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This is Fate 2 Update Thursday 25th June 2020

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This is Fate Thursday 25 June 2020: On This is Fate 25th June 2020, Prithvi is walking he hears that they are questioning Manisha, Shrishti is not able to control, Rishab takes over and asks her if Karan molestation her,

she asks for the camera, saying that the mastermind is realty good and clever, Prithvi thinks of what he has to do to save himself. Manisha is about to say the truth regarding him.
Prithvi thinks that if she keeps saying like this than he will die and his plan will fail. They keep in asking the questions then Prithvi thinks that he will have to do something as this is the worst day of his life because everything that he has planned is falling apart.
Karan asks the Pandit to complete the rituals, Karina says that the wedding will not happen, Karan however disagrees saying that when he is willing and so is the bride then what is the problem. Janki thinks that something is wrong and she will have to see what is going on.
Sherlin walks in and is wondering what Billa meant by his words and she will have a great difficulty in figuring out everything that has happened. Karina is amazed to see Sherlin in the hall,.
Janki sees the hand of the bride and feels that the ring is the same as Preeta getting curious, she decides to do something and see the face of the bride and when she come to know that it is Preeta, she request that the Pandit complete the ceremony.
Everyone is relieved to know that they are save and again starts to ask the questions Manisha pointing towards the window gets unconscious. Kartika ask Shrishti to dial the number of the doctor so she can ask for an antidote to lower the effect of the drug, Prithvi walks behind her and is thinking of a plan to save Manisha from them. He sees the lights and works out a plan that will electrocute Kartika by throwing water on the floor and passing some current through it. Kartika gets the instructions from the doctor and when she is walking slips and gets electrocuted, a servant comes and he asks him to go and inform Rishab of the event when the news breaks they all; run to help her in hurry and Rishab gets angry seeing Prithvi he asks what he is doing Prithvi tells that he said her and seeing that they all are bust leaves to wake Manisha.
He does everything that he can to wake her but she is not due to the overdose and he gets worried thinking what will happen if she does not wake up.
Kartika wakes and when Rishab asks her if she is alight she asks him why the left Manisha alone they all run to Karan s room, Prithvi however wakes her and she slaps him in retaliation.
Sarla asks Janki whys she is so happy and what happened, she says that she is alight because god has listened to her parry, Sarla asks where her groom is, she say that he is about to come and then they both will be her elders, Sarla gets confused and is shocked to see how happy Janki is.
Prithvi is relieved, Manisha says that he must not touch her, he says that they gave her the truth serum and she has told them everything that she was not behind the molestation, and he tells that Preeta has taken her place.
Everyone reaches the room and they do not find Manisha, she however runs and they all go after her. Prithvi says that he has saved himself and now must do anything to stop the wedding.
They all run after Manisha and go in different directions, but wherever they search they are not able to find her and are worried where she has gone, the Pandit asks them to get ready for the circling, she is at first hesitant but when forced gets up.
Shrishti looks again but is not able to find her, she gets really frustrated, then thinking of weather she has gone to the Mandap she calls her telling that they have lost Manisha and now none will come to save her, listening to this she breaks the bond and leaves from the Mandap.
Karan is about to go after her but is stopped by Manisha cousins who ask him to stay put as Manisha will come back.
When Preeta is waking Manisha stops her and starts to yell at her, blaming that she has purposefully taken her place so that she can marry Karan.

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Preeta drags Manisha towards the hall but Manisha hits the back of her head with a vase. Later, Manisha stood in the bridal attire and thinks these people don’t yet know her real face.
Janki was happy that the matter.
The bride comes to the stage. Karan was excited about getting married. Rakhi wonders if her son has gone insane, as he is marrying Manisha. Janki says this isn’t Manisha but Preeta under the bridal veil. Rakhi also cheers up.
The police team arrives at the wedding function to take security charge. Rishab, Shrishti and others come downstairs to look for Manisha. The Pandit ji asks them not to delay the wedding anymore. Karan teases Preeta what she will do now. Manisha replies she will marry him, she now removes her veil to everyone’s surprise.
Rakhi and Janki were tensed.
A post man comes asking for Preeta Arora. Karan inquires Manisha but she was clueless. Everyone look for Preeta. Preeta comes to the hall, she asks the man if he came from Heritage Hotel? The man nods. Preeta unties the knot of Gadh Bandhan and says as per her promise, she won’t let Karan marry Manisha. Manisha questions how dare Preeta touched her Gadh Bandhan. Preeta says she dared, just as Manisha dared to reach here. She tells Manisha that this man came from Heritage Hotel with the CCTV footage of that night when she charged Karan of molestation. Karan was drunk and didn’t take Manisha into the room, instead Manisha took him to the room. Manisha shouts at Preeta to shut up. Preeta questions why she falsely charged Karan for molestation. She warns Manisha to leave right away, else she will hand the footage to police and Manisha will be arrested.
Manisha’s mother asks her about the molestation case. Shrishti intervenes that her daughter charged Karan for molestation falsely. Her parents had a confrontation with Mahesh and Rakhi.
Manisha asks Pandit ji to ignore Preeta. But Preeta instead pushes her away claiming she can’t let her marry Karan. Manisha holds a hand over Preeta in accusation. Karan holds her hand in mid-air and warns her not to dare touch Preeta. Manisha reminds Karan of his deal, he promised to marry her if she helps take Rishab out of jail. Rishab intervenes that he is ready to go to jail a thousand times, but won’t let her marry Karan. Karan says he will marry Manisha

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