This is Fate 8 October 2020 update: This is Fate Thursday update 8 October 2020 zee world, Ramona request Rakhi to stop Preeta from entering the house, she explains that she knows they all love her a lot but she was the one who harmed them all and she is not the only doctor in the city,

she can bring anyone whom they want and if this does not happen then Maira will never remain happy at their house, Karina also says that she agrees with Ramona as Maira even thinks that she feels Preeta wants to try and stop the marriage and has even threatened her life, Dadi also takes their side explaining that she did not think of it this way so she can opt for some other treatment, karina demands that she call Preeta asking her to stay away from their house, She is about to call her when Sherlin calls her explaining that Maira has gotten in an accident, she immediately asks for the hospital, Dadi also insists that she has to go but is unable to stand then Karina explains that she will go so leaves along with Ramona.
Karan is driving the car taking Risahb to the hospital, he does not stop even when the airport has arrived, then he suddenly stops the car, Rishab steps out then Karan is really angry with him, Rishab asks the reason, he requests that Rishab should not go, to which he says that he has to go as there are a lot of things that need to be taken care off so he ahs to go, then Risahb pleads with him to not do anything stupid when he is away and also take care of the family as everything is getting normal,, so he should take care of it.
The doctors are attending Maira, they wonder that it is not a big case as the injuries are really small, Maira is about to wake up but then again gets unconscious, Preeta comes while Shrishti is walking, she asks if Sherlin has said something to which she says that it would be really awful if something had happened to her, then Preeta says that it would never be the case as nothing would happen to her because she would always be there to scold her, they both hug each other when Sherlin passes by them, she sits at which Shrishti asks Preeta to ask her what has happened, Sherlin gets mad demanding that she should stay quiet as she can hear them talking.
The police arrive at which Shrishti gets worried wondering why have they come, preeta explains that they come to investigate, the police arrive asking for Sherlin and when Ramona tries to walk in the icu she is stopped by Preeta, the police then ask her to come with them to the police station, she says that she has only seen the incident and has nothing to do with it, they explain that they have to take her as a criminal at which everyone gets worried, Preeta is left stunned at what is happening.
Karan comes and sits on the couch, Rakhi and Dadi are worried, he asks them what has happened they explain that Maira has gotten in an accident and is in the hospital, he goes to get his charger.
The doctor is treating Maira, he is confused about the symptoms so asks the nurses to go and get a notepad, as soon as they leave Maira wakes up requesting the doctor to help her and give the statement that she is severely ill and injured as she fears for her life from Preeta, the doctor does not believe her at first explaining that Preeta is a really nice girl, when he comes to know that he will be paid heavily, he agrees to the request demanding extra money from Maira who agrees.
Preeta pleads with the inspector that she is innocent and they might be mistaken as she has not pushed anyone, Shrishti explains that Preeta cannot have pushed Maira as she herself saved preeta, Ramona lashes out at Preeta explaining that if anything happens to Maira then Preeta will heavily pay for what she has done, Both the sisters try to explain that they are innocent so when the doctor comes out, they all ask the question at which the doctor explains that she is not well but they can meet her one by one, Preeta asks to accompany him in the room as she believes that Maira will tell the truth to the inspector, he asks if she implies that Sherlin is lying, Preeta mentions that he is not aware but there are a lot of problems between them both so Sherlin will always blame her when she gets a chance so she knows that Sherlin is lying and Maira will always tell the truth.
Karina does not believe them saying that Sherlin has already explained them that she is trying to kill Maira at which the inspector says that he cannot work on their orders as they also have their limitations. The inspector allows Preeta to enter and talk with Maira, Shrishti wonders what has happened with them.
Preeta asks Maira how she is feeling, she explains that they have brought her to the best hospital but the reason she has come is that the police have come and Sherlin has called them.

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Preeta explains that the police have arrived and she thought that they might have come to investigate the incident but they have come to arrest her on the behalf of Sherlin as she feels that Preeta was the one to push her in front of the truck, Maira explains that it is not the case and she will explain to the police that everything is not what it seems, Preeta says that she Is relieved but then Maira gets up thrashing the entire room, she also lies on the floor shouting for her mother, then when Ramona and Karina enter she explains that preeta has tried to take her life so they have to arrest her, Shrishti tries to defend Preeta but Sherlin says that she had explained to them what Preeta would do but they did not believe her, Maira explains that Preeta threatened to kill her saying that she would take control of Karan and then her revenge would be fulfilled. The inspector orders the constable to arrest Preeta, she however tries to plead that she is innocent and cannot do anything of the sort, she tries to explain what her mother would feel when she comes to know that Preeta has been arrested.

Preeta request Karina to help her and she will never again come to the Luthra house, the doctor comes into the room asking what has happened, Maira acts as if she has gotten unconscious, Ramona asks the police to arrest them but Shrishti tries to defend Preeta explaining that how could she try to kill Maira knowing that the police were standing outside, they both start to blame Sherlin after which the police say that she can prove her innocence and gets bail, they take her away and Sherlin says that Maira has gotten a lot of benefit for helping her, as now Preeta will not be able to enter their lives.

Karan is trying to call but they are not answering, Rakhi explains that she would come with her as she has to see Maira, he tries to call Preeta but she is not answering, Dadi wonders that she is the one responsible for bringing Preeta back to the house so she tries to pressurize karan so that he can go to the hospital and tries to walk so then both of them leave.

Preeta is being taken as a criminal, Ramona asserts that the police lock her in jail, karina also assures that she will not let her come out so they both get into a heated argument,
Sherlin is with Maira saying that she never thought that she would be able to do anything of the sort, she says that she has put the final touch on the plan which Sherlin has orchestrated, they both start to plan and then Sherlin gets mad when Maira explains that she is more clever then her, Sherlin explains that will bring Karina and Ramona into the room so she ahs to again start the act.

Shrishti again begs with the police that her sister is innocent, they blame that the police have arrested her without any proper cause, then the police mention that she will come and file for a bail order, she tries to sit in the police vehicle but is not allowed and so is adamant to follow in an auto.

Karan and Rakhi are about enter when she sees the police van then is adamant to ask them, Sherlin thinks that she will now be really happy as Karan has been fired against Preeta. Karan asks Karina for the room and when they enter Maira explains to Karan that she was pushed in front of the truck by Preeta, so Karan is left shocked.

Sarla is wondering where she left her medicines and both Janki and Bi jee are talking, she gets a call from Shrishti so Bi jee puts the call on speaker, Shrishti explains that Preeta was about to get into the accident and she saved her but then Maira got into an accident and when they saved her then Sherlin and Maira blamed her for the incident, Sarla ends the call assuring that she would come to the police station, Bi jee apologizes saying that she did not listen even when Sarla tried to explain that they would harm her, but now she must bring her grand daughter back to her, Sarla immediately sets off for the police station followed by janki.

Karan explains that Maira is mistaken as Preeta can never do anything of the sort, Rakhi is also convinced saying that Preeta can never push anyone in front of a vehicle, Sherlin abruptly says that they are wrong as it was Preeta who pushed Maira in front of the truck.

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Sherlin says that Maira is telling the truth as Preeta was the one who pushed her in front of the truck, Karan says that he doesn’t want to talk with her, Maira then also says that it was Preeta who pushed her in front of the truck and even Ramona is insisting that Preeta is at fault and she was the one who pushed, Ramona asks Rakhi that if Preeta is so nice then why did she send the legal notice, Ramona also asks her daughter to explain what Preeta said on the night of Mehandi, upon insisting she says that Preeta on the night of Mehandi said that she would not leave karan or her alimony and so Maira should back out from the wedding, Karina explains that he should respect those who love him and not work towards those who are not worthy like Preeta whom she will never love. Maira again tries to explain but Karan stops them all from saying anything and leaves.

The lady countable advises that Shrishti leave the cell as it is not allowed to stay with the criminal, Shrishti starts to get in an argument with them explaining why she should walk away and why are they saying that she is standing with a criminal, Preeta explains that she should not indulge in any conversation with them as it is will not solve any problems, they both are standing when Sarla enters the police station.

Janki sees them both then asks Sarla to not scold them as they are already very scared, Preeta cries for her mother then when she gets near the cell, Preeta tries to explain that she did not do anything wrong, Sarla explains that there is no need to prove herself as she is their mother and is aware of the fact that Preeta would never do anything to harm anyone, she explains that Preeta went to serve Dadi when she was aware of how much they all hated her so she cannot do anything wrong. Sarla kisses her daughter explaining that nothing wrong will happen and they both will go home.

Karan is in the hall, he thinks of what will happen now that Preeta has already wronged everything and if she had a problem with Maira then would have talked with him as he would have found a way, he wonders what should he do now that everything is so messed up. Maira asks Rakhi what she feels of her, Rakhi explains that she trusts what Maira has said and she would have hit the truck and would also have fallen from the hospital bed, Ramona asks what is she saying and even doesn’t want to hear anything that she ahs to say, she along with Karina leave to consult the doctor.

Rakhi goes to Maira explaining that she trusts her a lot but she also trusts Preeta and is worried about what would happen to her as it all wrong, she starts to weep for her, Sherlin explains that she should go and consult the doctor, when she leaves Sherlin explains that she said that Rakhi also doesnot want Maira is saying, Maira wonders what would she do now that even Rakhi does not trust her. Sherlin says that she told her that Rakhi loves her a lot and it would never diminish, she then goes on to explain that she would advise that Maira should stay in the hospital for as long as possible then would have some time to stay with Karan, Maira asks Sherlin to leave saying that she doesn’t need her advice so Sherlin should leave, she is walking in the hall then thinks that she would do something that will make Maira realize not to fight with her.

Sarla is standing when the doctor arrives, she goes on to explain that her daughter cannot be a killer and the charges against her are false so she should be freed but the inspector says that she should not explain their duties to them as she was arrested on the charges of attempt to murder, The nursed explains to Ramona that Maira would be admitted in the hospital for a couple of days as she is not well, Rakhi pulls Ramona explaining that she would be alright and there is nothing to worry about.
Sarla explains that even though she had pledged to not go to the Luthra house but would

take every possible step to save her if it comes to it, she explains that she will ask them for their help and so leaves for their house, Shrishti tries to follow her but is stopped by Preeta who says that she is really short tempered so should not follow her mother, she stays with Preeta when she pressurizes her.

Karina mentions that the doctors have advised to keep maria under observation, they are both talking when Ramona falls unconscious, they all try to help her and also call the doctor but she insists that she will stay with her daughter, then Karina insists so Karan offers to accompany them till the car. Karina also informs Sherlin asking if she wants to come with them back to the Luthra house.
Preeta asks Shrishti to call karan informing him that he must take matter into his own hands and make sure that everything is done peacefully as the Luthra’s will start to blame Sarla and he is the only one who can handle his family members, Janki explains to Preeta that she has always taken care of everyone so they will help them as she is really a nice person. Shrishti tries to call karan but he does not answer and takes the phone in his hand just when he is about to enter the room, Maira calls him explaining that she thought he would not come as he might still be angry with her, she explains that she is in this condition because she loves him however she will continue to love him, Karan also takes her hand saying that he is amazed how big her character is, just then Shristhi again calls him but he cancels it when Maira asks him to answer it, he assures that he would make sure that everything is sorted.
Shrishti is wondering why karan is not answering the phone, Janki explains that he is not answering it as he might not want to talk with them, she asks what she will tell Preeta then runs after her, Shrishti enters ad Preeta in excitement asks what karan said, Shrishti mentions that she talked with him yet he did not answer her call, but he again called her after which she explained everything to him then he promised that he will come as he is not in the city, she acts as if there is something in her eye so both Janki and herself go out.
Sarla is in the auto heading towards the Luthra house, Bi jee calls her asking about the progress she explains that she is going to the Luthra house as the inspector has said that he cannot grant them bail until someone from the Luthra house takes back the case, Bi jee is not optimistic at which Bi jee explains that she should do anything that she can to make Preeta come out from the jail, then Sarla explains that she understood it in the mall that Maira has an evil mind so she is just praying that the Luthra’s take back the case.
Shrishti comes to the hall and starts crying, Janki comes after her asking her to stop, Shrishti explains that she lied to her sister for the first time, she did not had the strength to say the truth to her as Preeta was hoping that karan would come to save her so how could she tell her that he did not even answer her calls, she does not know what to do and has a feeling that it would be difficult to make the Luthra’s take back the case, Janki demands that Shrishti remain strong for her sister meanwhile she will go to the Luthra house so that they take back the case filed against Preeta.
Sherlin hands Dadi the packet of medicine, Rakhi scolds her for not opening it for Dadi, she orders that she can do it herself but Sherlin apologizes to Rakhi for not doing it properly, Rakhi also apologizes explaining that she was thinking of something else so should not have scolded her, Karina explains that she is aware of the reason as a lot has happened recently, with Dadi falling and also Maira’s accident, Rakhi mentions that the idea which is the cause of tension is how could Preeta throw Maira in front of the truck as she cannot believe that Preeta has the guts to take someone’s life.
There is a bell, hearing which Ramona wonders that it might be Maira as the doctors might have discharged her, she heads to the door, karina asks Rakhi why is she constantly taking Preeta’s side, Dadi asks Ramona who is at the door, she explains that it is Sarla who comes in, she greets everyone and says that she has come with a cause, Karina explains that she vowed to never come near their house.


Sarla goes to Dadi explaining that Preeta came back to their house as she was ill and in pain, when karan called her she insisted that she had to come even when Sarla warned her that she should not go yet she still came and now she is in jail for a crime which she did not commit, Sherlin says that she is the witness to the incident and saw Preeta pushing Maira, Sarla demands that she stop talking as she is aware of the character that Sherlin possesses, Karina gets frustrated explaining that Sarla is standing in the Luthra house where Sherlin is the elder Daughter in law so has the right to say anything, Rakhi tries to stop her to which Karina pleads with Dadi to stop her from interfering as she always takes the side of the Aurora’s, so everyone is completely shocked.


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