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This is Fate 2 Update Wednesday 24th June 2020 zee world

This is Fate
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This is Fate 24th June 2020: On This is Fate Season 2 Update Wednesday 24 June 2020 zee world, Rishab asks Kartika to stop, Karan is seeing Manisha and pints that she is waking up,

Shrishti asks her if she will tell the truth he nods her head agreeing, she ask her if she loves Rithwik, Manisha says that she loves, Preeta comes and asks her if she loves Karan, she says that she doesn’t even when Karan tries to make her stop saying anything. Preeta asks her the reason for marrying Karan she says that she wants to take revenge, Rishab asks her if she is sure that Karan was behind her molestation, Karan asks her to stop as even they cannot understand anything sop who would believe them, Preeta asks her again and when she is about to say the truth there is a knock on the door and it is her mother who is adamant that’s he come outside otherwise she will have the door broken. They all get worried and think of a plan to make her mother stop from coming inside, Samer asks her to stop while talking in the voice of Manisha

Shrishti says that Preeta should marry Karan and till than they will be able to make Manisha tell the truth, both Preeta and Rishab are against this but Karan says that this will be the best plan, Rishab asks Shrishti to sit in the Mandap but she says that Preeta cannot do anything that is wrong and she will ruin their plan. Preeta agrees and they try o get the dress from Kartika’s wardrobe.

Samer makes Manisha mother go away and they get a couple of minutes.

Kartika and Shrishti are not able to find a copy of the Lehnga and work out a new plan. Preeta disagrees and says that they must think of a new plan, Kartika and Shrishti take Manisha to the bathroom and change her clothes, Shrishti takes Preeta inside.

Rishab says to Karan that if he feels that something is wrong and they are not back then he must get up and abort the marriage, Karan however says that he will marry her if they do not come because she is better than Manisha, Rishab gets tensed requesting that he does not do anything of the sort.

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Shrishti comes outside saying that she was very tensed and not listening and even scratched her face, just than Preeta comes outside everyone is left looking at her, Karan ask her where Doctor Preeta is because she is a bit different. Preeta says that she will walk from the Mandap after ten minutes.

Rishab says that he had swore that he will not let him get married and if this happens than he will be married so he will go instead of Karan, Karan says that he knows that Rishab loves him a lot of but if he goes than everyone will see his face and then a new problem will arise so he must go himself. Preeta and Karan leave which makes Rishab feel nervous as he was not able to tell Preeta the truth which was in his heart.

Karan and Preeta are in the Mandap while everyone around them is tensed. Prithvi prays that they both get married.

The Pandit asks the permission to start the ceremony and her mother says something, Preeta asks what she said, he says that she meant that she was with Karan alone in his room, than she must understand what Manisha mother meant.

Kartika and everyone else are trying to question Manisha but she is not saying anything worth much, Rishab takes over and again asks her to tell his name and the name of the mastermind who was behind all of this.

The wedding ceremony continuous and they reach towards the end of the wedding, Karan and Preeta are told to stand for the ceremonial circles that have to be completed to conclude the wedding.

Karan asks Preeta to come but she disagrees he however says that everyone is watching but she does not listen and even when he is standings he does not give in but getting scared finally give sin. Karan takes the Haar and then they both place it on each other’s neck.

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Karan places the haar on Preeta’s neck, the guests stars to clap for their marriage, Janki thinks ta if on one does anything than she will ruin Manisha clothes and stop the wedding. When Janki steps forward Prithvi stops her saying that she will be the cause for ruin of the Luthra family because Manisha will kill them all.
Rishab is asking Manisha for the name of the mastermind, Manisha is however not able to say anything and tells them the things that they already know. Shrishti asks him to ask for the molestation charges but he is not able to so she herself takes the side.
The marriage ceremony is going on and the Pandit ask them to stand up for the circling, she thinks that she will not stand because she is already engaged, everyone asks her and then she is forced to stand. Everyone is happy, Preeta does not agree to walk saying that this way they will be married and she does not want it, he says that she should act that she is sick and fall, Preeta thinks and falls even before they walk. Everyone runs towards her and try to open her veil but before they are about to do it he takes her upstairs.
When they are clear he asks her what she was doing because she herself said that she will save him from Manisha, Preeta answers that this never meant that she will herself marry him. They are talking when Manisha mother comes and they getting nervous hide, when she is gone they both go to check for Manisha.
When they enter everyone is shocked to see that they are married and cannot believe their eyes. Rishab asks in amazement if they are married. Preeta however denies this and is shocked to see the look on Karan’s face, everyone does not believe them.
Karan says that to ask for her help is equivalent to destroying their life. Rishab says that if Preeta was in his life then he would be successful. Preeta asks him why they are not able to find the truth, Shrishti says that it is he fault because she might have given the double dose. They all start to scold her but then Rishab asks them to remain calm.
They are talking when Manisha’s mother comes in and they all hide themselves, she is about to open the veil when Shrishti stops her scaring her by saying that if she sees it then she will die as it is the custom of the Luthras that they do not open the veil after it is on the brides face. She decides to not do it and asking Karan and Manisha to come with her leaves.
Shrishti and Rishab run to close the door fearing that someone else might come in.
Manisha’s mother asks them to hurry, he asks Preeta to walk fast, she say that she cannot because the dress is very happy, he taunts by saying that she does not want to help her, Preeta gets angry and is about to back off but she say that she is only doing this because she cares for her as she does not want something this wrong to happen to her.
They both start to argue saying that they both do not want to see each other’s face and do not like them, they are arguing when she leaves and he calls her stubborn, she comes back and starts to fight with him for calling her Stubborn, he still makes fun of her and runs away, Preeta follows him and hitting the rug is about to fall when Prithvi catches her, he recognizes that it is Preeta because of the wedding ring that he gave her.
Karan notices this and takes her away, Prithvi calls Preeta from behind and they stop, Karan however stops this confusion and takes her away.
When they are clear Preeta feels relieved that they are clear and go to the Mandap. Prithvi thinks that he has to stop Manisha from saying the truth because if she does this then he will die.
Rishab and Shrishti are trying to make Manisha tell the truth when Prithvi sees this and gets nervous.

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