the bus, Mahesh questions where is Rakhi, Kritika replies she is in the babies room, Mahesh exclaims he thinks she is really happy about the birth of the new child, she was not even so excited at the birth of her sons, he asks Dadi to not tell them, she replies he is stupid as they all know to not inform them, Karina but says that Sameer will tell them, he replies he would not say anything but even then what is to worry because Rishab is not so easily jealous and Karan would not be jealous of his own child, Karina says he knows Karan best so is aware of his actions, Sameer mentions she is right and he is unpredictable, Mahesh leaves to go and bring Rakhi, Sameer and Kritika also leave, Dadi asks Karina to go and send a lot of snacks with Ganesh, Sherlin is about to leave, Dadi stopping her mentions she knows Sherlin has suffered a lot but she needs to snatch the opportunity and try to be happy, she would also get the happiness, Sherlin leaves but standing outside the bus she thinks she is not happy but they do not care about them.


Rakhi is singing in the room, Mahesh comes asking why did she stop as she said that she can see him, she must also tell him, Rakhi starts explaining how she thinks he would look like, the way he would speak and talk, Mahesh sits down and makes her sit beside him, he video calls Preeta asking if everything is fine, she assures she would come back after discussing with the doctors, they also take Karan on the call who is busy in the office, he asks what is the matter, they all appreciate them both for giving them such happiness because it has completely changed their families, the nurse come to inform Preeta that her reports have arrived, she agrees to come back after consulting the doctor and asks Karan to also reach home as early as possible.

Preeta enters the office of the doctor, she asks Preeta how did she come to know she was pregnant, Preeta replies they confirmed it three times, at first it was the confirmation of her family when she got unconscious, the second was when she performed the test using the kit while the third was confirmation by the Dai who announced the pregnancy of all the elders in their family, she even mentioned that Preeta is going to give birth to twins, the doctor exclaims it is wrong and Preeta is not pregnant.

The doctor says that all the three confirmations were not correct, and she is not pregnant, Preeta is shocked explaining their might be some mistake as she ahs also confirmed it and she also used the pregnancy kit which has the 99.9 percent confirmation rate, the doctor agrees but asks what about the .1 percent, she might be right that the kit shows the true results but in her case it also proved wrong, when Preeta first walked into her office she was doubtful and this is why she had multiple tests done to confirm it and now knows for sure that Preeta is not pregnant, Preeta explains that there might be a mistake, as even the Dai maa confirmed that she was pregnant in front of the entire family, the doctor asks why is she not believing her when she herself is a reputed physiotherapist, so how can the Dai maa be clear she has twins, Preeta once again explains that she tested it and the Dai maa is also known for her confirmation. Preeta requests they have the tests redone, the doctor says that she is sure as she has had the tests done in her personal supervision and there is not any mistake, Preeta in a state of confusion takes the reports when the doctor explains there is something else, the tests have proven she cannot be a mother ever again as she is fertile enough, Preeta walks out of the office thinking of how Dadi and Mahesh papa were happy that she has given them the most beautiful gift, Preeta is not able to bear the news, she going in the waiting area starts crying thinking how even Sarla was really happy, Karan also got excited thinking he would now be a father.

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Preeta picks up the reports thinking that the doctor said she cannot be a mother and is also not pregnant, Preeta leaves the hospital while crying but leaves the reports in the waiting area.

Karina is walking in the house, Sherlin comes asking where are her bags, Sherlin comes explaining they are her bags while Ganesh is bringing the bags of Dadi, she asks for Preeta when Karan also comes, he asks Sherlin where is Preeta when she replies that Preeta was about to come with him, Karina also questions him where is Preeta, he mentions that he called the hospital but they said she has left so he thought she would be coming back home.

Karan is walking when Kritika comes out with the bags and is really excited, he asks why are their so many bags, she explains they have the necessities of a girl which he would not understand, Sameer also comes saying the same thing when Karan asks him to apologize to her, he then leaves saying they really have a lot of belongings, she asks Sameer to bring the bags taking only single bag.

Karan going to the room calls Sonakshi who asks if the entire family is coming, he assures they all are coming and she would have to welcome them with full honours, she agrees asking him to greet everyone especially Rakhi and Preeta explaining they both really look good together, he wishes that even she look good with her husband, she says he can call her if he doesnot find the location of the resort, he asks her to end the call as he needs to pack. Karan once again tries calling Preeta but her mobile is out of reach.

Preeta in a state of confusion and nervousness enters the house, Kritika is excited to see her so she greeting Preeta leaves saying she will sit beside her in the bus, Karina also seeing Preeta greets her advising she should go and help karan, Preeta sits on the sofa, she gets a call from Rakhi who is really excited and asks her to come into the room, Preeta wipes off her tears before walking to the room.

Rakhi is really excited to see Preeta, she asks her to come and sit before mentioning how she changed the setting of the room and even ordered a cot, she replies she is really excited for the new child who is about to come to their family, she cannot believe the happiness that would come when he is born as everything that is in the room would be dispersed, so the new-born would also be like karan, she replies karan was also the same when he was young, she used to get irritated but in secret was also really happy, Rakhi explains that he even once made a moustache on her face, she did not know what to do, she mentions that she told Mahesh the child would be like karan but will also be like Preeta just as Preeta and for which she cannot wait that the new child comes to their family and she loves the child a lot, Rakhi hugging Preeta explains that she is really happy, Karina also comes with Kritika asking what are they doing here since everyone is waiting for them, Kritika asks why are they crying, Rakhi replies they are off happiness, when Karina explains she must give the room some break as she would have to spend a lot of time here afterwards, she takes Rakhi out while Preeta starts crying.

Sherlin is standing when prithvi calls her, she warns him to never call her but he explains that he only did it all for her sake as if she had done something wrong then would be in a lot trouble, she informs their relation has ended when he got married to Kritika while the rest was ended when she lost her child as if there is no child then not any relation, she ends the call and is shocked to see Preeta and Sameer but she leaves, Sameer asks Preeta to come noticing something is wrong but she assures there is nothing wrong.

Prithvi thinks why Sherlin has ended it just like that, he feels that it cannot happen because he knows Sherlin gets mad when she is angry so he would let her give some time.

Ganesh asks Sherlin to go as everyone is in the bus, Preeta also comes but standing by the bus thinks she would reveal the truth as they would even find it some today, she cannot keep such a big secret to herself karan leans out calling her, he is tensed seeing her crying so goes to her, she immediately hugs him, the entire family is really happy seeing them and they come out asking what happened, karan questions why Preeta is crying, Rakhi replies it might be because she went alone to the hospital and is suffering from mode swings as it is common in pregnancy, karan replies she send him to the practice, and he would not have left her if they had advised him, Mahesh asks him to not look at him since Rakhi knew about it, she explains she got busy working for lonavla so forgot about it, karan assures she would not be alone as he will always be with her, Preeta assures she was not crying, Kritika asks if something went in her eyes, she agrees but once again starts crying.

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