These streets update Tuesday 20th July 2021

These streets 20 July 2021 update:  Puchki is in hospital. Nevi comes crying. She says where is Ridhoy? How is he? Puchki says when I brought him here was bleeding. Ravindra says thanks for bringing him here. God bless you. Puchki says how their opinions change with your status.
Doctor says we are testing him. His condition is critical. He was on call on bike. Ravindra says why is he so irresponsible. Nevi says why was the other person talking to? If I find out who that person was, I will file and FIR. Shan calls Puchki. She goes to a side. she says Ridhoy is under observation. He says I am coming to calcutta. If anything happens to him I will kick you out of this country. She says I know you are worried but please relax. He was waiting for you. Please come fast. Puchki goes to temple and says I am given this chance to prove that Shan is innocent. I know he can never do what the inspector told me. But I have to do my duty. I will show that he can never do that.

Doctor says his blood group isn’t in our bank. Where is his dad? Any other family member? He has lost a lot of blood. Nevi is crying. Puchki says mam don’t cry. Can his papa give blood? Nevie says he isn’t here. I dont’ know where e is. For last 10 years no one knows where he is.


Puchki comes to the temple and prays for Ridhoy. Doctor says the blood isn’t arranged from our side. Please do something. Shan comes to Calcutta. He sits in the car. Shan comes to the hospital. Puchki feels his presence. San sees her. He goes in the hospital. Her duppata gets stuck in her cuffling. He pulls his hand. Puchki breaks he thread with her teeth. She says I.. He says don’t dare saying a word. You are responsible for what happened to my brother. I will see you once he is okay. He goes in.

Doctor says his condition is improving but we still need blood. Shan comes and says take my blood. Nevi is dazed. Ravindra says Shan..

Scene 1
Shan says I am his blood group. I can give him blood. He recalls his moments with Nevi. Ravindra hugs shan and says you are so grown up. I knew you would come to save him. Shan says nothing would happen to him. Doctor says you are dada? He had been calling your name. Shan goes to give blood. Ravindra says let him do what he is here for. You can’t stop him.
Doctor says we have to do some tests before taking blood. Ravvindra says cant you see all that shan does for Ridhoy? Leave all this and forget what happened. Accept him please.
Shan says ridhoy you wanted me here. Please open your eyes. i am here. Everything will be fine.

Shan gives him blood. Nevi says my son will have that dirty blood. NEvi says you didn’t want chanda to give shan blood either. Shan is responsible for ridhoy’s accident.
Puchki calls someone and says we will know the truth very soon. Ravindra says why did you lie to us? you called shan here. Ridhoy was talking to Shan on phone. Why did you not tell us Ridhoy was speaking to shan when he met an accident. Puchki says yes.

Doctor says ridhoy is out of danger.
Nevi says you have disgusting reason to come here now. You were speaking to him when he met an accident. Why were you talking to him. Shan says i told him not to.. Nevi says all this happened because of you. You have to go from here. Get out of my sight. Shan goes to cafe.

Shan sits down sad. Puchki looks at him. She says he is the same for his family. He still can do anything for his family. Puchki caesses is shoulder. He hugs her tight and cries. Puchki hugs him back. He says why dnt’ they accept me. What have I done? What is my mistake? She was dreaming all this.

NEvi says Ridhoy met this accident because of Shan. He was talking to Shan. Ravindra says stop it. I cross checked. He lost his balance to a speeding car. He called Shan himself. Shan was asking him not to talk. Stop accusing him of everything. Ever blame ridhoy too. You can’t takeover anything from him.
Puchki recalls her moments with Shan. She says helped me in everything. I can’t leave him alone. No. He needs me. She runs to him but Shan says what are you doing here.

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