These Streets update Tuesday 6th July 2021

These Streets 6 July 2021 zee world update: Shan says how do you know she is my mom? Everyone comes there. Moushmi says see how is he back stabbing us. He is still meeting these people from sonagachi. Shan says please sir. Nevi says you always break my trust. Moushmi says there is another lie left. Chanda says he doesn’t lie. This isn’t his mistake. Ravindra says what other lie? Moushmi takes off Puchki’s wig. Everyone is dazed.
Ravindra says what is this shan? Moushmi says shan kept her in our house. Puchki says sorry Shan. I did this to be near you and save myself from bari. I had to do this.
Nevi says shan you lied to us. You are a fruad. Puchki says he didn’t know. Moushmi says shut up. Don’t fool us. Shan supported her. Nevi says why did you do this shan.

Shan says to Ravindra sorry sir, Ravindra shoves him. He says your punishment is so big.. Shantanu. You proved you can never belong to us. Puchki says stop sir. You can’t do this to him. What if you do a mistake? I will punish you for behaving like this with shan.

Neel wakes up and sees beauty sleeping next to him. He is dazed.
Ravindra says you will punish me? she says I lied then why punish Shan? Why didn’t you punish aru? Moushmi says shut up. Ravindra says Shan will go back to Sonagachi.

Puchki says would you have treated Ridhoy the same way? wouldn’t you have given him a chance? People ask Ravindra to think before he punishes Shan. Moushmi says you have to punish him he keeps doing things like this. Ravindra says people are right.
Shan is in tears. Puchki says don’t cry. In the end truth always wins.
Nevi tells Moushmi on the way back that Shan is Aru’s illegitimate child. she says this is why i hate him. Moushmi says do you have a plan? She says yes.

Neel is in bed naked. Beauty makes his video. He gets up. She says i have your video. I can send this to your dad. He says what do you want? Beauty says marry me.

Scene 1
Shan is sitting upset. Puchki says why is he always upset? He cries all the time. But don’t worry I am always there to make him laughs. Puchki tickles him. Shan laughs. He says thank you. sir would have been really mad. They play together.

Thaku ma hits Rana. Beauty says what did he do? She says how dare you lie to me? You said Puchki is dead. You showed her body to people? Then who was with shan? Her ghost. Beauty hits him and says you lied to mom? Thaku ma hits beauty and says don’t I know you? You were with him. Thaku ma says to Rana bring Puchki to me right now or i will kill you. Beauty is worried. Se says I have to get married to Neel so I can get out of here.

Scene 2
Ravindra slaps jamai and says why are you still here? Get out. Moushmi says he is my husband. ravindra says there is no place for him in my house. He says this whole idea was.. Nevi says get out of here. How dare you respond back to sir? I can’t see people insulting sir. Get out. Dont’ say a word.
Nevi says I am ashamed because of that sin. Ravindra says he is our blood. Don’t use such words for him. I will ask him how all this happened. Nevi breaks stuff in anger.

Scene 2
Neel is on his way. Rana is in car. He hits neel. Puchki saves him. Chanda comes. Chanda says she solved Shan’s problem too. Puchki says I am your friend too. Do you have any problem? He reaclls what beauty said. Neel hugs her.

Shan hugs nevi and says I am sorry. Beauty comes. Shan says you here??, Nevi says what are you doing here? She says I want my right.
Ravnidra says what right? She says serve me first. Nevi says what are you doing? She says where are the servants? She says to servant get me juice no wine. It is much better. Ravindra says we don’t want unwanted guests like you. Nevi says why are you doing this drama? We can’t adopt all of you. She says you don’t adopt people you have a relation with. Nevi says what relation? Beauty says ask your son. Ravindra says what? She says yes ask him he gave me license to be in this house. Bring him down and ask him.

Chanda asks Neel are you worried? Can I help you? He says no nothing. Chanda asks Puchki to bring chocolates. She asks Neel what happened? He beauty.. Ravindra calls him and says come home. Beauty is here from bari. She is waiting for you. Chanda says what happened? He gets a taxi and leaves. Puchki says why did he leave? Who will eat the chocolate? Thaku ma says I will. Puchki tries to hide.

Beauty is consuming alcohol at Majumdar house and the Majumdar family watch her antics with disgust. Moushumi confronts her and tries to throw her out of the mansion. They get into a scuffle. Right then Nilambar and Arindam enter and stop the fighting women. Beauty black mails Nil to allow her to live at Mansion.

RM questions Nil why was Beauty is saying such things, what did he do that Beauty was acting this way? Arindam says Beauty wanted to become daughter-in-law of this house. RM is infuriated to hear this. Nivi adds fuel to the fire by taunting Nil.. why do all the guys of this house fall for women at Sonagachi!!

RM slaps Nil and asks why was Beauty blackmailing them? Nil reveals that beauty had shot his indecent videos and was blackmailing him with those. Moushumi shares the consequences of sharing those videos in social media. Nivedita starts weeping. RM angrily declares that Nil will be married off within 24 hrs.

At Bari, Thakuma scolds Chanda for trying to send Puchki out of Bari… some times to school/ to majumdar house etc. Chanda is slapped, shouted at by Thakuma. Chanda wants to keep Puchki out of Bari. Thakuma tortures Chanda for trying to break rules of Bari.

Beauty returns to Bari. Rana makes fun of her as she tells the girls she was going to be daughter-in-law of Majumdar family. All girls laugh at Beauty’s dreams.

Moushumi advises them not to share their plans in presence of Shaan as he would surely leak info to Beauty.


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