This is Fate October Teasers 2020: By the time Karan leaves to find Mahira, she gets kidnapped. She informs Sherlyn that she has intentionally gotten herself kidnapped. Read full This is Fate October 2020 Teasers below:


This is Fate Thursday 1 October 2020
(Episode 119)

The Gidda dancers from the hall confuse Preeta for the bride, which upsets Mahira. Later, Karan tells Preeta he pretends to reestablish her. Kareena along with other guests attempt to insult Preeta by complaining about feeling hot from the hall.


This is Fate Friday 2 October 2020
(Episode 120)

Kareena’s special mehendi becomes accidentally applied to Preeta’s handson. Srishti takes the opportunity to convince Preeta it is god’s sign that Karan belongs to her. Preeta tells Srishti that she will stop Mahira from marrying Karan. Srishti threatens Sherlyn which she will show the truth about her pregnancy.

This is Fate Saturday 3 October 2020
(Episode 121)
Monu and his friends devise a plan to loot the hall. On Karan’s insistence, Preeta accompanies him throughout the pre-wedding rituals. Rishabh tries to call the authorities but the goons see him. Prithvi flees to locate a hideout for themself.

This is Fate Sunday 4 October 2020
(Episode 122)

Prithvi wears the robber’s mask and the other robbers confuse him for their chief. The robbers break into Mahira’s space and drag her, Dadi and Rakhi out. The actual chief of the robbers somehow manages to escape.

This is Fate Monday 5 October 2020
(Episode 123)

Janki fails in her effort to conserve the guests out of the robbers. Among those thieves comes says that he has seen the love Karan and Preeta have for one another. Afterwards, the authorities reaches the hall.

This is Fate Tuesday 6 October 2020
(Episode 124)

Rakhi later apologises to Preeta for being unable to help her get justice. Mahira feels hurt listening to the conversation. A mad Sherlyn spills oil onto the floor to take revenge Rakhi for scolding her and Mahira sees it. But, instead of Rakhi, Dadi falls prey to her plan.

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This is Fate Wednesday 7 October 2020
(Episode 125)

Karan asks Preeta to come to the Luthra home to assist treat Dadi which (Episode upsets Mahira. Sherlyn proposes Mahira to kill Preeta to earn respect for herself in the family.

This is Fate Thursday 8 October 2020
(Episode 126)

Karan drops Preeta house and gives her a gift. Mahira informs Sherlyn to kill Preeta. Sherlyn hires Baabi to kill Preeta in a car collision. While Preeta leaves for the Luthra house, Baabi, Sherlyn and Mahira wait her on the road.

This is Fate Friday 9 October 2020
(Episode 127)

Mahira follows Sherlyn’s directions but Srishti conserves Preeta. However, Mahira loses her balance and gets hit by the vehicle. Sherlyn accuses Preeta of trying to murder Mahira ahead of the police. Mahira regains awareness and bribes that a doctor to achieve success within her vicious plan.

This is Fate Saturday 10 October 2020
(Episode 128)

Srishti tells her parents about Preeta’s arrest. Mahira tells Karan and Rakhi that Preeta attempted to kill her.

This is Fate Sunday 11 October 2020
(Episode 129)

A crying Sarla comes to the Luthra house and pleads with Rakhi to draw her authorities complaint. Sameer telephones Srishti and learns about Preeta’s arrest. Sameer tactics Rishabh to apprise him of this (Episode and receive his help.

This is Fate October 2020 Teasers

This is Fate Monday 12 October 2020
(Episode 130)

An angry Rakhi tells everyone that Mahesh being unwell is enabling others to emphasise her. Rishabh goes to the police station and bails Preeta out. Afterwards, Mahira is shocked to learn about Preeta’s release.

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This is Fate Tuesday 13 October 2020
(Episode 131)

To framework Preeta, a fearful Sherlyn telephones someone and teaches him to edit Mahira’a crash video. Karan visits Preeta and they spend some quality time together. Later, Karan slips and has injured.

This is Fate Wednesday 14 October 2020
(Episode 132)

The police visit Preeta and detain her once more. Karan comes to understand that Sherlyn has submitted the video proof against Preeta. Karan promises Preeta that he will help her get out of this jail. Sarla and Shrusti meet urge Sharma for Preeta’s case.

This is Fate Thursday 15 October 2020
(Episode 133)

Karan tells Rishabh that Preeta was arrested once again and Sherlyn is the perpetrator. Sherlyn tells everyone that she is leaving the home and going away as Karan and Rishabh do not like her. Karan goes into the police station to meet Preeta and guarantees that he’ll get her out soon.

This is Fate Friday 16 October 2020
(Episode 134)

Dadi insists Rishabh to apologise to Sherlyn and bring her property. Mahira learns that Karan is helping Preeta. Afterwards, Rakhi and Kareena see Sanjana to take Sherlyn straight back to the Luthra home.

This is Fate Saturday 17 October 2020
(Episode 135)

Mahesh’s health suddenly worsens leading to Sherlyn getting exposed. Sherlyn tells Mahira about her strategy. Sarla mortgages Kumkum Bhagya Hall to arrange a bail for Preeta. Later, Karan asks Mahira to withdraw her complaint.

This is Fate Sunday 18 October 2020
(Episode 136)

Karan assures Mahira he would definitely marry her if she doesn’t testify against Preeta. Mahira happily accepts his proposal. However, an unsettled Sherlyn slaps her and both get into an argument. Sharma, Preeta’s attorney, asks Sherlyn for half of his money for deliberately losing the case.

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This is Fate Monday 19 October 2020
(Episode 137)

Srishti comes to understand of Sherlyn and attorney Sharma’s collusion. On learning it, Sarla slaps lawyer Sharma prior to everyone. Preeta is shocked to watch Sherlyn together with the truck driver Baabi. The court allows Preeta’s new attorney Ravi one hour to understand the instance.

This is Fate Tuesday 20 October 2020
(Episode 138)
By the time Karan leaves to locate Mahira, she has kidnapped. She educates Sherlyn that she has intentionally gotten herself kidnapped. Mahira’s plan fails as Karan manages to achieve her and she has to go to the courtroom with him. Sherlyn’s testimony demonstrates Preeta guilty. Later, the courtroom runs out of time prior to giving the verdict.

Wednesday 21 October 2020
Episode 60

Karan finds the man who was inlvovled in the kidnapping and they hide him at their home for questioning.

Thursday 22 October 2020
Episode 61

The Police are all over the house looking for the thief.

Friday 23 October 2020
Episode 62

It’s court day for Preeta.

Saturday 24 October 2020
Episode 63

Karan is jealous when he sees Preeta gets closer to Shiv.

Sunday 25 October 2020
Episode 64

Karan is contemplating marrying Mahira.
This is Fate October 2020 Teasers

Monday 26 October 2020
Episode 65

It’s holly and everyone is celebrating.

Tuesday 27 October 2020
Episode 66

Sherlin and Mahira continue with their plan. Mahira leaves Preeta unconcious.

Wednesday 28 October 2020
Episode 67

Karan drinks the bang and misses when their dad wakes up.

Thursday 29 October 2020
Episode 68

Teaser unavailable.

Friday 30 October 2020
Episode 69

Teaser unavailable.

Saturday 31 October 2020
Episode 70

Teaser unavailable.


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