This is Fate 30 September 2020: On This is Fate Wednesday update 30 September 2020, Karan says that the truth is when he is with her she only wants to see him and always thinks to be with him,

even then she says that she does not love him, he asks her to tell a lie to herself that she does not like him but he promises that she will not be able to say it, he exclaims that he is telling the truth, Preeta does not believe him saying that she knows he is his biggest fan so wants everyone to believe that they like him but it is not the case with her so she tries to leave. He holds her hand saying that he wants her to accept the fact that she likes him and feels something when he is near her.

Preeta pulls herself away asking the reason he is doing this because he said that he does not want to be with her as she is not his type then why does he care so much, she also says that he has started to care for what she said to him in the mall and so is worried about what she thinks of him but she does not care anymore, they are talking when Janki comes looking for Preeta she explains that Karina has created a scene regarding the heat so she has to come with her and work something out.

Karina is yelling at the top of her voice blaming the hall calling it a downmarket hall as there is a lot of heat, Rishab comes explaining that the coolers have started and it will take some time, Ramona does not pay heed calling it a small and poor hall, Rishab gets frustrated saying that she should stop working on her personal agendas as he doesn’t like them at all, they should focus on completing their function and leave, he takes a toll with his wife.

Maira exclaims that she just wanted that her function happen without any blockages but this heat has caused her makeup to spoil, Shrishti gets into a fight with her asking why she wore such heavy makeup in the first then Sherlin also jumps in the fight and they get into a fight, Karina inquires the reason the coolers are not working which leaves Shrishti speechless, Sherlin and Maira think of the plan which they made of heating the coolers and that it will cause a fight which will ruin the Aurora sisters, Karina asks why is she standing and should go to get the coolers working, Preeta comes asking what the matter is, karina exclaims that she is the owner and should take the responsibility of the hall so should make sure that the coolers are working, Preeta exclaims that there are no units in the hall which was even mentioned In the contract, Sherlin mentions that she doesn’t know of the air conditioner units but it is up to them to make sure that the air coolers are working and then Rishab along with the sisters leave.
Rishab is wondering what he can do so he calls his worker asking about what they do when the arrange outdoor events, so he asks that he bring ice to the Kumkum Bhagya hall, Karan is also ordering the ice and warning that he should not tell anyone, Rishab hears his conversation and so asks what is happening but karan leaves with saying anything.
Shrishti is walking Sameer tries to stop her but she does not listen saying that he is not her friend as he was not there for her when they needed him as he should have told them that there were the ones booking the hall as then the booking would have been cancelled but he never helped them, Shrishti then feels bad for what she said and apologizes after which they hug and she leaves, Ramona sees everything then wonders if she is doing the right thing, She asks that she wanted to know of the main hall and then leaves with Sameer.
Maira is really worried she asks Sherlin how Preeta was able to manage each and everything but she is not aware of the fact that it was karan and Rishab who helped her, when Preeta comes to ask if everything is alright then karan taunts her by saying that they will let her know if something is wrong.

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Karina takes Maira to Rakhi explaining that the Pandit has taken the thali to the Mandir and it is very auspicious for anyone who wears it as then they automatically reach the level of a bride, Preeta is hearing this but karina takes her hand saying that she is noticing how Preeta has been constantly staring at karan she has repeatedly warned her to stay away from karan as he has moved on in h9is life so is marrying Maira but she knows that all Preeta wants is their money which will never happen as karan is not available anymore so she should stop wearing the Mangal Sutur of his name.Karina warns Preeta that karan is not available as he has moved on with Maira and is happy in his life so she must take it as her last warning as otherwise she would make sure that Preeta pays for what she does,

Shrishti seeing It from the corner gets frustrated going to stop Preeta, she asks if she is feeling bad for what karina said to her but Preeta says that she is not feeling anything of the sort, Shrishti explains that she understands everything so knows that karan and Preeta are made for each other, Preeta explains that it is not the case as otherwise she would be the one wearing the mehndi of karan name but it is not her and Maira, she explains that she wants to see the function happen as then it will give her the indication that she has to move on, Preeta runs away so Shristhi prays to god that Preeta has never prayed for herself but she is not doing so on her behalf and so she wants that he give Preeta what she deserves and that is karan.

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The pandit is walking when karan comes asking that he was called by Karina, so he leaves handing the thali after which he leaves the hall.

Rishab is thanking Sunil for helping him provide the ice as it made everything happen smooth, Sherlin comes and asks why he did this because they are not the ones who have the responsibility of arranging the function so he should not have helped them as this would have provided them with a chance to file a case against the Auroras, Rishab pleads with Sherlin to act a little maturely as she is now a grown girl and should enjoy the function, Sherlin asks the reason why he helped them, Rishab explains that he will not tell anything to her as he does not want to indulge in the conversation. Rishab leaves after that Sherlin thinks that she will make something happen that will undermine the Auroras.

Preeta is standing explaining everything to Shrishti when Rishab enterers and is very suprised to see them both, they are staring when karan enters from behind which completely changes the reaction on Preetas face, Rishab sees them both then wonders what will happen to Karan as he is such an idiot, Karan is himself walking with the thali at which karina comments that she believes that he is also very happy with the marriage, He goes to Maira where a child bumps into him so he loses his balance due to which the Mehndi pours onto Preetas hand, the elders say that the brides mehndi got applied on Preetas hand, everyone is shocked to see the situation, both karan and Preeta are standing in the middle of the hall, she feels that it is a signal from god who also believes that they are meant for each other but in reality Preeta is perplexed.
Sarla wonders why the god is doing this to Preeta as it should not have happened, karina comes thanking karan for saving the Thali before taking him away, Rishab wonders if he should believe in all this but is happy that the mehndi got applied on Preeta’s hand, Rakhi also wonders what the god wants to happen, Preeta leaves the hall.
Karan is still searching for Preeta but karina asks him to sit, Sarla walks out when she bumps into janki asking what she is doing here even when she ordered them to not come to the hall, she explains that she knows that her daughters have grown up so now they would not listen to her, Janki explains that she knows what Sarla is saying but god is trying to show everyone what is written in the fate of them all, Sarla mentions that Preeta always has to face bad things in her life, she is her mother and knows what she is feeling so is aware of the fact that Preeta will never tell her so she will leave as she cannot see anything.

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Preeta stops in the hall, she remembers what Karina said about the Mehndi that the one who it gets applied to is the true wife, She si thinking when Shrishti comes asking if she needs any proof which was given to her she explains that they are meant for each other and are husband and wife, Preeta says that it is not the case as this was all an accident but Shrishti tries to explain that it is a sign from god assuring that she is meant for him, Preeta is really confused but Shrishti makes her realize that she is the one who is made for karan but it is Maira who has come in between them, Preeta says that if this is the case then she will ask Maira to back out from the wedding, Shrishti is very tensed asking if she still doubts her feelings, Preeta then exclaims that she believes that karan is made for her and is written is her kundali Bhagya.

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