This is Fate 17 November 2020 Zee world Update: Mahira was gaining consciousness. She pulls a vase down. Outside, Sherlin decides to call Prithvi, and upon hearing the clutter she rushes to Mahira’s room.

Karan and Preeta’s wedding had begun. Sanjana tells Kareena she is really happy with this wedding. Kareena says she is afraid Preeta does not try to stop this wedding. Otherwise, Mahira is her choice and she is also extremely happy. Sameer brings juice for Karan. Everyone asks why he stopped the wedding. Sameer says Karan felt suffocation, he just wants to give him the juice for energy. Dadi takes the juice from Sameer and takes it to Karan herself. Shrishti slips near the mandap, and spots Preeta under the veil. Rishab helps Shrishti stand up. Shrishti did not want Karan to get the juice now, as he is not marrying Mahira anymore.

Sherlin comes to Mahira’s room while being in call with Prithvi. Prithvi inquires her about the situation. He tells Sherlin he flew by dodging police and reached home safe. Sherlin says Karan is in Mandap with his bride, and here she is talking to him. Mahira wonders whom Karan is marrying right now when she is here, she fears if its Preeta. Sherlin taunts that Prithvi had planned to ruin her plans, but finally wedding is going on.


Dadi hands the juice to Karan. Shrishti pushes Sameer and the juice glass slips. Shrishti apologizes as she does not want any hurdles in the wedding. Rishab takes Shrishti aside and asks if she is ok. Shrishti says she is all fine. The wedding rituals continue. Shrishti felt emotional that she always wished Preeta and Karan to marry. When they married earlier, she was not there; but today Preeta is marrying Karan and she is here as well. She is happy that Preeta finally realized her love for Karan.

Sameer spots Shrishti in tears. He wonders what is wrong with her, she is so calm and peaceful. Shrishti spots a scratch at the back of Preeta’s hand. She wonders if Preeta had a fight with Mahira. She notices even Sherlin was not there. She decides to lock Mahira in a room. Sameer moves from besides Kareena, but Kareena forbids him. She says Shrishti must have gone to find Preeta. Preeta must be upset and crying in a corner.

Prithvi was silent for a while. Sherlin teases that if he felt bad. Prithvi replies satirically that it felt amazing. He was offended and did not want to speak to her at all. He explains he wants Karan and Mahira to marry as well, because… Sherlin was offended that it must be because of Preeta. She isn’t stupid or dumb and will kill Preeta. Prithvi roars at her to Shut up. He cuts the call. Sherlin blocks his number. Mahira was trying to stand up from behind the sofas. Shrishti reached outside the room. She watches Mahira getting stable and fears what if Sherlin knows Mahira is here.

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Under the veil, Preeta thinks its strange that she is marrying Karan twice and the wedding has been same. They do not wish to marry, yet they are together again. The Pandit asks them to get up for wedding rounds.

Shrishti thinks about an idea to distract Sherlin. She fakes a call with Preeta where she loudly conveys the message that Preeta is in Sherlin’s room. Sherlin hurries towards her room. Mahira had by then crawled out of the room. Shrishti hid behind a curtain strikes Mahira’s head with a vase. She faints again.

Karan takes the lead in wedding rounds. Preeta felt emotional, thinking about their past wedding vows. She was afraid what will happen after the rounds are complete. All at once her foot slips and she grips Karan’s shoulder from behind.

Sanjana congratulates Mahira’s mother that the wedding is almost complete. She says its her daughter’s wedding and she is excited about it. Sanjana silently thinks that she realizes Preeta isn’t good for her daughter, hence she is also happy with Mahira and Karan’s wedding.

Dadi goes to wash her hands. Shrishti hurriedly drags Mahira into the room, reassures Dadi had passed by and now decides to tie Mahira to a chair.

Sherlin reaches her room but Preeta wasn’t there. Dadi reaches behind Sherlin and asks what she is doing upstairs when everyone is down there in wedding. Sherlin tells Dadi she heard Shrishti speak to Preeta on phone that she was in her room. She shares her fear with Dadi of something wrong.

Mahira reminds Karan that Preeta had sent a legal notice for property. Preeta was clueless and denies sending one; she never sent any notice. Rishab was now sceptical. Kareena calls Preeta a liar and denies accepting the marriage of Karan and Preeta. She tells the Pandit to end this marriage. Dadi tells Karan to hold Preeta’s hand and take the rounds other way and end this marriage. Karan says that now, he wants Preeta to live in this house. Mahira compels Karan to undo this marriage, and hurries Pandit ji to undo this marriage. Pandit ji says no Pandit ever undo marriage. Marriage is an unbreakable relation, the Sindoor is eternal and no one can break the sanctity of it. Preeta is now Karan’s wife and will remain so till their lives end. Rakhi and Rishab notices a slight movement in Mahesh’s body. Rishab sits besides him and kiss his arm. Mahira asks Rishab why he behaves so easy. Rishab was peaceful, he says the marriage took place in front of them all. Its better she accepts it. Mahira shouts that she does not accept this wedding. Her mother also questions Rishab how she can be so indifferent, the wedding was a betrayal. Rishab tells Sameer to take dad to his room. Mahesh opens his eyes. Preeta spots his hand move weakly. She tries to take Karan’s attention then tries to follow Mahesh. Kareena stops Preeta right there.

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In the corridor, Sherlin tries to stop Mahira. Mahira goes to the kitchen, tossing everything around. Sherlin tries to stop her. Mahira holds a knife in an attempt to kill herself.

Sarla hurries Janki to close the doors and windows, it feels like a storm. She protects the flame in temple and shares her fears for Preeta with Janki. Preeta had gone to Luthra house, may she be safe. Janki brings her to sit down, everything will be fine. Sarla fears that something must surely go wrong. Janki says her heart verdicts that everything must be fine. Sarla was restless and cries that her Preeta must again be bearing insult in hand of Sherlin, Kareena and the rest. Preeta must be suffering silently. She does not like Karan at all, he never respected Preeta and married her in betrayal. She had seen the acceptance on Preeta’s face when Karan married her, she was unaware that she had married Karan, but she was ready to live her relation to full. Then Karan hurt her every moment. Janki wish Karan understood Preeta and accepted her as his wife and was not marrying Mahira. She wishes Karan recognizes his mistake. Sarla was angry and says she must never have given Preeta to Karan. He always insults Preeta, and in his house everyone else also disgraces her and throws her out of the house. Sarla prays for protection of Preeta.

Kareena shouts at Shrishti to take Preeta away from Luthra house. Preeta is shameless and they do not want to see her face again. Mahira’s mother grabs Karan’s collar and pleads Karan to marry her daughter, else she will be dead. Preeta recalls Mahesh’s improving condition and runs inside. Kareena was consoling Mahira’s mother.

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Mahira runs after Preeta to kill her. Sherlin stops her saying she has gone crazy, if anyone should die then it must be Mahira.
Preeta comes to Mahesh’s room. She requests Mahesh to wake up. She had seen him smile at her. She knows that he is hearing everything and recognizes who is doing wrong. No one trusts her in the house, but she is sure he will be her side. Everyone outside is waiting and wants to know the real face of Sherlin and Mahira. They have to fight the war, because it is about their family. Karan is insensible but Rishab’s life is also in danger. He must wake up for his own life as well. She cries badly and lay her head near his hand. Mahesh moves his hand over Preeta’s hand. Preeta was shocked to see the response.

Rakhi was going inside. Kareena and Dadi abandon her. Rishab and Karan also turn to leave. Kareena does not let anyone move. She says she warned them against Preeta but still they invited Preeta. She goes to check Preeta inside. Shrishti cries and asks Dadi if Preeta does not mean anything to them. Rishab stops Shrishti as no one is in senses. Karan murmurs that he is senseless, he knew that inviting Preeta was wrong but he had to satisfy his ego. And here, she stopped his marriage.

Sherlin brings Mahira to kitchen. She says if you kill someone by knife, the person is saved. One must use a means that shake the surroundings. She opens a bottle of kerosene and starts throwing it over Mahira.

Preeta reads the improving ECG of Mahesh. She says she recognized his signal that he stood beside her. He only needs to show little courage and he will wake up. They need to save everyone together.


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