These streets update Monday 26th July 2021

These streets 26 July 2021 update: Asmita says go please. Nevi says to Ravindra I can’t stand Shan here. He says you wont come between Shan and Ridhoy. Because of you I lost my son. Nevi says he left because of shan. ravindra says no he left because of you. If you come between shan and ridhoy you will have to face me. Moushmi says he is back here for a reason. He wont ever go back. We have to find out what that reason is. Nevi says I wont let him stay here.

Shan is in rain. He recalls that Asmita is Puchki. He says she i my friend and my brother loves her. Puchki comes there. Shan caresses her face and says Puchki.. SHe says you recognized me? He says why didn’t you tell me you are my.. Shan is imagining her. Puchki is standing aside. She says what didn’t I tell you? He says aare you okay? She says I took permission from doctor I am fine. What happened in cold storage? He doesn’t tell her. He says you were cold and numb. Ridhoy saved your life. She says what is entire truth. You saved me from cold.

Ridhoy says I told her I love her. And she asked me to leave. Nevi comes and says ridhoy you didn’t even pick my call. You told me my space in life. she says shan was missing. Nevi says he isn’t a child. And that girl who is she? People are talking about you. H says I went to save them both.
Puchki says look into my eyes. What happened there? He says nothing happened there. she says why is there guilt on your face? TO save me did you do something that you can’t tell me? He says are you crazy? Nothing happened. He says in heart I can’t tell you because my junior loves you.

Jamai overheard their conversation. He says there is something in between them. What is up? I have to keep an eye on them. Shan says life is complicating even more.
Nevi says I don’t like you roaming around the roads at that late night. Ridhoy says you wont understand. He says you have lost your son to love. I am in love. Nevi says I am so happy for you. Who is she. I will get you the girl you love. He says I will tell you on diwali. She says I will wait for that day.

Shan recalls everything. He packs his back and books his flight for mumbai.
Puchki recalls what he said. Watchman (who is also police agent) says Asmita we have to take you to inspector. He says are you okay now? She says yes. Inspector says he is going to Mumbai and then London. We have to catch him. Puchki says i don’t think he is into any of this sona gachi game. Inspector says do you have some connection with him?

Scene 1
Asmita says I have no connection but my heart says he is innocent and I will prove it. Inspector says we can only do that if we stop him. ASmita says I will.
Shan recalls Ridhoy saying he loves asmita. He says mama will never accept her. It will ruin so many lives. But is that the only reason I am scared? What is happening and why? Why she gives me a weird feeling. Why her presence affects me? He is angry. Puchki’s child says why are you running from me Shan? Why are you scared? He shouts and says just go away. I will leave. I have problem from you.

Shan showers. He is angry. He recalls everything.
Puchki is in Shan’s room. She leaves. shan holds her hand. Puchki slips SHan holds her. He wears his shirt and says why are you here? Do you wanna tell something about yourself? She says I don’t know what are you talking aout. Puchki says I am your club’s employee and that’s who I am for you. He says so you have another identity? Why are you keeping an eye on me? She says why would I? He says why are you in my room? She says I came here by mistake. Shan says I know girls like you. You try to trap rich girls. She says who are you to say that about me? You have rented personality yourself. You can’t say anything about my character. Shan grasps her.

Ravindra says to Ridoy you are up so early? He says jogging. Ravindra says I am impressed. You saved our employee yesterday. You are learning from Shan. I want to give you a responsibility. He says I am ready. Ravindra says I want entire city to talk about out kali pooja. You have to arrange it. Ridhou says this will be huge for me too. I will make it grand. two special people would be there. Ravindra says who? Ridhoy says I will tell you.

Shan says what will you do? She says leave me. He holds her hand. Shan says get out. Get lost from here. Stay away from me. Asmita says I am not what you are like. I should go and tell your brother. He says shut up. I am selfish. Get out now. She leaves.
Ridhoy stops asmita. HE says I am sorry. But I wasn’t wrong. I couldn’t control my words. Give me once chance. She says I am not interested in you. No means no. He says but why? there is no such thing as love. I have no interest in you. SHe walks out.

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