This is Fate 28th September 2020: On This is Fate Monday update 28 September 2020, Karan is staring in Preetas eyes, Sarla is looking at Dadi then gets an awful feeling when she finally sees Karan she starts to cry, at which Karan turns his face,

she takes Preetas hand and signals her to follow her, she then takes her away into the house. Bi jee is very worried asking why they came so early, Sarla asks them to wait as she will come really soon, Shrishti wonders how can Sarla take on karina and Karan when it was them who have booked the hall after deceiving them all.

The entire Luthra family are celebrating with full zeal and zest when Sarla comes saying that they have to stop everything and leave, karina says that they should leave the hall immediately at which karina asks her to follow then when she asks the reason karina says that she has booked the hall from them for one day and she would take advantage of them, they would have to follow all the orders which she gives and also that she would have to welcome all the guests but Sarla refuses to take orders and leaves, karina thinks that she would have to work for her as she is karina Luthra and never forgets anything so she along with her daughters would have to work for her like servants.
Sarla reaches the hall and is constantly searching for something when she asks Preeta where all the cash is she mentions that it is in her wardrobe so she then takes the money and is adamant to throw them out of the hall.

Ramona asks karina why she booked the hall as it is not according to their standard after which Karina explains that she was insulted by the Auroras and so wants to take revenge, Sarla comes from behind trying to give karina the money but she does not leave saying that the money is not even half of what she has given to them and so if she wants to make them leave then she will leave after she returns the entire amount, karina also shows a contract which Sarla has signed then she cannot do anything so has to work for them, Shrishti also comes and is about to burst with karina, Sarla stops her saying that she will let the Luthra’s do their function but will not stay at the hall and so leaves, karan hearing this thinks that his plan would not work if Preeta is not at the hall.

Sarla comes home asking Shrishti why she came after her when she ordered that they all remain in the house, Bi jee ask the reason they came back with the money, Sarla answers that they did not take it, Shrishti mentions that karina insulted Sarla when she asked her to leave showing a contract and threatening to shut down their hall, Sarla is really tensed explaining that she has always tried to buy some happiness for her daughters but is not able to she cannot understand why she is always deceived.
She warns that they will not attend the service and let them end their function and leave, Sarla goes to her room followed by Bi jee, when Bi jee says that she should not break down as she is a brave women, Sarla explains that she has not won a single fight for her daughters and so feels the pain Preeta is feeling because she knows that she still loves karan and that is why she has not removed the Sindoor and Mangal Sutur, Sarla explains that they have built the hall after a lot of struggle and wanted that anyone who gets married in their hall live a happy life so why is it happening to Preeta. BI jee explains that she can cry if she wants to but the voice should never leave the room as Preeta has always seen her as a strong women and would never bear that she cries, Preeta can bear the load of the pains that are in her life but would not be able to witness and survive the pain which she is feeling, Sarla leans on Bi jee’s chest before crying abruptly

Shrishti was angry as she sat with Janki and Preeta. She tells Janki to shut the doors and windows, she is fed up of everyone’s words now. There was a door bell. Shrishti and Janki were ready to go, but Preeta says it must be him – Karan. She opens the door. Karan stood outside. Preeta asks what Karan wants now. He replies, she! He needs her. The hall is empty and no one is there to receive the guests, no banquet team. Janki says they have decided not to provide any facilities for the function. Shrishti complains that they cheated them, and made a false booking of banquet. They hadn’t given any bookings for Karan’s mehndi function. Preeta tells Shrishti to let Karan speak. Karan says his PR team is with him and wants to write an article on Kumkum Bhagya Hall. The article would be as per the service. His would be wife will soon be in the hall, he wants Preeta to make all the arrangements. He whispers to Preeta, he will wait for her.

In his room, Prithvi speaks to himself that normally girls miss their men but today he miss her. It’s been days since he spoke to her Baby. He knows how to calm her anger. He must keep his ego aside, and he is sure she will surely forgive her Punnu Baby. He dials Sherlin’s number. Sherlin thinks she won’t take the call, he must realize she can be angry to him. She takes the call and tells Prithvi she is busy with the family function. Prithvi was irked that she can’t even take his call. He was sure Sherlin will call him, she knows her Punnu Baby loves her. Prithvi at once realizes he now miss Preeta. He hasn’t seen Preeta for so many days. Sherlin murmurs under her breathe, Maira’s mother comes to taunt if Sherlin is angry over someone on phone. It can’t be Rishab, as he is in the hall. Rishab passes by. Maira’s mother speaks to Rishab that his wife just said she loves him. Rishab was happy and moves ahead. Sherlin was interested in her advice.

Shrishti was angry as Karina has won again. Preeta thinks about Karan’s demands. She leaves for the hall. She says they must realize Luthra family is their guests.

Maira’s mother advices Sherlin that one must block boyfriend’s numbers in family functions. Sherlin appears clueless. She wonders what’s wrong with her. She must have hated her, but she has no problem. She was happy that she is unlike Sarla.

Karina tells Maira’s mother that she spoke to Mr. Singhania and papers will soon be ready. They discuss that case on Aroras will be filed soon. Karan comes and tells Karina that there will be no case. Karina says it was a part of contract that Aroras will provide good service to anyone who hires the hall. Maira’s mother objects that she didn’t like the place but at least there has to be some service. Karan offers to go to some five star hotel then, but there will be no case. Preeta, Shrishti and Janki come there. Preeta says there will be no problem in any of their service, they will personally supervise the function. Karan wasn’t ready to hear anything from Sherlin, Karina or Maira’s mom against Preeta. He says he will revenge Preeta of his insult by himself. Sherlin says what Karan said, and what she meant to say are opposite things.

Two robbers stalk Luthra family. Rakhi and Sameer arrive together. The robbers discuss that it seems to be a rich party.

Mama Ji was looking after the catering arrangements. Preeta comes to the kitchen. She was worried and wants to make sure everything goes perfect. Mama Ji turns to go and check the waiter. He comes across Karan and says he is the most heartless person. Preeta sends Mama Ji to look after the waiters. Karan speaks to Preeta that Maira and Rakhi are coming soon, he wish the owner of banquet Preeta welcomes her. Preeta replies she will welcome her surely. He asks for water. Preeta brings a glass of water. He says he would need it in the hall. Karan asks if Preeta isn’t hurt watching him with someone else. She replies no. Karan leaves. Preeta thinks he doesn’t feel any pain because of anything he says or do, and this time Karan will be hurt.

Shrishti stops watching Sherlin in the hall. Sherlin comes to taunt that she likes her and Preeta work as servants today. She knew their worth but them sisters and Sarla felt they belonged to Luthra house. She feels pity for Shrishti. Shrishti breaks into a laughter, mocking every word as a joke. She advises Sherlin to join some classes of ethics and mannerism. She is bored of Sherlin’s call. She gave way to Sherlin because she didn’t want to hurt the child borne in her belly.


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