These Streets update Monday 20 December 2021

These streets 20 December 2021 update: Shan says you always wanted me to die. Are you drunk too? Please go from here. Leave me alone and pray that I die. Nevi says don’t say that. Shan says yes. this is me, I don’t want to live. This world isn’t for me. This world is for people like you. All full of cheaters. They come to you and leave you. My mother left me, then you came to my life, then you left me. Then Ridoy and Puchki. I am only alive because of Chaht. She shouldn’t pay for our sins. she is innocent. I want to die. He sits down cryng. Shan hugs her and cries. He sys why did this happen to me/? Why asmita did this? Nevi says nothing was your mistake. Shan says I did all that to save my child. I want to die. Shan faints. Neevi says I am sorry.

Krishi is asleep. Asmita kisses her hand. she cries and says I will fill your life with happiness. I will give you everything you deserve. You were always in my heart. I never saw you but.. you were there. She cries. Asmita says my heart said you are with me always. I love you. Krishi opens eyes. Asmita says your mom is with you. Nothing can happen to you. Krishi says are you my mom? She says yes. Krishi says then why didn’t you come to me? And how do you know you are my mom? Asmita says people parted us. Your mama wasn’t with you but she loved you a lot. Asmita shows her childhood photo to Krishi. she says who s this? Krisshi says no. Asmita says it’s me. Your mama. Just like you right? Asmita hugs her.

Nevi shoves Nandani in temple. Nevi says swear on Chahat and tell me she is Asmita’s daughter. Nandani says what can I say. Nevi says say truth. Nandani says yes that is Shan and asmita’s daughter. Nevi is dazed. Nandani laughs. Nandani says don’t use your mind. It won’t make a difference. No one can make a difference. Shan wont’ ever believe his daughter is alive. that filr will always burn between them. they hate each other. Shan slept with me and chahat is the proof of it. Shan knows asmita married Shikhawat and has kids with him. The way Shan is drunk. I won’t ever let him comprehend anything. Nevi says God will break your pride. Nandan says we will see. All of this is useless. Shan will never go back to asmita. I can make your and moni’s life hell in a moment. Nandani leaves. Nevi says I will help Krishi and bring her here. This is the best for Moni and me. Moni will get everything she deserves. This Krishi will get Moni her right.

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Krishi wakes up from sleep. She runs out. Asmita says why are you running. You could fall. Krishi says if you are my mo who is she then? Why weren’t you with me? And that baba.. Isnn’t he my dad? Asmita says no he isn’t. Krishi says then where is my dad?

Scene 1
Krishi says who is mama in the small house? Why were you not with me before? Is he not my dad? Asmita says he isn’t. Krishi says where is my dad now? Asmtia says so many questions. I will answer all the questions slowly. You should eat something first. Krishi says yes I am hungry. Asmita says let’s see what I made for you. Krishi runs to hall. Krishi sees all the food on the table. Krishi says so much food. Why are you all standing? She says to the watiers. She says where do I start from. Krishi picks an apple. Vivan says who are you? Why are you doing my berakfast? She says let me eat first. Vivan shoves her. Asmita holds her. Asmita says what are you doing. you could hurt her. Vivan says what is she doing in my house? Asmita says she is your sister. he says I have no sister. If she eats I won’t eat. He runs. Shikhawat says sorry Krishi. Let me see him. He asks asmita to stay with Krishi. Asmita says what would you eat? She says I wont eat anything. This is Vivan’s dad’s house. Take me to my papa’s house. This is all Vivan’s. Where is my papa? Take me to him. I want to meet my dad please. Please.

Chahat says to Shan you can’t even play. You are not a good dad. Moushmi comes and says now she is insulting you. She is like her mom. Shan say why you always speak bitter. moushmi says I am here, I will slap and teach her a lesson. shan says don’t even dare being loud to my daughter. Moushmi says she is NAndani’s daughter. She separated you from asmita. Shan says I hate asmita. SHe took my child. I am alive because of chaht only. Don’t ever dare saying anything to her.
Moushmi says what if Asmita’s child was alive. Nevi says in heart that child is alive, and I would use her to kick Nandani out.


Asmita makes Krishi sleep. She says how do I tell her truth? She would keep asking about her dad. shan didn’t even accept her. Her heart would be broken. Shan would break her heart. She suffered already. i wont’ let her be hurt anymore. What should I do.
Asmita leaves. A woman in veil comes and picks Krishi.

Scene 2
Krishi wakes up in Shan’s house. She is shocked. Krishi says mummy save me. Nevi says calm down. Kirshi says let me look at you. You are so cute. I am your bari ma. Krishi says who is bari ma? She says I am your papa’s mom. Krishi says who is my papa? Where is he? Nevi says your mom doesn’t tell you about him right? Krishi says yes. Nevi says I would tell you everything. She shows her shan’s photo and says this is your dad. You met him. Krishi says what. He is my dad? But he is chaht’s dad. And why didn’t my mom tell me? NEvi says your mom is scared of nandani. Krishi says I am not scared of her. I made fun of her. NEvi says because of this aunty your mummy papa don’t live together. They separated. Krishi says I will fight her and unite my mummu papa. Nevi says I will help you. We will unite your parents.

Scene 1
Asmita says to Shikhawat can we go back to Dehli? I dont’ want Krishi to meet Shan. Shan says what would you tell her? Who am I? She says like we told Vivan I am his mom we can tell Krishi.. You are her dad. Shikhawat says you know Vivan. Asmita says we can handle it. Let’s go from here please. krishi comes and says I won’t go anywhere. Asmita is dazed. Asmita says you woke up. Krishi says this is my city I won’t go from here. Shikhawat says she wont’ be able to take a sudden change. Kirshi says uncle you are so nice. Krishi says mama promise me you would give me something. She says it was my birthday on Janmashtami. Would you celebrate it? Asmita says we will celebrate your birthday tomorrow. What gift do you want? She says I would tell you tomorrow. Krishi says in heart sorry I couldn’t tell you. My birthday would unite you.

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Asmita and Krishi are in car. Krishi says this is s surprise. Asmita says where are we going? She blindfolds Asmita and says this is a surprise. Krishi asks driver to stop the car. She takes asmita inside. Asmita can’t see. Krishi takes off her blindfold. It is Shan’s house. Asmita recalls her moments with Shan. Krishi runs in. Asmita runs after her. She falls. shan holds her. The son Kal ho na ho plays. Nandani comes there. Nandani says I am here to invite you on my birthday. I wont’ cut the cake without you. You have to come. Chahat and Nandani are angry. Shan asks Nandani to take Chahat inside. Nandani says but.. Shan says take Chahat inside. She goes to her room.

Asmita walks out. Shan says stop it. Stop using a girl. You have to stop this drama. Asmita says don’t come to her birthday. We dont’ care about you. Shan says yes you can live this life without me. I would come tomorrow. I wont’ break that innocent girl’s heart but I would also get a chance to embarrass you. See what I do there.

Nevi says Shan and Asmita hate each other. their love can never die. Their love would burn Nandani’s pride. I have to kick her out of this house. This is the only way I can get the power of this house again.
Asmita sits and cries in temple. she says why are you doing this? You made Krishi meet shan already? He doesn’t want to own her. She keeps asking about her dad. How do I tell her Shan is her dad.
Krishi says how do I hide that I know who my dad is. I will become my papa’s best daughter. Dadi made the right plan. My name would be Krishi Shan Mazumdar. I know God would help me.
Asmita says I can’t let my daughter suffer in all this. Why did Krishi invite shan? This isn’t right for her. Shikhawat says if you don’t want him to reach to Krishi he won’t. I have made the security tight.

Shan looks in the mirror and recalls asmita with shikhawat. He drinks. He says you are using a daughter? Why are you using her? Why are you doing this? nevi says you would go to her birthday right?


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