This is Fate November Teasers 2021 Zee World

This is Fate November Teasers 2021: Rakhi enters Mahesh’s room and wishes Valentine’s Day to him. Karan brings Preeta home, which angers Kareena. Rakhi and Dadi try to pacify her. Later, Sherlyn teaches Mahira a lesson.

This is Fate november Teasers 2021 Zee World

This is Fate november Teasers 2021 Zee World

Zee World This is Fate november Teasers 2021

1 November, Monday, 2021

Episode 50

The entire audience at the ‘haldi’ event eagerly anticipates Preeta.

Monday 2 November 2021

Episode 51

Srishti informs Sameer about Sarla’s sentence. Akshay shares with Preeta that his henchmen changed his evidence. He also tells Preeta to arrange for him to be married with Kritika or Srishti. Kritika accepts to examine Akshay following Preeta’s revelation.

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Episode 52

A receptionist refuses to give the room number of Akshay. Kritika asks him questions about seeing beverages in his room, and seeing his bathroom door closed. Kareena apologizes to Akshay’s mom for not being able to prove guilty.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Episode 53

Kareena wants Preeta to return home following the wedding of Kritika. Kareena is able to drag Preeta out of the home and informs Karan about the mistakes Preeta made. Akshay’s mom squabbles with Sarla in the course of Kritika the wedding of Akshay. Srishti and Sameer present evidence to end the wedding.

Five November, Friday 5, 2021

Episode 54

Akshay decides to cancel the wedding and yells at Preeta however Karan is able to defend her. Akshay has to call off the wedding in order to prevent himself from admitting to his mistakes. Karan attempts to stand up for Preeta in the event that Kareena decides to kick her out. He rebuts Preeta’s decision and an angry Sarla returns her to her to her home.

Friday 6 November 2021

Episode 55

Rakhi is aware of Mahira trying to profit from Karan and Preeta’s breakup. Srishti and Sameer discuss with Preeta as well as Karan on reconciliation. Then, Mahira tries to come closer to Karan.

The Fate of, November 2021 Teasers

7 November, Sunday, 2021

Episode 56

Sarla’s neighbors enter the house and assault Karan. Sherlyn is angry at Prithvi because she didn’t call her during Valentine’s Day. Mahira believes that Karan is fighting at Sarla’s place. Sarla lets Karan to bring Preeta home , and she tells Karan to stay in the house for the night.

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9 November, 2021 Monday

Episode 57

Rakhi is in Mahesh’s room, and sends wishes for Valentine’s Day to him. Karan introduces Preeta to her home. This upsets Kareena. Rakhi and Dadi attempt to calm Preeta. Later, Sherlyn teaches Mahira a lesson.

9 November, 2021 Tuesday

Episode 58

Karan sign a document without reading it, and then rushes to visit Preeta. Karan returns home , and Preeta warns him about Prithvi threat to come with a parade. Then, Karan tries to beat him and he fails, however Kritika is able to stop him. Sarla is able to see Sameer greeting Srishti for Valentine’s Day.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Episode 59

Sherlyn is not happy with Prithvi. Karan isn’t willing accepting Kritika and Prithvi’s wedding. Kareena decides to have them married once more. Mahira is attempting to soothe a distraught and devastated Sherlyn.

11 November, 2021 Thursday

Episode 60

Sherlyn is seated on Prithvi’s shoulder following their fight. Preeta notices the two and calls Kritika to be there. Mahira assists Karan with his injury and it irritates Preeta. Prithvi informs Kritika that Preeta is struggling with her marriage. Prithvi makes Srishti his sister-in-law. This is arouses the Luthras.

Wednesday 12th November, 2021

Episode 61

Sarla hits Prithvi. He blames it all at the feet of Pawan as well as Mahira as he pretends apologize. Rishabh is home to break up the marriage of Kritika. Rishabh, Karan and Sameer attempt to persuade Kritika to divorce Prithvi. But, she threatens to commit suicide if they do not agree with her wedding.

Sunday 13 December 2021

Episode 62

Then, Kareena lashes out at Srishti as she tries to get her back to Kareena. Prithvi starts to provoke Kareena. Rakhi informs Rishabh about his movements in a in a coma Mahesh.

Monday 14 November 2021

Episode 63

The revelation of Kritika has Rishabh suspicious of Prithvi. He hits Prithvi and questions him about Mahesh’s crash. Rakhi, Suresh and Pammi are defending Preeta as Kareena confronts her.

Tuesday 15th November, 2021

Episode 64

Security guard Prithvi’s contacts him to inform him about Sameer. Shubham the college friend of Prithvi is a stumbling block to the conversation. Prithvi assists Mahira to ruin Karan and Preeta’s show. An frightened Prithvi wants Sherlyn to go with Srishti but Rishabh hinders her. Kareena is shocked to find Prithvi and Sherlyn in a hug in a room with closed windows.

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Friday 16th November, 2021

Episode 65

While they are at it, Srishti and Sameer show Preeta some evidence against Prithvi and are planning to present the evidence to Kareena. Preeta ends the engagement of Kritika and follows Kareena to an area. Kareena uncovers that she is not the only one who knows about Prithvi with the help of Preeta.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Episode 66

Kareena requests everyone to gather around in order to reveal Prithvi. Sherlyn intervenes to help Prithvi. Srishti is able to obtain Shubham’s number from Prithvi’s. Srishti, Preeta, and Karan are off to track Shubham to prove their point.

Wednesday 18 Nov 2021

Episode 67

Ramona arrives looking for Mahira. Karan, Srishti, and Preeta have the ability to bring Shubham in their Luthra House. What happens if Shubham reveal Prithvi? Prithvi and Sherlyn celebrate their win.

Thursday 19th November, 2021

Episode 68

Preeta says to Prithvi she’ll expose him as a devilish man. Meanwhile, Akshay blackmails Kritika. Prithvi discovers it is Akshay has been blackmailing Kritika. Prithvi demands Akshay to continue to harass Kritika by providing him with money.

Friday 20 November 2021

Episode 69

In the meantime, Suresh is suspicious of Sherlyn and decides to look into the depths.

Saturday 21 November 2021

Episode 70

Preeta discovers that Akshay is harassing Kritika so she decides to assist her. Preeta disguised as Kritika is able to visit Akshay at the hotel where he attempts to force himself upon her. A good thing that delights the Luthras worry Sherlyn as well as Prithvi.

Tuesday 22nd November, 2021

Episode 71

Mahira listens in at Prithvi and Sherlyn’s conversations. The Luthras are celebrating Holi. While, Sherlyn worries about her pregnancy and the murder of Akshay, which upsets Prithvi.


Wednesday 23rd November 2021

Episode 72

Aastha and Karan team up with Srishti, Sameer and Preeta to expose Prithvi. The Luthras are thrilled about Mahesh’s recovery. While they are celebrating, Srishti laces Prithvi’s thandai and makes him drunk. Sherlyn and Mahira attempt to get him to his awareness.

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Wednesday 24 November 2021

Episode 73

Sherlyn and Mahira create a plot to take down Mahesh. Preeta, Srishti, Sameer and Karan are attempting to find the truth from a drunken Prithvi. Mahira attempts unsuccessfully to take out Mahesh. Pawan is at the scene. Is Mahesh recognize him?

Wednesday 25 November 2021

Episode 74

Mahesh is able to recognize Pawan and decides to expose a huge secret about the Luthras who are related to him. Can he do it? Mahesh’s condition deteriorates, and he is unable to expose Mahira Sherlyn Prithvi and Pawan. Preeta and Prithvi are planning to destroy the CCTV footage that is associated with Akshay.

Thursday 26th November 2021

Episode 75

A witness discusses some details to ACP Vijay. ACP Vijay asks the Luthra family to come together around the dining room. Mahira puts up a display in the room of Karan and is reminded by Preeta of her test. While being interrogated, Kritika says a lie.

7 November, 2021 Saturday

Episode 76

Rakhi does not help Preeta to flee. While she is away, ACP Vijay questions Kareena’s actions. Karan allows ACP Vijay arrest Preeta after she admits to the truth. Kareena and Dadi prevent Mahesh to help her.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Episode 77

Mahira’s confession makes Sherlyn believe that she is the one to blame, Karan and Prithvi for Akshay’s murder. Karan’s lawyer can’t release Preeta out of.

The 29th of November, 2021 is Monday.

Episode 78

Prithvi visits jailed Preeta to convince her to fight Karan. Sameer and Srishti intend to track Mahira. Pammi is a troll to Prithvi as well as Sherlyn. A person calls Prithvi and insists on INR 50 lakhs to cover the truth about Akshay’s death.

Monday 30 November 2021

Episode 79

Prithvi is thinking of writing Sherlyn to pay INR 50 lakhs, and he is struck by her necklace. Prithvi informs Sherlyn of a blackmailer, and she tells him about Pammi. They steal valuable jewellery from Mahesh’s bedroom. Mahesh goes to ACP Deepak to bail Preeta out, but without success.

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