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This is Fate 2 Update Friday 26th June 2020

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This is Fate 26th June 2020: On This is Fate Friday 26 June 2020 update, Manisha confronts Karan he says that he will marry her if she gives him the details of the mastermind,

Luthra’s ask him to not go into the details.. Manisha thinks that she only wants to marry Karna even if it means giving them the name of Prithvi as he is nothing but a cheater, she agrees to give the name but when she is about to Billa comes and starts to threaten them and is waving a gun at them, not listening to even the inspector.
He takes Prithvi threatening to kill him, Preeta requests that he leave Prithvi, Billa shouts at them and aims to do what he came to do. Prithvi begs Preeta to calm Karan but he does not listen, Billa says that he has no purpose of killing anyone but only came to give the name of the mastermind, this time he will tell the truth and give the name of the mastermind.
He is threatening when Shrishti shouts at him inquiring if he even knows how to fire a gun, he says that he was given orders to kill Rithwik, Rishab steps in and says that he is ready to take responsibility but Billa says that he must not worry as he doesn’t even know Rishab, Shrishti and everyone ask him to repeat it, Manisha comes and request that he tell the name of the real mastermind. Prithvi however gets worried thinking that his true nature will come out, Billa takes a lot of time and finally says that it is Manisha which takes everyone by surprise.
Prithvi looks at him in shock, Manisha takes him by the neck demanding to tell the truth but he tells the whole story as to how Rithwik hired him to charge the molestation case and what happened afterwards.
Listening to Billa, the inspector takes both Manisha and Billa with them, everyone at the Luthra family take a sigh of relief.
Rishab asks Preeta to call the person who came with the video and when he gives the DVD is actually the ward boy of her hospital and there is no such evidence as she thought of making the evidence just like Manisha did.
They all are celebrating, Dadi praises Preeta for helping and saving Karan, Shrishti and everyone else also strep demanding the praise that only Preeta is receiving, Karan request that everyone clap for Shrishti who was the one that saved him. Sherlin looks at Prithvi signaling him to come and meet her at the corner
Manisha asks the police to leave her as she didn’t d anything, her parents also request them to let her go but they take her to jail.
Everyone is in the room thinking of what happened and praise their good luck, Rishab says that he thought that Billa came for him but he took all their problems. Rishab and Karan both say that they think that there is someone else who is behind everything because no matter what happens she loved Rithwik and would never kill him. Preeta thinks that she is being framed and someone is really after them all and hates them.

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Sherlin walks in the room angrily, Prithvi follows her, he asks her if she does know who the luckiest person in the world is, he stars t boast about hi self-saying that he is very lucky. Sherlin stops him saying that it is not his luck but it was her behind everything and she made Billa turn the tables.
He asks her and she says that she called him but it was Billa who answered the phone, he was ready kill Prithvi but she told she could to save him and when she came she started to find Prithvi but instead ran into Billa who was going to kill him, she requested him and assured that she will pay him the money, she transferred her entire money and even her mother’s money to his account then he blamed Manisha.
Prithvi immediately hugs her, she is very happy if the sacrifice, she says that she did it for their baby hearing this his face gets cold, she inquires about this but he gets a call from his mother and leaves.
Preeta says that she feels hat Manisha and Rithwik were doing all of this because she was ordered and there was someone else behind them both.
Rakhi and Karina ask them to leave everything and enjoy because many of their troubles and Manisha have left. Karina says that their problems have diminished, Rakhi wants a real function but Karan says that he cannot marry for real, Karina thinks of a plan and says that Rishab should marry Sherlin as it is the right time for him to marry.
Karina, Rakhi and Dadi are all really interested to get him married to Sherlin, Both Karina and Rakhi go to tell everyone, Kartika asks her to at least first ask Rishab but she refuses and leaves.
Prithvi comes back into the room, she ask who it was, he says that it was his mother, she does not believe him and say that what important thing he wants to talk that he left the room, he however pays no heed.
Karina is not able to find Sherlin and is very troubled, both Sherlin and Prithvi are hugging each other, Karina enters the room hearing something she enters but is not able to find anything, she wonders if it was really Prithvi she saw with her but denies her mind saying that Sherlin has a class and Prithvi is only suitable for the middle class Preeta. They both feel relieved from her words.
They both come out, Prithvi rushes to close the door, she asks if he heard what Karina said, they both are talking when she feels vomiting and leaves, he gets angry, she comes back saying that she is sick and he must take her to the hospital.
He thinks that the way she is behaving both of them will get caught and they must use the back door.
Preeta says that they must do anything to save Rishab because he does not want to marry Sherlin, Shrishti taunts her for running the marriages of the Luthra brothers, and she scolds her. Samer praises her and gets into a quarrel with Shrishti, Kara takes her side but Preeta is with Samer, they all starts to fight after which she tries to make a plan to save Rishab.
The doctor tells Sherlin that she should take rest otherwise she will have problems, the doctor tells that there is something wrong with her as if they take a look into her reports then she must have a big belly but there is nothing of the sort so she must be taken care of, Prithvi starts to quarrel with her.
Everyone plans that they will prevent both Rishab and Sherlin’s marriage, Rishab comes back and asks what they are planning, Karan says that he must delay the wedding however Rishab ask him what the urgency is and why does he want him to back out.

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