These streets update Thursday 22nd July 2021

These streets 22 July 2021 update:  Shan plays drums. Puchki hears it and dances. Ridhoy sees her. He says I will learn how to beat drum. Puchki wonders who was druming. She looks around. Shan sits in the car. Puchki’s child says are you scare? He says I am not scared of anyone. Pucki says then take me where you left me. Are you scared to go there? Shan starts driving. He comes to sona gachi. Shan recalls his childhood with Puchki there.

He walks in. There are customers everywhere. Shan sees women dancing. He walks near his old room. Shan says nothing has changed here. He is walking out. Chanda holds his hand and says where are you goin without paying sir? He is dazed to see chanda. He recalls nevi telling him he died. A girl says thaku ma I think he is scared. Chanda walks past him. Puchki is recordin everything. Chanda pulls her in and says how dare you record our bari. Shan says you.. Shan says in heart chanda ma is alive?
Chanda syas you can’t record anything here. Shan walks out. Puchki runs from there. Chanda sends her thugs after Puchki. She jumps from the window. Chanda says she has our recording. Go and stop her.

Shan sits in his car. He recalls what happened. HE says why I never had love of a mother. I always thought chanda was dead. And nevi doesn’t want to own me. Puchki is hidden is his car. He speeds, Puchki falls n front. Shan says you.

Scene 1
Shan says you.. chanda says why did this boy woke up motherhood in me? I had to kill this motherhood to become thaku ma.
Puchki says I didn’t know it was your car. He says get out of my car. I know opportunist girls like you. I knew you were dancer but seeing you in sona gachi told me what kind of girl you are. You were recording to blackmail them and me? She says if I am bad for being there so were you. Because of people with small mentality like you, girls can’t move. Think before judging me. She leaves. She says don’t forget that you are from there too. we all know who you are. He gets out in anger. She leaves.

Chanda sees Shan and Puchki’s clothes. She cries. she says I feel so weak. I need you thaku ma. Se recalls what happened. Chanda says a lot of people come here every day. Why do I miss my shan so much today? Chanda sees thaku ma. Chanda says thaku ma help me please. I am so lost. No one knows what happened in last 20 years. Why I toook your place. I can’t keep this secret anymore. Please help me. Thaku ma says God is seeing you. Your life will get better. Your bruises will heal. shan and puchki will come back. Just wait. It was thaku ma’s imagination.

Some thugs come after Puchki. She runs and hides. The thug says we found you. Pucki says ut your game is over. She hits them.
Shan says how could I leave her on the road? I am so lost in anger. He goes back to look for her.
Ridhou calls Asmita. He hears that she is in trouble. The thugs grasp Puchki runs from there. Shan is looking for Puchki. He finds her earring. He says where is she.
Shan sees sona gachi thugs inside. They are looking for er. The thug says she is inside. It is cold storage. She will die inside of cld.


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