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This is Fate 13th August 2020: This is Fate Thursday 13 August 2020 update, The inspector explains that he has to arrest Preeta, She has been charged with stealing a necklace,

Shrishti gets angry saying that he has lost his mind, Sarla pleads that her daughter is very righteous pleading that if it was him and huis daughter was the one getting married would he still do it, he agrees but mentions that if they find anything while searching the house he will have to arrest her, Sarla takes her to their house,
Preeta is standing with Sherlin who asks her why she is worried, she answers that she has not taken anything so would not be afraid, she asks Karan if he trusts her believing that it is Prithvi. He takes her hand but she gets nervous and leaves.
Sherlin meets Prithvi’s mom challenging that she has stopped the wedding, his mother replies that the wedding has been postponed and now no one can end their relation.
Sherlin is about to walk upstairs but the lady officer comes asking that she has been called.
Karina is siting with Sanjana, she mentions that she is very happy to know that Preeta us finally getting married, Sanjana answers that she thought that after Preeta was thrown out of their house then she would not come, Karina explains that she has made a very deep relation which cannot be broken, Sanjana gets worried thinking that it could have been so but her daughter would not let it happen,
They all arrive at the house, the inspector is very angry mentioning that if they are not able to find the necklace then they will also check the family members, everyone gets angry, Sarla starts to apologize to the one who is behind the veil, he doesn’t answer Karan thinks that he would say it but cannot, Shrishti comes but Sarla orders her to leave, she tries to take Preeta however Sherlin stops her, she say bad things and goes to the kitchen, Preeta also asks Prithvi to speak, Samer gets worried and takes him with him.
Dadi is in her room looking at the photos of Preeta, Rishab comes from behind, he gets really worried and ask her what the matter is, she mentions that she is remembering her memories, Rishab says that he knows she wants to go to her wedding but is not going because of Karan, he pleads that she forget everything and if she wants to go then he will take her because he is the elder son, Dadi says that she knows Preeta is a very good doctor and person however with what happened with her in their house she can never think of going yet wants to give her blessings to her so will do it from her hop use, she breaks down and starts to cry.
Karan takes out the veil, he says that he is sure Sherlin knows he is the one behind the veil so she has come to stop the wedding, Samer says that if she knew then would have told everyone, he mentions that if she would have told then they would ask her but then she would not be able to come back to their house, he says that he will marry her at any cost, Karan orders Samer to go back asking Rakhi if she has really lost such an expensive necklace because no one can forget such a thing, Samer hugs him before leaving also informing him to stay put and not come out until it is absolutely necessary.
Shrishti asks Janki why she is looking like this, she explains that she is thinking if she is on her side, Shrishti asks what happened, Janki mentions that Sherlin has really stopped the wedding which has helped her motives, Shrishti says that Preeta will get married to him as soon as the police walks out.

Sherlyn brings the police to arrest Preeta but they end up searching her house.

Sherlyn brings the police to arrest Preeta but they end up searching her house.

Preeta comes saying that why is she seeing that Sherlin doesn’t want her to get married with Preeta, Shrishti says that she is having an affair with him, Preeta replies that he doubted her intentions only once which hurt them so what would he feel when she is constantly saying bad things, Shrishti explains that she has got the mobile of Prithvi which he left at the Mandap, he got a call which was named as danger and it is Sherlin.

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Shrishti mentions that there were 25 missed calls from Sherlin and when she finally answered it the first thing which she said was why he is marrying Preeta, she pleads that she at least talk with Prithvi, she should not trust him blindly but clear her doubts, if she is satisfied then she will not force her to end the marriage.
Sherlin is wondering why Prithvi went after Preeta, she is restlessly waiting for Prithvi as she wants to talk to him,
Sarla is with Prithvi’s mother, she asks her that she knows Preeta is an honest person and will never do such a thing, his mother also explains that she knows what Sherlin is capable of, she is also aware that Preeta is really good but Sherlin is madly in love with Prithvi and will not leave him so easily.
Sarla pleads to the inspector that they are honest and hardworking people and cannot think of stealing he asks her to remain quiet because they still have to find the necklace.
His mother takes Sherlin aside, asking why did she do such a thing, she also warns her to stay aside, Sherlin however refuses to stay back, she says that she said that Sherlin was mad so now she will show her how mad she can be, she asks his mother to apologize to her only then wills he take back her complain, she apologizes but Sherlin refuses to take back the complaint, His mother then says that she is a bad person which angers her and she acts as if she is being tortured, Sarla comes with the inspector, Sherlin makes him think that she was being tortured, He warns her to not do anything of the sort otherwise he will have to arrest her.
His mother is with Sarla and Janki, she explains that she did not even touch her yet she blamed her for hurting her. Sherlin comes from behind but they all ignore her, she thinks that she will now talk with Prithvi, Karan comes from behind with the grooms clothes, she stops him asking him to not marry her, Karan thinks that she has come to know that it is him who is behind the veil, so she wants him to not marry her, he does not speak anything, Shrishti asks Preeta to go and talk with Prithvi who is with Sherlin, Sherlin leaves Karan thinks of going to the room before someone else come to talk.

Biji notices Karan behind the sehra and stops Preeta from calling off the wedding.

Biji notices Karan behind the sehra and stops Preeta from calling off the wedding.

He heads into the room, he is sure that Sherlin knows it is him who is behind the veil wondering why she did not tell anyone, Preeta comes saying that she has something to say. She mentions that when the inspector accused her everyone stood by her including her mother but it was him who remained quiet so she wants to know why he was quiet, or rather was it because he knew that Sherlin did not want them to get married, it maybe because Sherlin has feelings for her, she demands the answer to her quires because she does not trust anyone more than his words so wants to know what he has to say, Karan gets worried because he is sure that she will recognize him if he speaks and he wants to marry her under any circumstance.

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This is Fate 13th August 2020 ended when She asks him what she should think of his quietness and it is that she including everyone is right of him and it is that he has an affair with Sherlin, she is about to leave when Janki comes asking why she did not believe her when she pleaded that she was falling in a trap, Janki pulls him and comes to realize that it is Karan, she thinks that it was the reason he was quiet but Preeta will not understand as she is an honest and obedient person who will do what her mother has said, but it doesn’t matter and she will marry anyone who her mother wants to, Preeta turns to him mentioning that she will not marry anyone who has relations with someone else, Janki defends him explaining that it is because Pandit said that he has to remain quiet, Karan gets relieved thinking that he is being defended. She explains that she is doing this because she and her mother believe that Prithvi is good for her so she will not say anything.

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