Zara’s Nikah September Teasers 2020: Kabeer is not happy with Peer Ghazi’s decision of making Zara the head of girl’s school project. Kabeer asks Zara to back off as he doesn’t want her liberal values to affect the girls. Will Zara listen to her husband? READ FULL Zara’s Nikah September Teasers 2020 Below:

Zara's Nikah September Teasers 2020
Zara’s Nikah September Teasers 2020

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 1 September 2020
(Episode 66)
Zara bids farewell to Kabeer’s family and goes to live with her parents. Can Kabeer allow Zara to leave her marital residence?

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 2 September 2020
(Episode 67)

Zara and Kabeer have been made to take the law in their own hands to prove that Zara is innocen sothey both undergo murder scene on tape to discover tangible evidence. Will kabeer and Zara be detained for tampering with evidence?

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 3 September 2020
(Episode 68)
Kabeer cooks a plan to fish out the traitor in his team that’s working with his enemy.

Zara’s Nikah Friday 4 September 2020
(Episode 69)

Zara is kept captive in an unknown place, but she is determined to escape. Meanwhile Kabeer is searching for answers to all of his questions. Will both love birds become re-united?

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 5 September 2020
(Episode 70)

Kabir and Zara get married; nevertheless they confront a series of obstacles in their lifetime.

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 6 September 2020
(Episode 71)

Meraj shows to Kabeer that he wishes to marry Zara and that he is the one who framed Zara to get Nilofer’s death. What will Kabeer perform to Meraj today he knows the whole truth?

Zara’s Nikah Monday 7 September 2020
(Episode 72)
Zara and Kabeer start a fresh chapter in their life. Rima and Imran are there to celebrate together. Will Kabeer and Zara live happy ever after?

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Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 8 September 2020
(Episode 73)
Zara informs the household that the marriage can’t occur as a result of pressing things, Rukshar’s life is in danger.

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 9 September 2020
(Episode 74)

Kabeer heads to Dubai in an attempt to save Rukshar’s lifetime while Zara and Zeenat stay behind with the household.

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 10 September 2020
(Episode 75)
Kabeer goes to great lengths in Dubai to establish Rukshar’s innocence. Zeenat’s health is deteriorating as a result of news about her sister. Will Kabeer be able to gather enough evidence to save Rukshar’s life?

Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 September 2020
(Episode 76)

Rukshar wants to conjugate her union with Kabeer by spending their nuptial night together. Will Kabeer agree to spend a night with Rukshar understanding that he just married Rukshar to save her life?

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 September 2020
(Episode 77)

Rukshar desires Kabeer to fulfil 1 wish for her before she expires. What’s Rukshar’s wish?

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 13 September 2020
(Episode 78)

Kabeer returns from from Dubai with a heavy heart. Kabeer would like to inform Zara concerning the events which took place in Dubai. Can Zara leave Kabeer after she finds out that he now has a second wife?

Zara’s Nikah Monday 14 September 2020
(Episode 79)

Now that Rukshar has been given a second opportunity what exactly does the future hold for her?

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 15 September 2020
(Episode 80)

Kabeer is still haunted by the fact of his marriage to Rukshar. Will Zara ever forgive Kabeer for betraying her trust?

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 16 September 2020
(Episode 81)

The truth about Rukhsar and Kabeer’s secret union is in the open for everyone to see. Will Zara think what she hears?

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Zara’s Nikah Thursday 17 September 2020
(Episode 82)

Rukhsar rubs salt Zara wounds, she thanks Zara for sending Kabeer into Dubai, an act which lead to her marriage to Kabeer. She informs Zara about the night and Kabeer had spent together.

Zara’s Nikah Friday 18 September 2020
(Episode 83)

Ayesha goes on a hunger strike to induce Kabeer to divorce Rukshar because of her passion for Zara. Ayesha remains helpless, therefore Rukhsar puts in an act and begs Kabeer to divorce .

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 19 September 2020
(Episode 84)

Following Zara’s announcement, the Ahmads and the Siddhiquis have been in disarray. Kabeer tries to convince Zara to alter her mind. Zara puts forth a request to the Shaira plank, and she and Rukhsar present their situation together.

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 20 September 2020
(Episode 85)

Shehbaz and Ayesha request Zeenat to induce Rukhsar to get’khula’ from Kabeer. Will Rukshar agree to possess’Khula’ out of Kabeer contemplating her undying love for Kabeer?

Zara’s Nikah Monday 21 September 2020
(Episode 86)

Rukhsar feels at the top of the world. Zara struggles Rukhsar that Kabeer won’t spend the night together with her. Who’ll emerge vicktorious between Zara and Rukshar?

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 22 September 2020
(Episode 87)

Rukhsar reminds Kabeer of both Zara and worries him into being intimate with her. Will Kabeer be in a position to become intimate with Rukshar?

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 23 September 2020
(Episode 88)

With Rukhsar in a coma, Kabeer and Zara reunite, a spark lights up their marriage. Will Zara and Kabeer fix their union today that Rukshar is from this film?

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 24 September 2020
(Episode 89)

Kabeer agrees to divorce Rukhsar but requests Zara to wait until the next morning after Rukhsar comes home. Will Rukshar accept defeat?

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Zara’s Nikah Friday 25 September 2020
(Episode 90)

Kabeer, Zara, Zeenat and rest of the family place their acting skills on the evaluation when they place on several different acts to have a response out of Rukhsar who is on a medical coma. Rukhsar seems to float after Kabeer and Zara’s pretend to have a stressed argument. Has Rukshar endured the coma?

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 26 September 2020
(Episode 91)

Rukshar needs urgent medical attention. What could have caused this?

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 27 September 2020
(Episode 92)

Zeenat is upset by the fact that Zara is taking part in Rima’s Diwali celebration while Rukhsar isn’t doing well. Is Zara being disrespectful by celebrating with her buddy Rima during time of crisis in the Ahmand family?

Zara’s Nikah Monday 28 September 2020
(Episode 93)

Zara attempts to describe to Kabeer that his faith should not stop him from giving happiness to other people. Regardless of Zara’s efforts, Kabeer remains adamant on not going contrary to his religious beliefs.

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 29 September 2020
(Episode 94)

The Ahmads bring Rukhsar house from the hospital, also Zeenat is shocked when Rukhsar fails to recognise anyone. Can Rukhsar damage her mind during the accident to the point where she currently has memory loss?

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 30 September 2020
(Episode 95)

Kabeer is not happy with Peer Ghazi’s decision of earning Zara the head of woman’s school project. Kabeer asks Zara to back off as he doesn’t desire her liberal principles to affect the women. Can Zara hear her husband?


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