These streets update Monday 19th July 2021

These streets 19 July 2021 update: Shan says nothing is more than your happiness mama. Shan walks out. Ridhoy says dad where are you going. The security says your boarding is done sir you can’t go out. Ridhoy says please stop him. Shan walks out. Shan sees puchki (child) she says you broke your brother’s heart. He says better not talk about breaking heart. Puchki says you are boring like that. How could you be this selfish. He says I am not selfish. we have to compromise fo rour family. Puchki says that isn’t family that asks you to stay from them. Shan says I don’t know what to do. Why don’t you go away from my mind. i don’t wanna go there. I wanna forget my childhood.

Puchki is in Calcutta. She sees the roads and recalls everything. She sees Ravindra’s boards too. Puchki stops at the temple and prays there.

Nevi says to Ravindra there is so much injustice in this house. Ravindra says your son has everything you can buy from money. What is it that you don’t have? Nevi says you have given all rights to shan and my son is second number. Why? Ridhoy is our legal blood. Ravindra says both of them are my son’s sons. Shan is my blood. you can’t change the truth. Do what you want. Nevi says why are you doin this. Ridhoy is your blood. Ravindra says he isn’t as capable. Nevi says give him responsibility and test. Ravindra says where was his mind when he was in jail all night. Shan bailed him out. Did he ever help me in my business? He only cares about money. He is very irresponsible. Nevi says ridhoy will go great. Ravindra says I would do that too. Ravindra says if you make him a responsible boy I will give it all to him.

Puchki sees shan (child) everywhere. Shan says nothing has changed. Everything is same. Look at that bari gate. Same people. Look at that tree. Puchki recalls she used to come and pray there.

Scene 2
Ridhoy comes and hugs Nevi. She is in tears. He says when you are sad i am sad too. She says you never celebrate birthday with me. You are with other people. He says if you ask shan to come here I will celebrate here. Nevi says what is all this. Why don’t you ask him. He doesn’t come. He left me at the airport. You two never listen to me. NEvi says you will start working now. You have takeover business from Shan. Ridhoy is dazed. He says I would never do that. I wont take anything from him. Never say this again mama.

Puchki prays in the same temple. Shan feels something in the sleep. He says Puchki.. Ridoy sees Puchki but she gets lost in the crowd. Ridhoy looks for her. He can’t find her and leaves. A girl collides with puchki. Some thugs forces her to with them. They fire in the air. Everyone runs. Puchki takes out her gun. She says leave her r I will shoot. They point gun at her too. The thug says who are you. If thaku ma gets to know no one will know where you are. Puchki says thaku ma?
Thaku ma comes and says who is stopping bari girl from going back to bari. it is Chanda. Chanda is now thaku ma. Puchki is shocked.
Chanda grasps the girl by hair. The girl says thaku ma I am sorry. please have mercy on me. Chanda says how dare you dream of running away from bari?

Abhi asking King if he will steal even Dasi. King says he doesn’t steal, but accept the thing which is left by others. He says if someone leaves then he accepts it. Abhi says I will not leave. Pragya asks Dadi to come and sit. King asks did you see girl like Pragya. Abhi says that is not the matter, and says there can be nobody like Pragya ever. There will be no Pragya and no Abhishek Prem Mehra. King asks what do you want to say. Abhi says you didn’t understand, I will make you understand. He says everyone is unique and there is nobody like Pragya, me or you. He says I will give some gyan to other guests also. King thinks Abhi is talking weirdly. Guest asks Tarun and Neha how did they unite? Neha tells that they are united with Pragya’s help. Tarun says she understands love so much.

King hears them and thinks Pragya understands love too. He looks at Aaliya and thinks what she thinks of herself. He tells her that he didn’t keep his leg on her purposely and says he is not that kind of a guy who would harm her intentionally. Aaliya asks him to explain. King asks Pragya to tell what kind of a guy is he? Dadi thinks King might be liking Aaliya. Pragya tells him that you are very sensitive and caring and understanding man and respects everyone. He thanks her and asks did I trouble anyone? Pragya says no and says you can’t see anyone worried and solves their problem. King thanks her. Abhi says you are praising a lot.

Dasi asks Aaliya to agree. Aaliya says never. Dasi says my age is over. King says mistake can happen at anytime. Dadi says marriage. King says mistake. He says marriage can happen by mistake. Aaliya asks why Dadi said marriage. King tells that his foot hit on Aaliya’s foot by mistake and that’s why I asked Pragya can I do this. Dadi says he is a nice guy. Pragya asks where is the engagement ring. King says I gave to Suwarni Dadi. Pandit says mahurat for engagement will start after 20 mins and asks family members to be present. Dasi says we all are here. Tai ji says we shall dance till then. Disha says yes. Abhi asks dhol guys to play dhol.

Tanu thinks she can’t let anybody take her place. Pragya waves at Neha and asks her to come to her. Mitali thinks she can’t let Neha engaged to Tanu and says she has decided what to do. Pragya applies black tika to Neha. Mitali tells Bahadur thjat she is feeling unwell and asks him to give her water. She looks at the engagement ring. Bahadur goes. Mitali steals the rings. Neha tells Pragya that her mamma is upset with her. Pragya says bhabhi is feeling as Tarun is snatching her daughter away from her. She says once she understands that you are not going away then she will be fine. She asks her to give some time. Neha asks if love exists for forever. Pragya says yes, it remains forever, but something it is shadowed by anger, but then good moments shall be remembered and wrong decisions shall not be taken in anger. She thinks of Pragya and their moments in kidnappers’ captivity and jungle incident followed by their half marriage.

Abhi and Pragya collide with each other while the former is taking fruits plate. Allah Wariyan plays. Pragya says sorry. She bends down and picks the plate. Abhi smiles and looks at her. Pragya throws a fruit on him. Abhi says he will look at her all life. Pragya calls him mad and devil. He slips. She helps him get up, but he makes her fall. Pragya laughs him and calls him maskhare…says you made me fall intentionally. She picks the fruits and keeps in the tray. He asks her to tell the meaning of maskhare…

Mitali hides the ring in her cupboard. Disha comes to Mitali and asks her to come for neha’s happiness. Mitali says I get angry seeing Tarun, he snatched my daughter. Disha says may be he can love you more than you. Mitali says nobody can love her more than me and says she will soon understand this. Disha asks her not to say that and asks her to come and bless her, accept Tarun as her damad. She says engagement is happening. Mitali says not yet. Disha says what are you saying? She says I will make your stubbornness end.

Pandit ji says mahurat came for the engagement. King asks everyone to come near the stage and says we will start the ceremony. He asks Chachi to come. Pandit ji recites the mantras for the engagement. Abhi thinks our love was incomplete, but you completed it uniting Neha and Tarun. Pragya thinks she couldn’t unite them without his support. Abhi thinks our love is our strength and looks at Pragya smilingly.

Zara is tensed and recalls how Kabir said he would answer her questions tonight. Zara sees Zeenat on call. Zeenat takes a call from forensic department, officer says we are dispatching reports to your house. Zara comes to her and asks if everything is fine? Zeenat says yes. Zara asks what is it? Zeenat says my sister is being throw out. Zara says I am not against Ruksaar, I am just trying to save my love and life, even if poison comes in report, trust me after her divorce with Kabir, I will take care of Ruksaar for life, dont worry, she leaves. Zeenat murmurs no.. I wont leave my sister at anyone’s mercy, I will create situations where Kabir wont be able to divorce Ruksaar.

Shahbaz calls everyone in lounge and says forensic report is here. He reads it and says Zara was right, there was poison in juice. Ayesha thanks God and says we have valid reason to give divorce to Ruksaar. She asks Alina to bring Ruksaar there. Zara says I will bring her. She brings her on wheelchair. Zara says to Kabir that divorce her now, we have valid reason, what are you waiting for? Kabir is tensed. Zara says come on. Kabir is about to but Zeenat comes there with Irfan and says stop. All are confused. All gree him. Zeenat says to Irfan that one side is your daughter and otherside is a girl Ruksaar whom you call daughter too, I am sure you will do justice. Irfan says to Kabir that you can divorce person who can hear and understand you, Ruksaar is in coma so she cant listen or understand you, her breathing is normal but she doesnt have senses, her ears are open but she cant listen, till she cant listen to you, you cant divorce her. Zeenat smiles. Zara is tensed and falls down. Zeenat says to Ruksaar that I am with you and wont let anything against you happen, she takes her from there. Zara sadly leaves. Kabir prays to God that Zara gets happy but her happiness is taken away everytime, I dont know what to do, I dont know when will Ryuksaar wake up but please let my love heal Zara’s pain.

Zara is lying on bed and thinks what Kabir is going to tell her tonight?
Kabir takes a shower and gets ready. He smiles. His image says you look happy, Kabir says you cant see my happiness? image says you have two wives and you have to be equal to them for justice. Kabir says I am always just, my God knows my intentions. Image says you are not divorced with Ruksaar yet. Kabir says I will divorce her for sure to continue my journey with Zara, image says what if Ruksaar never comes back from coma? Kabir says I will not do injustice with Ruksaar, I will divorce her when she comes to life but I cant do injustice with Zara, I cant let her happiness stop because I cant divorce Ruksaar? Zara has had to bear enough for Ruksaar, I will do everything for Ruksaar’s treatment but I wont let Zara’s happiness, dreams go to vein for that.

Kabir comes to Zara. Zara wipes her tears. Kabirs sits near bed and shows her flowers, he says its a special delivery for Kabir and Zara. Zara says what is it for? I want to ask why you didnt let me bring Ruksaar in my room and take care of her? Kabir says come and see behind me. Zara comes and sees ‘I love you Zara’ written on cupboard. She looks away. Kabir says you want answer? He says if Ruksaar was here in this room, would we be together and so close? He pulls her on his lap and says would we be able to make this night more beautiful? thats why I didnt let Ruksaar in this room and kept her in different room. Zara gets up and looks away, she says you are a priest, you always talked about justice then how can you forget that Ruksaar might be in coma but she is still in our lives, how can we spend a night together? Kabir says by love, think who is standing infront of you? Zara says priest. Kabir says no, only lover, who loves you a lot. Kabir pulls her closer and says our closeness is about our love, its more than my duty. Zara hugs him and says we love each other a lot but our helplessness doesnt let us closer. Kabir says I forgot a thing, he makes her stand up and lifts her, he puts her on bed and says your light, your smell.. I was forgetting it these past days, I think solution is to forget everything and live the life which had our love and happiness, lets start it again. Dhal jaun main plays, Kabir kisses her forehead and caresses her cheek. They lean in, he is about to kiss her but Zara moves back and blows off candle, she says I am sorry, I want you to love me unconditionally, that this night never ends but my honor questions me that either Kabir is fully mine or not, I know Ruksaar is in coma and nobody knows when she will wake up but I cant forget that she is still between our lives. Zara says for my identity, she has to come back, till she doesnt come out of coma, till she is in our lives till then we will live in a house but separated, when she becomes fine, divorce her, make her away from our lives then we will be happy in our lives but till then.. we will stay away from each other. Kabir says your emotions are right, I got distracted by your love, we can do a thing, we can go to doctor and ask how we can help her.

In morning, Zara and Kabir meets doctor. Zara says to doctor that Ruksaar liked Kabir most. Doctor says then Kabir has to do something for her. He asks which thing she didnt like at all? Zara says me. Doctor says you remain close to Ruksaar so she gets angry and her brain cells will trigger.

Zara and Kabir comes home. Zeenat asks if he talked to doctor? Kabir says yes, we have to do everything to trigger Ruksaar, he jokes that Kashan can sing to her, Kashan says I cant. Kabir tells a plan to family.

Kabir is eating ice-cream and says Imran used to say that ice-cream stops sleep. Zara says its a big test for you. Kabir says I cant see anyone else other than you but I have to pretend like I love Ruksaar, I have to do it for my love, I will do drama but can you see your husband in Ruksaar’s arms. Zara says I am not staying in room. Kabir says then I wont be able to touch Ruksaar. Zara says I will stay in room, love is difficult but I will do anything to get you, she holds his hand, he makes her eat ice-cream.

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