These streets update Tuesday 27th July 2021

These streets 27 July 2021 update: Jamai says to Puchki walking outside Shan’s room. I like entertainment like you too. Have a look at my wife. You are so pretty. She says are you crazy? Puchki says don’t dare talking to me like this. Jamai says women like you only need money. He holds her hand. Puchki slaps him. She says this is what you deserve. Don’t dare doing this to any girl ever. Jamai says she has to pay for this slap.

Beauty gets sona gachi’s girl married. SHe says our party does social work like this always. This sona gachi girl is now married. Beauty says to Ritvik it is so hot here. He says when will we get married? She recalls what happened when she married Aru’s brother and how ravindra treated him. She sees Chanda.
Chanda comes inside. Beauty is there. Cahnda says is there any drama left? Why are you making fun of us? Beauty so angry? You look amazing. You can’t ask me questions. We are meeting after so long. You are just a pawn for me. You know why have I kept you alive so far? You like good being thaku ma right? You could never be a mother. You gave birth to an item. You never met him all these years right? He is back from London. He didn’t come here. Chanda is in tears. She looks at the card. It has Shan’s photo. she recalls when he cam there.

Scene 2
Ridhoy says to shan you can’t go. I will propose Asmita today. I want to win her heart and you have to help me. I can’t do that without you. Shan says are you crazy? He says dada you will understand when you love someone. Shan says she doesn’t love you and her status. Ridhou says I dont’ care about status. She doesn’t believe in love. I will win her heart. I will tell her love is everything. I have to propose her today. Please don’t go. Shan says i can’t stay. Ridhoy says we are keeping this function to welcome you. Shan says I can’t stay. Ridhouy says you will regret if you leave. He walks out. Shan says stop.
Beauty says to Chanda come with. He will see you. She leaves.

Chanda cries and says my Shan he is back.
Puchki gets a call from Ridhoy. He says I am not the ridhoy you rejected. I am your boss. This is for Shan. We have to welcome him. You have to perform in this event. Puchki says but shan was leaving. Ridhoy says he had to stay. She says okay I will perform.
Nevi says to Shan ridhoy is well now. Why aren’t you leaving? He says ridhou needs me. I can’t get him in trouble. Trust me. He leaves. Shan says I can’t let Ridhoy repeat that mistake. His family will never accept. I will not let him propose her. This isn’t good for anyone.

Scene 1
Party starts. Shan comes. Ridoy comes and says I knew you would come. You wont break my heart. I hope asmita comes too. Shan says she wont come. She left this job. Ridhou says what why? Shan says you will know why. Ridhoy says please don’t joke, I love her. Shan says this isn’t a joke.

Chanda says to Thaku ma’s picture she says my son is here but I can’t even go an meet him.
Beauty kept me alive. I am only alive so that I can take that man out of Beauty’s detention. And Puchki.. My heart says she is alive.

Puchki collides with Asmita. He says I will drop you. Go from ere. You can’t do this job. Puchki says you can’t ask me to leave. He says I am MD. I will get you another job but go now. Puchki says if you fire me you will have to give me three months notice. He says I will give you three months salary. Go now. No more arguments.
Ridhou comes to shan and says asmita is nowhere. She ins’t even picking my call. Shan says you will have so many girls. Ridhoy says I love her. I only want her. No one else. I can’t imagine life withuot her. Shan says stop.

Ridhoy breaks his phone in anger. Nevi says I am so excited. You saaid you will introduce her. Look do I look good. Ridhoy is in tears. Nevu says what happened? She left me. Shan said she left. Nevi says how shan came in it> He can’t see you happy.
Ridhoy shoves flowers in anger. Puchki comes. They fall on her. Shan is dazed to see her. Puchki says you thought i would leave. Ridhoy says thank God you came. SHan said you left the job.

Ravindra says welcome to the celebration everyone. Ravindra says this party is to welcome my grandson Shan. Asmita will present a dance in front of you all.
Shan locks Puchki in a room. She says what is this. He says why did you come back? She says I don’t have to answer you.


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