This is Fate 13th September 2020: On This is Fate Sunday 13 September 2020 Zee world update, Karina says to preeta that her plan failed, preeta is not able to realize what she is talking off,

Karina mentions that she sent her sister to spy on them as she thought that they will be happy to see her but she has insulted her to the extent that she cannot stop crying and if she wants that they not sent her to jail she must come to take her, Preeta assures that she will come as soon as she can.

Shristhi explains that she feels everyone has changed in the Luthra mansion, they have changed. Rishab says that she said what she feels but they never have heard what they feel because everyone in the family has been hurt which they still feel, Dadi also says that they have hearts which her sister broke, She is about to tell her when karina stops her saying that she cannot tell anything to her, Katrina mentions that she mentioned that her sister feels concerned for everyone of their family and also that she would come when Dadi feels pain but what is the reason that they did not respect her when she got married to karan, Rakhi is also left confused saying that she did not feel that Preeta would be capable of doing such a thing, Dadi says that she knew preeta was like this and can do anything to fulfil her own desires, Rishab also explains that he always stood by Preeta but what can he do now when everything is against Preeta.

Karina asks Shrishti to leave their house, when Shrishti is standing then she takes her bu her hand and tries to throw her out of the house, Shrishti is yelling that she will not leave, she tries to explain that Sherlin is playing a game but she doesnot listen saying that she would have married Rishab to Sherlin even after she had a doubt that Sherlin was not a good citizen, she throws her out of the house asking why did she come even when they did not want her to come as they are against their family and that this is because they wanted to take revenge from them.

She throws her out of the house, Preeta stops her from falling, karina says that this is because her mother might have planned all of the things as she might want them both to marry the boys of the Luthra house and that she is just really pathetic, they both cannot hear anything against their mother so Shristhi says to have a fight with Katrina, Preeta slaps her and sends her to the auto, karina says that she might have done this a long time before, Preeta explains that she did this because Karina has said a lot of things, which they should not have listened to. Preeta also sits in the auto and is crying.

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Karina comes inside the house she mentions that she has locked Sameer in the room because he thinks from his heart and not his mind which is the reason she locked him, Karina vows to never let them do anything that might hurt her family, she blames that the Auroras are really clever which is why she sent Shristhi to their house as then she might come to know of what they are planning. Dadi also takes the side of karina, assuring that she is with her on what she does, Karina explains that it is because of a single mistake that karan made and that has caused them so much, she cannot comprehend them being sent to jail, Rishab assures that they will not be sent to jail, karina enquires why he is so sure,

karan replies that he will not let anyone go to jail.
Sherlin steps in saying that they must realize that Preeta is not a nice girl and she was always conspiring against them, she always tried to prove that Sherlin was wrong but she was the one who wronged them all, she mentions that she never tried to harm them and always took care of them but it was Preeta that made her the bad person.
They are still talking when the press arrive, Rishab asks that they will talk about it later, Rakhi sends kartika and Maira to their room, she is also advises that they will talk after the press conference.

Sarla enters the house with Bi jee she is calling them both when janki comes, when she asks where they are, Janki replies that she went after a phone call and might have gone to the Luthra house, Saral says that she would have never gone to that house, she feels that Shrishti might have gotten in some trouble so would have called preeta to help her.
Risahb is answering the questions being raised by the media personal, Sherlin feels that she has planned something else, when her hired media reporter will arrive to ask Rishab about the notice, she is waiting but he doesnot arrive then she calls him, when he enters the house.

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The reporters arrive apologizing for being late because of the traffic conditions, he asks two questions saying that he wants to ask him video, if the rumour is true that karan is also in the vid4eo, Karan responds that he is not a professional dancer but is in the video for only ten seconds, he replies that he did it for his personal attraction. The reporter says that he thought karan would have practice of dancing as he might have done it on his wedding, everyone starts to ask karan regarding his marriage, karan gets frustrated responding that this conference is for Rishab and not their personal life, they will arrange a separate pre conference for that matter, they still ask the reason they have kept his wedding as a secret.

All of them deny that he is married, karina leaves for Maira’s room.
She reaches and asks her if she can bear the problems that arise because of karan being married to preeta, she says that she can to which karina takes her hand going to the press conference.

Preeta comes to the house, Sarla asks where she is and also about Shrishti, they are asking when she comes in dressed in a saree, they all ask her but she is about to leave, Preeta stops her ordering that she tell everyone the truth of where she went, Shrishti looks angrily at her and when Sarla pressurizes her then she tells that she went to the Luthra house and Preeta should have taken the side of her and not slapped her in front of Karina, she gets really mad, Shrishti explains that she went because she wanted to know about the notice which Preeta sent to the Luthra house, Sarla gets tensed asking her what she wrote in the notice.

Everyone is asking the luithra family regarding Karan’s marriage, they try to stop them at which point Karina explains that he is a famous celebrity and they would have known if he married anyone, but he will soon marry a girl, she then goes to take the hand of Maira bringing her to the stage where she announces that she is the one who will marry Karan and their engagement will be in three days.

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Preeta refuses saying that she has not sent any notice to the Luthra family, Shrishti mentions that everyone in the Luthra family is convinced that she has sent a notice, Sarla is adamant that she will call Karina, Preeta request that she not call her because karina does not have the sense to talk with them, Sarla says that it is because of her and that she warned her to not be involved in the Luthra family to the extent that it causes problem for them as a family, Bi jee Is not happy she says that she does not like that Sarla is always scolding her nieces.

The Luthra’s announce that the press conference is over and they should wait for the engagement, Karna leaves everyone standing without listening to anyone, karitka also goes after him, she also opens Sameer so that he can come out of the room, she mentions that karina has announced the engagement of karan with Maira in three days but she still has to ask karan if he does not want to marry Maira.

Dadi asks Karina why she made such a big announcement without listening to anyone, she explains that she did all this to protect the image of their family, Rakhi asks why she announced it with Maira without asking her, she goes to apologize to her but Maira says that she has no problem and none of her plans are ruined because she wants to marry karan and is in love with him, Karina explains that she knew about it but wanted to surprise them however the circumstance was not according to her wishes. She advises that Rakhi ask her friend to confirm the marriage because they would like to make Maira their daughter in law.

Maira is still confused about karan’s reaction, Karina assures that she will make sure he accepts her as his wife, Maira still asks Dadi if she is happy, she exclaims that she is however is really tensed regarding what will happen in the future.


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