These Streets update Wednesday 7th July 2021

These Streets 7 July 2021 zee world update: Shan dances with Asmita. He picks her. Asmita shoves him. She runs away from the floor. Shikhawat goes after Asmita. Shan claps.
Krishi says to her foster mom, mama please help me. I became your daughter for six years. Please tell my papa my reality. Tell him I was born six years ago and you stole me and kept me away from my parents. I beg you please tell my papa. Tell him I didn’t die. I cried for my papa every day. I beg you please mama. She says I will help you. I will tell the truth. Let’s stop Asmita’s engagement.

A woman says there is always drama going on here. The guy says will this engagement even happen? Shikhawat says yes it would. He holds Asmita’s hand and brings her to the stage. Shan looks at Asmita. A woman brings rings. Shikhawat takes Asmita’s hand. Shan looks in the opposite direction. Nandani says Shan stop. Don’t behave this way. She is happy. Stay here and show them you don’t care. Nevi tries calling Krishi. She says why is Krishi not picking the call. I hope she comes here and stops this engagement.

Shikhawat is about to make Asmita wear the ring. Krishi comes an says stop. This engagement can’t happen. Everyone is shocked. Krishi says sorry uncle, you can’t make mama wear this ring. I want you all to meet someone. She says ma.. The nurse comes in. Nandani is shocked. Krishi says please tell papa truth. Nurse says when she was born six years ago, she was left in the hospital ward to die. Shan is shocked. Nurse says when I saw her drying, my heart ached. I took her from there and raised her as her mom. But when Asmita recognized her, she took her. Till then she was with me as my daughter. She says to Asmita did I say everything right? Are you happy now? I told you to give me to advance. I don’t work for free. Asmita says what are you saying. Krishi says ma what are you saying. Asmita says why are you lying. I didn’t ask you to say anything. A waiter has a gun pointed on her. Nandani smirks. She says I was told to say all this. I was wonder how a mother can use her daughter to trap you only. Nandani says in heart Krishi you were acting smart? Using your emotional foster mom? There was a father too, Ashish who can do anything for money. The nurse says Asmita said, Shan should accept Krishi. Shan says get out. Get out. The nurse leaves. Nandani smiles.

Krishi says no papa. She is lying. Mama didn’t even meet her. I brought her here to tell you truth. Trust me please papa. Mama didn’t say anything to her. Asmita says Shan.. Shan says enough Asmita. Stop using a little girl for your motive. Stop using a kid. This Shikhawat is right for you. At least he is naming your illegitimate daughter who you are forcing on me. Shan says Krishi give the ring to Shikhawat. Krishi says no. Shan says listen to me, please. Krishi swallows the ring. Asmita runs to her. Asmita says Krishi please throw it up. Shikhawat calls the doctor. She throws up the ring but faints. Asmita says Krishi opens your eyes. Please don’t harm yourself. Shaan says you are responsible for this. You killed my child and now doing this to this girl. Shikhawat says shut up. You have no right to talk to Asmita like this. Shan says you get lost. Shukhawat picks the ring. He takes Asmita’s hand and makes her wear the ring. Shikhawat picks Krishi. Shikhawat says Asmita is my legal fiance now. And I won’t hear a word against her. Got it? Shan breaks the glass. Nevi says what would happen now.

Nandani says to Ashish your wife ruined my plan but you saved it. Well done. Take these 5 lacs. I can give you 20 lacs for doing one more thing. He says should I kill Krishi? She says no, you have to sell her to Pari Mahal. He says I will do what you ask, just give me my money. Nandani says I shouldn’t kill you. I should let you live but in pain. You will be sold in Pari Mahal. Your mother would keep looking for you but never find you. Shan and Asmita would never be one. Be prepared.

Shaan finds himself tied up inside a coffin.. its dark inside… he shouts for Puchki. We can see he is buried deep underground.

At Bari, Puchki is looking after ill Thakuma, she hears Shaan’s voice thru 6th sense. She calls him up, worrying for his safety, but he can’t be contacted. She tries Nil, but he too doe not reply. Puchki prays for Thakuma and Shaan.. she hears Shaan calling her again.

Inside the coffin, he sees Puchki calling him from Bari number, but he can’t take the call as he is tied up.

At Majumdar house, Nilambar is marrying. It appears no one knows it is beauty under the veil. They are about to get married when Arindam arrives and shouts at them to stop the wedding. He gets the actual bride, Priti, with him who was supposed to marry Nil.

All wonder who was the woman with Arindam.. they are shocked to see Priti. Beauty and Nivedita wonder how to escape from being exposed. Arindam says he picked up Nilambar’s phone that was ringing and he learnt from Puchki that Beauty had run away from Bari. RM asks beauty to take off her veil. All are shocked to see Beauty there..

RM orders servants to throw this unwanted female out from Sonagachi.. Beauty revolts, she shouts at them not to touch her. She declares she was having affair with Nil that’s why she had made a video recording to prove it to his family members. She shows the video.. Priti’s father is so disgusted to see the video of Nil in compromised position with Beauty. He refuses to give his daughter to Nil or any one of that family.

He takes his daughter away.. RM asks his servants to throw Beauty out and asks her to show that video to whom so ever she wished.. Beauty then shouts at RM that she had Shaan in her custody and he would return alive only after Beauty took saat phere with Nilambar.

At Bari, Puchki asks Durga Maa to help her rescue Shaan, to help her reach Shaan to help him.


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