These streets update Friday 23rd July 2021

These streets 23 July 2021 update: Shan looks for Puchki. SHe says what are you doing hre? I am fine. Thanks for leaving me on the road. He says this isn’t the right place to taunt. She says I know what this place is. He says we have to get out of here. She says I have no interest. He says come out with me. The shutter is locked. Shan says how did it close? The cold storage is getting cold. Puchki says the thugs did it for sure.
Puchki says we have to get out fo here. I heard rich people are delicate. Puchki shiver with cold. Shan says now who is cold? He gives her coat to her. SHe says I will manage. He says okay I will wear it.

Puchki steps on a stool. Shan helps her. She is about to fall. He holds her. She tries to open a girl. Shan brings her down.
Ravindra calls Ridhoy. He says where is shan? Ridhoy says Shan and Asmita both are missing. I am with police looking for them.

Puchki is cold. Shan says wear this. Se says no.. He makes her wear it. He says sorry. She says why are you saying sorry? He says if I didn’t leave you at the road this wont have happened. I am sorry. She says think of a way to get out of here. Puchki shivers. SHan holds her hand and rubs it. She is getting numb.. Puchki says Shantanu. He says how does she know my name is shantanu not shan? Shan is dazed. He wonders if she is Puchki.

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Inspector says to ridhoy shan and asmita’s phone are at one place. Ridhoy says they must be in trouble. Shan looks for a way to get out. Puchki is fainted and coughing. He says there is just one way to save her. But without her permission. Shan says but I have to save her life at any cost. SHan sees her hand. It is cold. Shan picks her up. He rubs her feet and hands. He rubs her leg. Puchki coughs. He takes off his shirt and makes Puchki wear it. He comes close to her.. Puchki says my shantanu.. He says are you Puchki.

Scene 1
Shan recalls his past. He says Puchki. Ridhoy and police are outside. Shan hugs her and cries. He says Puchki please open your eyes. I really missed you. She faints. Ridhiy is outside. He says dada.. Shan hits it and says we are stuck here. Help. Ridhoy says please break it. They break the lock and go in. Ridhoy sees Puchki.. He says asmita.. Please take her out of here. They take her out. Ridhoy says I wont let anything happen to you. I love you asmita. Shan is dazed. Ridhoy hugs her.

Nevi says my son is out because of that shan. Ridhou says he is being responsible because of Shan. Moushmi says you always take his side. Ravindra says did I ask you? You will teach me? And Nevi you do the same with ridhoy. Ridoy is sane because of Shan. Ridhoy follows him. If ridhoy stays with shan he will learn. I wont let shan go now. Don’t even think about it.

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Ridhoy brings Puchki to hospital. He says nothing should happen to her. Please do something doctor. Ridhoy hugs shan. Shan says she will be okay. Everything will be okay. Ridhoy says are you okay? Shan says yes I am fine. Rodhoy says you are super man. Ridhoy says are you hiding something? SHan says no. Ridhoy says how did you end up there?
Ravindr calls Shan. He doesn’t pick. Nevi says how does ridhoy forget about my worry/ Ravindra says this is win of their brotherhood. He is there to help Asmita. I am glad he is learning to help people because of SHan. Shan is responsible for all this.
Ridhoy says how did you go there? SHan says there were some thugs after us. Ridhoy says thank God you went there and save my Asmita. Shna says someone locked us in the cold storage. Temperature was very low. And then.. Ridhoy says will she be fine? Shan says nothing will happen to her.


Shan sees Puchki’s childhood. He says I missed you every day. He laughs and says that smile is back Puchki. I want to ask you a lot of things. Pucki says like why am I Asmita now? how am I in Mumbai. He says why didn’t you tell me you are Puchki. You didn’t let anyone know. He shouts Puchki..

Puchki is being treated. She tries to get up. Ridhoy says are you okay? I am so glad you opened your eyes. I am so happy to see you. thank you. He holds her hand. She takes her hand back. She says who brought me here? He says me. You were fainted. I picked you and got you here. Asmita says I am fine now. Please go home. He says I am staying here. She says why? He says because I love you. Shan hears too.

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